Thursday, February 13, 2014

What I failed to read

   Do you read the newspapers? How about magazines? If the answer is no, don't feel bad, nobody else does either! All that stuff is "old school" now, and we must nowadays inquire as to your "alternative media input" (or is it through-put?). Social media,? Blogosphere? Tweeting? We witness a regular deluge of available data, a tsunami of words. Data over networks, featuring devices I'd rather not think about just now. Pad versus reader (or is it tablet?), phones which do 117 different things, one of which is placing calls.
   I (for one) have been left in the dust by "progress", and from here; a perspective is forming. The "media bias" gripe is what drives much of the growth here in my opinion. Back in the bad old days, there were three (or four?) national networks CBS, ABC, NBC, and PBS. Originally, the bias toward local versus national, began to generate, local-network news shows, featured just after the national broadcast. The cries for "balance, fairness, and (above all) relevance!", drove viewers to alternate sources...and nowadays, that is about all we do have.
   So then, the cry "bias"!...was wrongly thought to be solvable by an innovation called "un-bias". Hogwash. The overall move "downward" from for-profit news organizations, to (supposedly) "non-profit" news individuals, has not yet ended "bias"...has it? Blogs, tweets, and "likes" are not found to be especially "balanced", are they? Would we even be able to recognize "balance"? Isn't the b-word, those reports which line-up with, and agree...with me? "Balance"..compared to what precisely?
   We think of "bias" as a function of left-right. And no, I am not going to discuss the French revolution here. But that beginning point of the modern left-right polar idea was founded in opposition to a monarchy. So, if asked, "Do you (Mike L) "favor" the right or the left?". I'm pretty certain the reply would be: "Long live the King!". Or to rephrase, when in a polar trap, look for the "forgotten" third option.
   In our scramble for up-to-the-millisecond "relevant" reporting of "late breaking news", do we EVER hear, "This just in; The Almighty is heading toward Earth, with a whopper-doodle war hammer; sources say He is severely irate!"...details at eleven?
   Here we are, standing on God's green Earth, breathing God's clean air, living the days He has allotted to us, covered by the blood of His only Begotten, and none, (not even one?) "news" story can admit that He even exists? Gee, is this some kind of "bias"? How come we never hear about that bias? The "news" breathlessly announces today's trivia, and is unable (and unwilling) to note that the present chaos, the stupid misery of the moment, was decreed from an infinitely deep/remote past. That topic will simply never arise, and it will not do so with prejudice!
   So, the more we expose ourselves to futile (and ungodly) chatter, the more we "tend" to forget certain crucial things. From the newspapers (my speed), to the latest, greatest decentralized private publication, the entire spectrum of "news" is all on one side of the aisle. As such, it reads this way, "Dear Mr., please Ms. peruser of 'stories', do NOT notice, NEVER see, that in this "report" HIS-story is always and everywhere (it must be!) 'forgotten'. " He declares plainly to have Personally built, supported, bought back, and to (one day soon) demolish ...Earth? This testimony is not "missing', it is censored!
   Keep on repeating "There is no Almighty, there is no Almighty", until your guilt goes away. Is that it? If you close your eyes, and cross your fingers maybe you can make the sun go away while you're at it?
   No-sir! Our "news-agencies" are all about crisis. Global warming!...well except for the present cooling trend. Drought!...except for the "unusual" flooding that is. It's all about crisis! The financial boondoggles of fools-in-suits, the sex-ca-pades of perverts sans zippers, it's up-to the nanosecond "reporting"...of the fall at Eden? Yet the One True Crisis, the One Desperate Situation...Him coming, armed for war(!)...and nary a peep?
   At the very minimum, we discuss criminal negligence, and I would include "profoundly boneheaded". Yet, this portrait of man, "majoring on the minor", "absentmindedly forgetful of the actual priority" while steadfastly attending to pointless trivia...that is "accurate reporting". What the "news" is plainly unable to state, is: "Our idiotic attempts to "ignore" Him; reveal US! We the frauds, we the nincompoops, we the criminally stupid...that IS "fair and unbiased reporting"! The truly unbiased report states that the God-with-war-hammer is...Already dealt-with. There is a shelter in that coming day, because the judgement is history! There is a safe place, the wrath is passed...Is there ANY "reporting" there, except for scripture...and me?
   The great love that the Father has for the Son...THAT is OUR hope. Welcomed then into a royal feast, welcomed with "Another", for "Another's" sake...any reporting?
   You are not welcomed because of who YOU are. Who cares about that? No Sir! One loyal Son, One sane Man, One righteous Man, One! Your union to-and-with Him IS your life, and because of that link, your life is now indestructible! Any "reporting" there?
   He calls His Own out of the grave, He (and they) personally kick down the doors of the tomb, clothed now in light, gladness, and immortality...any "reporting" there?
   The "left" is all in a lather to drive the U.S. off a cliff...whereas the "right" favors "the five year plan"... When we hear the True report, this left/right thing proves to be but rumors and propaganda. We have come to agree with the One True Witness, we agree and correctly predict the shattering of all His foes!

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