Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spiritual Energy

   Have you ever met anyone that others might deem to be of the "spiritual" kind? In the modern day, go-go footrace mentality in which we live, it is a pretty rare thing. To be honest, I don't even like the word "spiritual", and unless we discuss coal or oil, the word "energy" seems a tad suspect too. Really, don't both of these sound new-agey to you? You know the drill, pretty soon somebody mentions "vibrations", or worse; an up-down schema of so-called "higher-type "attunement". And in case you didn't notice, all that guck is to inform you that you are thereby "lower", or shall we say "un-attuned"? It's that, or some other blasted thing. Who could care?
   So, generally I just don't use certain phrases, unless I intend to mock them, that is!
   Maybe it was Chesterton, it's hard to recall, but whoever it was; observed that Buddha is this fat-happy guy who; eyes-closed, gazes inward. Meanwhile, "the Thinker" (as a statue), examines (with a terrible clarity) what is "out-there". It is "in-here", versus "out-there", two spiritualites and east meets west.
   Now, we could go further. The detachment of the self, (the unnaturally calm) contrasts with the agony of the Cross. The excruciating pain, the amplification of the "now" into the "nearly unending", these format the "feel", these release the "aroma" of the west.
   Think with me here. Haven't you also noted that those deemed "spiritual" often pray (publically at least) as-if on the verge of falling asleep? All that chatter about "vibrations and energy" has an oddly stilling and dulling final result; don't you agree? Can the "vibrated" summon the power to dig a ditch? Will the "energized" bore us all to tears?
   If we were thinking in terms of drugs, we'd first imagine THC, with it's "mellow" and slowed-down stilling effects. Next, we'd recall massive doses of B-vitamins, caffeine, plus exercise. Sleepy-dopey, versus engaged-stoked (to the gills). Which is the true-er "spiritual", which the really "energized"? Recall with me, that while upon the Cross, the LORD refused wine-vinegar. There's a thought.
   In brief, does our "spirituality" make us intent upon avoiding pain while we dwell in our personal-private "happy-place"? Is it about avoiding pain, eluding confrontation, escaping trouble or grief? See? When  we meet a homeless sad person, we just want to give them a buck, and NOT hear their story. Or, at least I do.
   The true spiritual-energy is life-energy. But we live in a world of darkness and death. "Spirituality" then, is going to either cause us to flee and ignore ugliness, or...embrace and feel it. Now, the way I see it, nobody would (or could) WANT to feel pain in order to grow. So, we would be forced, so to do; for the sake of "Another". The true spiritual then would a kind of suffering/love...but we kinda knew that?
   I (personally) know very nearly nothing about this.
   I've spent the majority of my life fleeing pain, and then complaining (loudly) that the "Landlord" ought not ALLOW such goings on. Don't you see? It's His fault! That's what I've been doing with my brain...
   True spirituality doesn't mean you become "smooth". But in our splotchy, fragmented selves, we experience LIFE, with all it's "flavors", and promise before-hand not to "spit it out" in disgust! The spiritual, energized man has ceased being disgusted with his Maker. Such a man no-longer "looks down" on Him!
   The truly scary thing here is: Lord God...allowed it! He "went down", so low, low enough that even we could (now) see Him! Despised, rejected, spit upon, that's Him. Buck naked, flogged in public, beaten beyond recognition, is God-The-Son. He felt every blow, tasted the bitter rejection and abandonment of this horror-show; in it, PRAYING-FOR (?) His foes? Truly spiritual, He in agony reveals the true energy.
   His gaze? Fierce and outward, calling aloud; "Why...have You forsaken?". Yet, He proved loyal. He, embracing death with eyes wide open...blazes the trail of life!
   The "spiritual" is a "joined" thing. He with, He in, He over, He during, He through us. Since death entered the world, we just want out! I can't continue to look at this ugliness any more. I've done my time. Let me out; show me the door! The man of energized spirit...endures pain, yes; feels pain, that "Another" be honored, and that the others...be gathered IN, before it's too late.
   There are more important things than comfort, and stronger things than death. I hate to break it to you, but there are also worse things than being "forced" to live in this world! Job said "Yea, though He slay me, I shall yet praise Him". Our modern version is the inverse, (or perverse). Ours goes: "Yea, though he cause me to live...I will yet praise Him".
   Wide awake, we bend the knee before Him, pleading with Him, for THEIR lives, we ask for energy, spirit, and hope. It's a hope purchased with blood, it's the only kind worth having. It's dreadful...and good.

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