Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Waist Is a Terrible Thing to Mind

  There are ways you know...ways that you can; if you'd like to, to figuratively bore somebody "to death"? Those pictures of you at the beach are bad enough. I mean we already know what you look like, and in the getting of a mental image of the ocean, we find things to be a bit like bifocals... badly done. A really big line bifurcates at the horizon; our picture. The bottom half looks blue-green, and the top is some variant of the sky? Okay? And now, sho' nuff, there you are; right there, in that split image? Yep, that sure looks like you...standing in front of...water. You could have just told me that you had gone to the beach, and I would have believed you went...but as far as boring goes, that over-sized batch of pictures of your vacation is a regular two ring circus of giddy entertainment, compared to some other things we could think of.
  I mean, who in their right mind would want to hear a blow-by-blow assessment of a conversation you had in the past with some other person (doubtless possessing "a lot of nerve") whom we; over here, have yet to meet? The fact that you "won" that argument, and were later "proven right" is slender comfort over here (in my brain at least), Pal. And yet, who among us has not sat through such talk?, or worse; dispensed it?! Another aspect then, of the heinously boring is that these types of things "cycle", and the teller (apparently?) "forgets" that he told you all this chaos a few weeks ago? Moreover, after you tell him that; "We've already covered this", it does not stop him, but rather provokes what we now get; the new enlarged, expanded version? This; this blather is "progress"?
  Being boring then is something we are conscious of, and participate willingly in. I wonder why? Both speaker and listener are aware of the diseased comm-link, and yet, the link holds. Why not just cut said link, and pull a "carl"? My dad's name is Carl, and when he likes to, he just walks away, whether you are done speaking or not! When we are around bores, or worse; find ourselves generating the stuff, why not just walk? Just a thought there. Maybe Pop is onto something?
  Perhaps, (in my mind at least) the single worst way to bore somebody beyond tears, and on into clinical depression, is to begin discussing your whack-budget concepts on weight, diets, and especially weight-loss, or more accurately, the lack thereof. Please, please, please do not tell me about why you (personally) "cannot" lose "the" weight. No, I do not want to hear about your dieting "attempts", or more truthfully, your failure to follow the food rules that you invented, or were presented with, by some "expert" you read about. Your food allergies? Not interested. All that junk about gluten? Keep it, over there, on your side of the hallucination please.
  Being fixated on weight-loss is a little bit like thinking a whole lot about the holes in Swiss cheese. What if, by talking incessantly about them, we could "enlarge and multiply" the holes in the cheese, such that there was "more" of them, or that the holes became larger, and consequently we'd have less of the cheese stuff in question? Wow, would that be a boffo topic for conversation or what? With a few more "cheese-loss" stories like that, and well; we soon find that we are talking about mainly "no-thing at all"...and doing so on purpose? For a person to fix their attention upon an inherent "lack", is a little bit like thinking seriously about the number "zero". Worse, the severely and profoundly boring nature of your weight loss exploits formats as a kind of a loss-within-a nil. That is, you were hoping to generate a "larger hole" (a "greater-lack") in the cheese (so to lose pounds) and...have (sadly) failed repeatedly. A "lack of a nil", formats as "transcendence-poorly-executed", in my book. As a place holder, the zero works just fine, but it-itself, is more like Swiss cheese, than Swiss cheese is! The zero; it's one giant hole, a mainly "not-there", and that is a bit like us after all.
<WARNING to the reader: I am about to perform a thought experiment. In case of explosion, run!>
  Okay, is there then a redemptive type of spin we could apply to the boring? I mean here, who wants, who really wants, as a kind of "goal", to bore the pants off of those around them? So if nobody wants it, how come there is so blasted much of it? And yet, when confronted with this "borey" goo, we either resent and accept it grudgingly, or we as the bore-er, studiously "ignore" those subtle hints that others so very helpfully drop, so to suggest that you "cut the crap, and cut to the chase". And I hate to admit it here, but I find the topic of "boredom" to be...fascinating! My mind experiment then, is; to like a "roper", leap off of a perfectly good running horse, so to grasp an irritated bovine-unit and "wrastle" the rascal down by firmly grasping by the horns, as it were. We "turn and master" a big mean boy-cow! We turn the bore into the gracious host!
  So, let's begin back at the water line. You needn't provide me with the photographic evidence, I simply believe your report that you visited the beach. But...there is something "there" in the photo that I've skipped over!
  Some fantastic fraction of Americans live within 50 miles of a major body of water. Rivers, oceans, lakes, swamps, these suckers are people magnets I tell ya. The surprising thing is not that you went to the water's edge, the shocker would be if you did not! And so, other than ill composed photos of you in your garish outfits, what do we "find" at the water's edge? Isn't this interesting to you?
  Here, you see it; "two worlds", and at the frontier of same, at the boundary line dividing the two, there you! Think with me "penguin, seal, walrus, or otter". Why are we fascinated with dolphins and whales? These, and others we might consider are "in" two worlds, but "of" one, they "are" us! See the "comical penguin"? What an outlandish design for a bird! This is WHY design-by-committee is such a wretched idea...And yet, and yet watch that little guy zoom around in his tuxedo under water. He "flies", sho' nuff; but only under the waves! He too; (like us) is found at the boundary of worlds. In world-A, he is an absolute klutz, and comically inefficient. In world-B, he is a regular hunter athlete, a champ which swims circles around the competition. Remind you of anyone? Ditto with seals, on the land they look like "easy pickin's" indeed, but under-water they are the one to be feared (at least by fish). Now, a dolphin isn't exactly the same here, but you get my brainwave I trust. The "transcendent" as a covenantal view, is about "worlds" and the crossing of those world-lines, those "boundaries". The "mental picture" of the phenom, is a cup. It "runs over" being filled by a source-unseen. See? The reason for the trip to the beach was to "remember" gladness, to "recall" a meaning-joy we desperately require in our sad stupid lives. It seems like life ends up being that long series of "interruptions" of what it was you were (in some sense) "supposed to be doing". This constant frustration in us tends toward making us mentally imbalanced, and so, as a corrective; we attempt to re-set by attempting relaxation at "world-junctions". We are vaguely aware then, that participation in the two worlds, being "in" the one; and "of" the other, is "source of refreshment". People do not want to hear this, they find it "boring" because, your claim of "leisure" (vacationing!) is defacto proposing that you belong to the "other world", and we (mere mortals) know such claims to be fraudulent...especially about you!
  So, if the premise of the verb, "to bore" is to misrepresent the transcending feature within the covenantal framework, so to propose a type of personal exclusion clause (for you only) we get then; another perspective on your bizarre narrative about the argument(s) you decisively "won" with person or persons unknown.
  Intra-world tenants; (penguins for example) are not "solitary characters". A John Wayne penguin is of the dead variety, by definition. To be crossing world-frontiers, we discuss then a "compound individual" a kind of "many-man". Down in termite land, where the frontier is the horizon itself, an "above versus below", we get a kind of "group mind". The termitey little vatos keep plugging away, making "progress" on their heap, but no single bug has the floor plan "in mind" (do bugs have minds?), except possibly the queen. So, if you dig down in the mound so to find the "royal" casa, and send little sis to "her reward", all the workers simultaneously and suddenly come to a halt! Don't you find this interesting? Ergo, within the t-model of cov, you get the kind of commentary that we see in the scripture..."and nothing shall be impossible to them", which is not necessarily a "positive" commentary on our kind. But my point here, as part of our thought experiment, is that your dominance, your combativeness; is "boring"; in that you are not correctly reporting the truth, you are (manifestly) not...the human equivalent to a termite queen, the "plan" does not reside inside your two-bit skull any more than it does in mine, or the worker bugs'. Your pretending at queen-ness, is phoney, and frankly it is tiring for us to listen to, for it has no ring of the truth at all to it! It doesn't even matter whether the story itself is "true".
  Watch little kids play, at pretending. Inevitably it seems, they shall "be" (short) "kings and queens", for we, the compound individual "remember a high old time", in the which a beauty, and a regal grace was upon us! Those kids and their pint-sized scepters, thrones and crowns "remind", that as "Tears for Fears" accurately informs us, that everybody (indeed) does want to rule the world! We peasants (secretly) think we are kings! And here, we are near the "tyrant", for without a "True, and a High King", a "Somebody" to place the crown upon your weary and sad noggin, you yourself (do not ask me to!) must place it upon your own! Such stories we find "boring', your being the "king of the world", and all; for we have no recollection of that coronation ceremony, and so deeply distrust your inferred claim. Sin makes a guy insane, and he "forgets" how difficult he is to listen to!
  So, if our experiment has not exploded in our faces (again) we shall proceed to the burning issue, your tummy! Or more precisely, the repeated lack of it to shrink on demand, the "lack of lack" as it were. A waist, (for a truth) is a terrible thing to mind! And similarly, there is likely is no more unwholesome activity, than for you to fixate upon "health"! Dancing may or may not be an interesting topic to discuss, but that monologue describing that failure of yours to grow a spine, and just ask the gal out for a spin; is a dreadful bore! In a transcendent model we thus observe that "lack" (per se) is "functioning" (if you'd like to call it that) as our lousy version of the genuine article, Him-The-Transcender, in that He is not-like us. The discontinuity in question then; is here, an entirely valid Fear Him! As Owner-Author of reality, there is an uncanny mirror feature we observe with Him.
  In English, we might propound it here as; "I own the fact, that (in fact), He owns...all (including me!)". Or consider, "I grasp...that I am held". A type of "lopsidedness", an out-of-system solitariness is appearing here. He who made ears, surely He hears, so hearing me? Interesting talk then, is (by my definition here) about "Another". He is the "out-rigger" the out of system balance, of which the intra-system has no "match". We thus are forced to confound "not-like", with "zero", and thus, of necessity; are bores.
  One philosophy professor I once listened to, proposed than Rene Descartes, in his annoying dictum; "I think, therefore I am" was being logically inconsistent, and that the statement itself was internally flawed, with a view to formal logic. However, if one were to metaphorically run across the street, and look back to see poor Rene over there talking such blather, you'd infer that "Descartes says illogical things", but since non-entities don't do that sort of thing, (say things) in that they do nothing at all, we may safely infer that he does indeed exist...Now, the guy took about an hour and a half to say so, and a whole chalkboard (remember those?), to diagram out his "proofs", but the audience found him "boring"! How's about them apples? See? the formal out-rigger which makes truth "go", is that He (and He alone), is "high and lifted up", and "separate from sinners". This is our hope! Without that "out of system locus", (Him!) we would be forever floundering in identifying "lack" or "zero" as the covenantal "not-like". Without help from "above", we are internally forced to misinterpret discontinuity. Hey, how about that on a bumper sticker? Don't you find this fascinating?
  Discontinuity thus, is the basis for welcome, for glad reunions, for coming home after a long absence. He is indeed "distant" and precisely "here" your hope resides! Writing the script of history, He is not "part" of it, and has also "voluntarily entered" it from the "outside and above" this; our crazy-pants zone!
  His "distance"; His "unlikeness", is what keeps us from blowing our pointless little brains out in rage and hate. It is a good thing, that He is "not like us", and it is a good thing, He is become one of our own  kind! Are we free moral agents, or is He total Ruler over space time? Is "freewill or sovereignty" the answer?
  And the answer is, "yes"! In Jesus of Nazareth, (King of Jews), the answer is always "Yes,..and Amen"! He is the Interesting Chap around here, He is the "queen" of the heap, the Human of which the bug is a "copy". He is the world-boundary Crosser, and so, He enters your own private little prison cell (let's call it "your skull"), and "turns" us. We come to prefer Him over ourselves for the simple reason; He is way more interesting! He "kills death", don't you find that interesting? Boundaries were designed for crossing, just ask Him; Owner of bounds!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Spinny, Dopey, Aguas Con Sal, y Luz

  I re-read last week's entry on water. I still agree with what I said in it, and so, left that C.P.E. alone, no editing required. The addendum here is that since that time, I have purchased a copy of "The Fourth Phase of Water". What an improbably good read! I haven't enjoyed the sanity quotient, and sheer clarity of mind in an author this much since looking at some of Richard Feynman's writing, more than twenty years ago! This thing is a gem. Buy it!
  Pollack is a kinda-sorta okay lecturer, but for true communication, he MUST be read. I love this book, and am only in chapter 3? I still am unclear on the Nolte type device, or whether we discuss EZ water, ala' Pollack; or another idea? Anyhow, I am unable (personally) to not "improve upon" the wet stuff, and so, rather than mere spinny water, I am drinking my version. What follows, is a description (brief) of what I am doing, and some observations of the unscientific, layman type. And (of course!) my guess will be that a brood of semi-hysterical speculations of the Philosophic-Theologic bent will emerge. You know? ... The usual!
  My version of the liquid in question, I call "Spinny, dopey, aguas con sal, y luz". Nice Spanglish there, que no? So, look for cheapo "golf" balls, Pic Quick drink cups, razor knives (to cut holes in the bottom of the cup), "dope" (superfood), sea salt, sunshine, and um well; water! You mix them all together, to get this jazzy type juice, and then pour it down your neck, so to observe the results. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am also pouring tap water into a pitcher, and letting the chlorine "out-gas" somewhat, prior to drinking.
  So then what are the results? Well, I am noticing several:
(1). I work outdoors often, and in a 100-plus degrees, a guy can sometimes get a tad thirsty, okay? So, we can have an "interest" in water. Just how badly would you care to pour some of that? Exactly how "thirsty are we" anyhow? At 105 outdoors, a chap could be very interested indeed! Let's just call it "parched", okay? And whatever that amount of thirst, which "parched" reflects, multiply that amount. Up the ante, increase the "aggression"; in our seeking of a drink. "Aggressive thirst" emerges here. I am far more grumpy without this wet stuff in me than I used to be? I am irritated, and often very-very interested in a drink. Is this progress? I dunno.
(2). I am "guess-timating" here, but as an example, I just don't "fast"; and somehow lately that is altering? Why bother "trying" to go without food, if you already know that you will collapse, and just give up by 5:00 p.m. anyhow? Something in this cup, is "helping" me post-pone eating? Is this so accurate? Beats me. Is it possible here, that water can become "nutritional"? Can this lit-up, dopey, salty  wet stuff act as a temporary place holder for food? Consider with me; what if the "depleted" soil of America's farms, isn't entirely the explanation of why food isn't as nutritious nowadays? Just a thought there.
(3). The next function here, is kinda iffy. For some peculiar reason, I began noticing how much weight loss; (due to water-loss) I could expect from a long walk last summer. The ballpark number turned out (then) to be about a pound per mile or in that range. So, for a ten mile walk, in a hundred degrees, I would sweat out 8-10 lbs. Ballparkian guess-timation wise then, a gallon weighs in at around eight pounds, plus. Ergo; we deduce that I was shedding about a pint "h.a" (half-assed) per mile.
  So then, with the advent of the "wog" (walk-some, jog-some) in my life this year; I would have predicted slightly larger amounts of loss, since I am working harder? Kind of stands up to reason, don't ya think? And truly enough, my 12 mile wogs were shedding ten to twelvish pounds? Spinny dopey water how-some-ever is getting different results. For instance, today's wog of about nine and a half miles, yielded a 3 and 1/2 pound loss. Does this mean something? Do we thus promulgate a more effective hydration, as-in "longer lasting"? Or is this instead just a shabby "experiment", poorly executed? Tingly tongue aside, would this (perhaps?) point to a running type strategy for marathoners for example? I don't know.
(4). There is also an aspect of this discussion, in which it is difficult to properly explain. Think of "vitalism" (or of "snakeoil" should you prefer), the "up", the "jazzed". We touch some kind of nerve here, and it is an uncomfortable sensation. What if people think I am a fool, or if they come to distrust the "claims"? In brief, we are afraid, and afraid that we might be taken advantage of; or of being found endorsing something which later on we regret? And since it is a "body" thing (like food), it is of the deeply personal type, this set of problem I mean.
  The 'superfood" issue is similar. What I am saying to them is: "This stuff makes food taste better! You should try some!". The response is almost entirely negative. "Smells like rabbit food" she quips, and pointedly, will NOT sample it? Why? Do you imagine now, that I am attempting to poison you? "That stuff looks gross", says another, and again, a steady refusal, not only of refusing to try eating it; but of even getting near it? How very-very weird to observe our behavior. Like maybe, by it's green looks, this powder will assault you perhaps? I told one guy about it, and he assumed I was trying to sell the stuff, so to make money? He lives on the other side of the country! How (prey tell) could I "profit", (personally and financially) if you were to go into your local grocery to purchase a product? Is it just entirely ungraspable, that this green guck makes food taste good?
  Well, whatever this edgy, scaredy-cat ethic finally works out as, the water is similar in tone. People get very territorial and defensive around food. One of the reasons we tip waitresses, is that we can predict (of ourselves), that; around food, we can prove to be "difficult". We are paying her, to put up with our predictable food-unreason. Our picky, finicky and deeply individual "difficult-ness" around both food and drink is (plainly) butt-ugly, and so we buy a friend for an hour or so!
  The shape of the domain here is plainly "holiness", don't you agree? I mean; talk about some serious "I ain't payin' attention to you over here"; style of "relating", that IS holiness for ya! C'mon, be truthful, didn't that whole "be ye holy" gig just now fire the, "You've got the wrong gringo" neurons in your braincase? Doesn't the order to; "Be ye black, and nine feet tall", make about as much sense as telling me to "be holy"? What's the point here? Face it, you've got the wrong knucklehead; you are looking for that rare glow-in-the-dark variety of soul, go back and check your paperwork, and quit bugging me with impossible "demands"... okay? That kind of thing was my "take" on the topic, ever since I was a squirt.
  Our hostility toward super-food, or super-water for that matter is that we "want to" believe it, and are just sick and tired, ... of being sick and tired! Nothing goes right. Lady Antebellum's clever tune about "Running to"..."Somebody" as disaster follows upon disater, just had to "sell" down here in this madhouse.
  Look at the news, and whatever you think of Obama, he must be admitted to be a champion "serial collapse" artist. Disaster and calamity follow the guy around like Pigpen's little cloud. Foreign failure, hard upon the heels of domestic disturbance, the serial nature of shame, national disgrace, confusion and double-talk, as the; "One damned thing after another", is B.O.'s calling card. People just want to quit listening to the news. If today's gutless folding like a cheap suit, isn't enough to make you puke, just wait until tomorrow's outrage, it will be (likely) worse? Who wants that? "News" here (by my definition at least), is "bad". "You can't win, the game is fixed, you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't..." Men talk that way. Women talk about "how hard" they are trying to make things work, and the inner stress they feel while doing so. This world order has collapsed into a futility, a pointlessness, and we (on the inside) sort of "recall" that things can't finally be that way, but government? It's a failure. How about our institutions? Big zero there, Bub. Science, education, work, family, faith, it has all been corrupted, but "somewhere" we "know" that things cannot be this way. We are inveterate "hopers"!
  He then is the exception, which proves the rule. Rather than just "another damned thing", there is one "place" (Person actually) which is not sunk into this serial collapse function we observe all around (and in) us. Christians place themselves at great pains to attempt to say this; "No, don't misunderstand, it is not a religion, it's a relationship"! This is the type of mouth racket they/we make, and frankly, it must go unheard. I mean here, that when accused of, "You are trying to foist your religion off on me!", how come we never respond with; "Damn straight Bubba, and you don't know the half of it!"?
  The one-damned-thing-after-another rule is correct, it is uniform, and true. This is not "being negative"; it is being realistic! Further, this must prove true; and true except only "there", in-and-with Him. He the game changer, He the "Place" where things make sense. The sum of your life cannot be that you inhaled x-tons of oxygen, and exhaled x-minus tons of carbon dioxide. We "know that" on the inside, but can't seem to ratify it on the outside, out here  in history, in the actual (and dumb) things we really do. This is why sales pitches "work", we want to be fooled! "Yield to the urge"; preaches the ad-man, "This is the drink which really really satisfies!" he crows. We know that the stuff is just more just sugary glop, but we "remember" a "water" which really does! Uh, that would be "Mr. Water" to you pal... And fearing Him (Let Him be your dread!), we come to fear nothing else, not even disappointment!
  See? The NAME, that's Holy! It comes out in English somewhat like "I AM HE WHO IS, HE WHO IS". To coin a slogan here, "Is-ness is the Man's business". Life is fundamentally transformative, and so we are constantly "becoming". He (and He alone) "Be". Ebonics, (apparently) has an upside! Instead we settle for the sad, and we thus end up "scared" of spinny aguas, and greens, and count ourselves "smart" for our efforts?
  "Drink" and "food"...prove to be symbols and hints of a higher-better reality crashing into this realm, from (for lack of vocabulary) "above". But why not just face it? He is the "Stuff" (Mr. Stuff to you) we "put in us" which sponsors, and drives and guarantees life. He "Be" (to venture again into Ebonics?) the Genuine article of which food is a "reminder". Not merely the "source and goal", He is the "fuel" to get "there". Continue to "forget to fear" Him, and we are guaranteed to fear all else!
  "Reform" is not institutions being re-patterned until they "get it right". They never have, and never will get anything right. Government is a cancer, it only "grows", and that growth is always at the expense of the body. No sir! Reform is men-with-balls, and women-with-breasts standing as freedmen, and saying so! He "finds" and I-am the one found! He is re-building me, me the loser, me the chowderhead, by resurrection power, into a new-clean fast furious champ! Supplying them then, all of them I mean, (His whole host, that glad-fierce throng), it is that new-creature, the "Many-man". Building a "Compound individual", a suitable "companion" for...Him, this is what He committed to. He fails not
  Recall with me then; it is "His-Story" we discuss. Him failing-not, proves repeatedly to be the Guarantor of that scheme. And is among us. Perk up, it's never as bad as you thought, it's far worse! And He is kicking that mess squarely in the teeth. We have come to fear Him, and in the process, we become the scary little dudes the outsiders so fear! Damn straight Bubba, damn straight!
  Lady Antebellum, sings "Compass". Buy it!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Buzzy Water

  So last week, I was listening to "Coast to Coast" before going to bed. George Noory was interviewing a guy named Pollack on his water research. I don't actually understand the man, but he was talking about "The Fourth Phase of Water", which is a book he wrote. Since then (oddly) I found that the book is out print. So, why promote an out of print book? I dunno. He appears to me to be a very intelligent guy, but what we are discussing has to do with "living water", a semi-elastic sort of di-electric goop? Basically, he is talking about the water inside your body's cells...I think.
  So a kind of "ordered" or "structured" water emerges, a semi-gelatinous "charged" liquid as the Pollack theory evolves. A type of "exclusion zone" or "barrier" crops up, and you get plus and minus electrical "sides" or "layers" of water? Huh? Instead of the predicted H2O, we get an H3O2. Deep weirdness here, with an almost battery-like "charge"? Furthermore, and I do not "get" this at all, the water "remembers". So the two ideas dropping out of the discussion are "structure" and "memory" with a view to water.
  Drop into You Tube, and watch Gerald Pollack. The side bar of related vids includes the business men, the entrepreneurs and salesmen who enter the fray. I was fascinated by the guy who "built" a "Nolte" device out of a turkey baster and some kid's marbles? Or get a look at the young guy with the "gauge" who is measuring the difference between water and water. The before and after consists here of him running the stuff through a chunk of PVC pipe filled with marbles? So, these promoters are saying that "like" the water in a stream bed, vortexing and eddying around smoothed rocks at the bottom of a stream bed, being the "good" water, so too, the same here?
  One video features a broken Nolte device. Take a look. Much like a piece of pipe with golf balls inside? So, I since Sunday have built four Nolte-like devices of my own! D-1 consists of a plastic cup, originally sold at a local Pic-Quik. With a razor knife, I cut holes in the bottom, filled it with cheapo plastic balls. They are the same size as golf balls, but are like whiffle balls, made of plastic, and hollow. You use a couple of containers, and pour tap water through the balls, so to provide drinking water. D-2 is more expensive, here I used 4 inch PVC, with real golf balls inside (and bushings to drop from big to small), and then; it is cut-in to the main water supply on my little trailer. Last night, it actually made me angry for a moment, I turned on the tap at the kitchen sink, after it had been installed for several hours. The stuff looked like some comedian had put dishwashing liquid in my domestic supply? White? Suds? What is this junk? Next, I was reminded of the fizzy look of 7-Up, as it swirls around? Then I realized that this was my tap water? Well, it tasted just awful, and had a very nasty chemical in there. Strangely, I could not "place" the flavor at that time? I have tasted this before, but never so strongly, what is it? Duh? Can we recall that PVC glue and primer are listed to set in 24 hours, and also recall then that no plumber waits more than twenty minutes to charge a system? I was drinking glue! Today, the water at the tap looks more normal (no suds!), but it remains very well aerated it appears.
  D-3 is a much humbler affair. A scrap of pipe, with marbles. Add a couple of hose fittings, and little scraps of brazing rod, cross-hatched so to prevent the marbles from falling out, and now we can water the plants with "structured water! D-4 is my latest (and we can hope last) creation. The water inside my swamp cooler is now also "Nolte-ized". A scrap of sewer pipe, a couple of bags of cheapo "golf" balls, and a barbed tee off the supply to the pads, and poof, now the bath of water is being "altered".
  My sister Nan was asking in a text, how I like all this. I have no idea if it is any good for a guy to drink, or bathe in, but I thought I'd try it out. Think of the buzzy, tingly feel of seltzer water on the tongue; and shrink it. A little bit like that? Am I picking up a "brightness" in this stuff, when pouring it through D-1? Do I feel kinda jazzed, or is that only in my head? It is all too early for me to give a layman's best-guess as to what the heck is going on here. I just don't know yet. What does "altering the hydrogen bond angle" even mean?
  And so, for today, my "take" on the topic, is that I find water to be fascinating. It is not really H2O. Rather, those are the first ingredients, to what turns out to be a kind of "stew". Acids, salts, minerals and other "impurities" form the stuff. If for example, you strip out the metals and minerals, you don't get "pure" water, you get "hungry" or "aggressive" water. If the drink can't "find" iron (for example) out there in the world, it will "look for" it in here, inside your body! The net result of drinking ultra-pure water, is to format a new deficit in you (the drinker) of iron, calcium, copper and all those other "impurities". Water "wants" minerals, and will "go find" it; if not "out there" then in you! "Hungry" water actually pulls calcium out of you. Oddly then, the "healthy" use of drinking those annoying "ultra-pure" bottles of the stuff, is a lower overall nutritional balance of minerals in those, the "healthy ones"!
  Now it seems to me that there is a message for us in here somewhere. When I was about five, there used to be a product. Keds were fire engine red, with white toe caps. They were "sneakers" for short people. The product was pitched with; "Keds, they make you run faster, and jump higher!". Let me tell you, I was sold. And basically, this is the pitch for all products. Better living, more excitement, faster, funner, brighter and our brand! So too with the water guys of today. Structured water makes you run faster and jump higher, and if you don't believe it, just ask them! What would the alternative here be? "Our stuff is kinda okay, but nothing to write home about, buy some...please?", that will not do. So then we are in a "worlds" type of discussion it appears.
  A thousand years from now in that new world, you will have remarkably been altered. Walking through walls? Not a problem. Flying like Peter Pan? Hey, why not? Taking some kind of wormhole type shortcuts across the plenum of reality, such that you go from point A to point C, without traversing B? Hah, child's play I tell you! The age which is "coming"; is...come! "The kingdom is at hand", says the King Himself. So then, we are asking here as to just how far that coming age is encroaching upon this one. Can we participate today somewhat in the powers of the age to come? Or is there a natural barrier, a limit here, such that you walk on water, only in that "then" but not yet? Who says so?
  I tell you, there will be no "allopathic medicine" practiced in that world to come. The idiotic "practice" of dispensing drug compounds and chemicals, which our "doctors" so love prescribing down here, just won't be happening then. So, this being the case, can we begin to "treat" cancer with water, good food, and clean air? If not, when precisely may we get-on with that coming pattern?
  See? The ancient church was walking in these patterns (at least for awhile) and nowadays our doctrinal bias is that those signs have ceased. Our Pentecostal brethren would never agree with that estimate, but what we "conservative" (what exactly are we conserving again?) believers are saying is that; "The coming age...has, in fact; not come!". But what happens when metaphysics begin to slide over into the regular physics? In a quantum plenum, who are we to say (just yet) what is "possible"? What happens to our dogma when healings are documented as "science"? What are we to make of water doing things to living bodies which we would have (yesterday) considered supernatural? So, if "healings have indeed ceased", how do we describe reality?
  If Pollack's science is right, water is "energized by light". What happens when you pour that "lit-up liquidy stuff" down your neck, or bathe in it? Skin cleared up? Better endurance? Do "symptoms disappear"? Recall that those Spaniards of 400 years ago, were looking for a literal "fountain of youth", they really believed that water could restore, if the water was "right". What if they were correct? What happens when you find a healing energizing source? Is it "allowed" to exist? Who among us is capable to state (correctly) just how far the Almighty is encroaching upon our domain down here of darkness and fear, with His realm of life and gladness? I tell you, it is not for lack of drug compounds in your blood, that you feel so bad. Your body was made for Him, and he for your body.
  Those Keds of the age to come, are already present! Those shoes of the gospel of peace, are proposing to you that peace-then has been won-now. That being the case, you having won the monster lotto jack-pot, do we now imagine He can't or won't advance us five bucks to buy a burrito? See; we keep acting as-if it was only, and purely a matter of us learning to trust Him. The real issue in this discussion here is whether He can trust you! We, in our fear and ignorance suggest that they, those indestructible Keds of that almighty-fun "then", are not really for the serious and dull here and now. A guy can never tell how fast he is able to run until he tries! We are afraid to try, what if we make a mistake?
  Try the water, take a drink! Does it brighten the eye? No? Well, surely it did no harm then. He, He Himself is that new lively stuff we put in us, so to keep us alive. He Himself that is food we must have in our bodies; so to have life in us.
  There is no such thing as "a little bit of life", a woman is never "somewhat pregnant". Puddles were made for jumping into! Ask a five year old, he will tell you! The Spaniards ought to have been searching for a "fountain of youthfulness"!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Wave of the Future...(Part three)

  Just about everything in our world, mostly the stuff that you recognize as "normal", is formatted as "ahead". We are a future oriented folk (fixated, actually), upon what is coming. We spend altogether too much time (in my opinion) wondering about, worrying about, and guessing-at what is next on the plate.
  The wave of the future is good, it's progress! Just ask people. The wave of the future is bad, it's things falling apart...folks will tell you. Which is it then? And, the answer here, is clearly; "yes(!)...and amen" might I add? We are seeing two things, then three; then five and onto seventeen. To take then, the patterns of the real, so to harmonize, summarize, and then repackage it all into a "trend", trending either "upward or downward", is kinda what we do; it's who we are.
  Most of the talk that I participate in on this type of front is gadget/gizmo oriented. You've done this, let's discuss the next generation of cell phones, the ultra secret new weapons, and those devices of tomorrow, and this more or less formats the discussion. Do you agree so far? There is here, a common-man type of: "Gee-whiz, what will those rascals think of next?", type of tone to the chatter, and we all (I think); can identify here. Our discussions of the future never seem to look back though, and so we rarely notice that yesterday's predictions, those guesses of five and of seventeen years ago, have "arrived"! I mean here, that this guessing we are doing today, and most likely shall do tomorrow, we most certainly did in the past. Yet, whether that "future" (our present) was to have been "up-trending" or not, we almost never notice how accurate (or not) those previous guesses were. It would be like taking the predictions of psychics, and checking after the fact, to deduce their accuracy, so then to better adjust our estimate of the present day's prediction we are just now hearing...why do we just not do this? Normally, we do not "go there"...why?
  For several years now, I have been confusing people with talk about us correctly "predicting the past", and in my mind; most people just consider such noises as crazy talk and ignore it. But think of it with me for a moment.
  What if you could gather all the relevant "current day's news" from 1955-1963? Heck, add in the stock market reports, the price of sow bellies, and weather reports too. Scour every news report, magazine article, and editorial from the period. Write the "computer program you need" to correctly assess all the dope here, and when you can; using old news, predict 22 Nov. 1963 in Dallas, you have "predicted the past". Wouldn't the most logical wave-front of the future be to begin doing these types of analysis?
  We already possess plenty of conspiracy type thought, to the effect that we "should have seen 9-11 coming". So, if in the hunt for news stories in 1957, we cannot find the "necessary link" leading inevitably to JFK getting whacked, what if we looked instead at the known reports of F.B.I. interest in certain individuals of the mid-eastern extraction, prior to Sep., of 2001? Isn't it a zany little bit of reality, to note the "recorded-ness" of things nowadays? Jillions of e-mails, tweets, phone calls, memos, they are all recorded "somewhere", just waiting to be paid attention to, and we never do? If you work for the I.R.S., in which things of this kind vaporize unaccountably, I would "get" the disinterest, but I wonder about us.
  We have, in our era, in our lifetime, the single largest cultural records store, known to man...ever? And what do we do with the stinker? Zip. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Why not use the guck, and attempt first to "predict the past"? Next, we could see about (possibly) "predicting the present", from our out the wazoo store of data. Once you get good at those two (past and present), then our weird infatuation with the future could then be reasonably approached. And it's odd; of those I have spoken with about this idea over the past few years, not one; not a single one, of my friends appears to be even mildly interested in this version of the wave of the future. In my mind, it appears to be the "logical sure-thing", the winner in the guessing-derby, but we shall (no doubt) see about that.
  Our fascination with the wave of the future, and the never ending guessing at what is wrapped-up inside the packages under the tree; is a pretty good guess (it appears to me) at what shall be. Simply, we will keep doing this predicting..."then". It is "almost as-if" we were awaiting somebody? When will he show?,... said he'd be here by now,... I hope he's alright? If we "personalize" this fixation of ours, and so steer away from a "brute" predictive model of "history", we end up rather naturally, it seems; in His-story.
  The crux of these talky-talks is the issue of whether the future is "set", or (rather and instead) whether we indeed possess meaningful choice. Simply then, we affirm as humans that for our lives and decisions to be meaningful, we must have a thing within us called "free-will". Everything in western culture is hitching a ride on this train. The entire schema of thought, action and impulse (all that we propose life to be) hinges upon this door. Right. Here. In our minds then; the fear is that if the future were fixed, if it were a mathematical "set" of known quantity, then, in that case; we would be but "mere robots". Our dignity as men would be flushed down the sewer, and life itself would be but some sort of large-scale puppet show. Since we find this caricature to be personally revolting and so unacceptable (and such a display to be pointless), it therefore (?) "cannot be" true ? There is but one past, and there is but one present, but, for there also to be but one future? "scary". I mean here, that your personal discomfort at the the thought is not actually "evidence against" anything...(ever), much much-less so, evidence against all that shall be! Your indigestion does not qualify as "proof" of...anything, except possibly that pizza at mid-night may not be the best idea.
  The wave of the future then, is clearly clearly you "getting over" this phobic bias of yours' on this score. As Jesus of Nazareth, King of Jews works in your heart and mind in the future (another "known"!), He is bringing in some odd desperados. Pssst, this is where you enter the equation. We, since the fall, are defending the indefensible, and damned proud of it! But when it proves true, as it surely shall, that there is no good excuse for our treason against, and hatred of said King, when the indefensible becomes apparent even to us, we begin to "turn". He is turning us, and that (friend) is the wave of the future, it's the sure-thing. See? He has it clearly fixed in His mind, as to what He intends to do, and in Him using His free-will, His dignity is established beyond all reckoning, as He achieves it!
  Isn't it damned odd, that our sole lifeline of dignity, of meaning, and of reality itself; that mother-lode of will-that-is free; we normally "refuse to grant" Him? What about His free-will? What? No dignity for Him then? What about the meaning in His life? How come He's "not allowed" to have any of this great/good stuff, and we get it all? Are we such terrible cheapskates as all that? The wave of the future then, is clearly clearly that we begin to loosen up some, and "allow for" the dignity of His life mission, the meaning of His ambitions for us! This horse is the sure thing, bet there! His meaningful, dignified choice, yep that baby is on the wave front to come.
  It's a kind of partner-ship idea, a friendly inclusion of the ugly kid who can't dance. His aim, His desire is to have old "clumsy-foot" right out front, and the crowd going gonzo. It's an invitation "in", and a strong pull "into", it's a joining we discuss, a hand-clasp, an embrace! We imagine it to be an iron and meaningless "puppet show", so then to have the leisure to not-join-in and criticize? We wish then to "sit outside" and "looking in", find fault? We, sitting on our fat butt "find flaws" in those out on the floor? That door is closing, the wave of the future shows it as completely shut. We see then, something a little bit like a very complex reel, or perhaps a round dance? At first, it appears way too complex, how is it; that those in there aren't crashing into each other? The wave of the future is your finding out how, and becoming one of "them". So, the wave of the future includes this whole crank notion of ours about "us versus them", as closing down. All that blather is being repaired in "that then", and we are being freed to join...the "puppet show" which we have so despised and rejected. For no good reason, we hated. For one grand reason, He loved.
  So then, as an "undignified puppet" (and as a "meaningless cipher" I might add), I stand up today; doubtless "controlled" by unseen strings, and announce with all the saints before, those at the present, and those to come; "Behold the Lamb, who takes away the sin of the world!". I am saying to you: "Look over there!, Behold that direction will ya Bub?". Further, this "futile" exercise of "mere iron fate", was (apparently) determined from prior to things. He saw this little outburst of mine coming all-along! As "puppet" I shout to you "Look at the Puppeteer!". What else to expect from an "undignified cipher" eh? And except for one tiny thing, this malice aforethought of ours "makes sense". And as simply as I am able, my outburst just now (about finding Him), was what (in fact), manifested in space time. It was at one time the "coming thing", (at the beginning of this C.P.E. for instance), and sho' nuff, it came! This "finding" (being "found" really) of Him, was the "old wave of the future". At one point in time, it was (briefly) the present, and now it is "fixed" history. It moved from the "openly possible", to "closed fixed fact". And honestly, I have no recollection anywhere along the line about being "forced" by "unchangeable fate-destiny" (or any of them other girls for that matter) to write any of it. If I am but a "mere puppet", I have no memory of being one. If the future is "fixed and certain", and I thereby am a "mere puppet", I am an oddly forgetful one, I have no memory of being "forced" at all! But I have forgotten something for certain..."What was it we were afraid of, again? Can you please tell me?". One future is the doorway "in", not the wall keeping "out".
  Hostages of "fate" are being freed unto gladness then, it is the wave of the future. Bet on that horse, you cannot lose, for He cannot fail. Old clumsy-foot is coming out on the dance floor, and it's going to be a hoot! Count on it.
  He hobbled Himself, become one of us? He freely willed it, so it's gotta be good!