Monday, February 10, 2014


   "Garish" might be the best word here, "the sheep hear the voice of the Shepherd, and the voice of that Shepherd is...garish?". Okay, I just now made that part up.
   Think about it though. The "voice" of the internet is a LOT less "edgy" than the Shepherd. All that guck about a "New World Order," and the horrors of the Federal Reserve? Or, how about, looking up "fusion centers", or "FEMA camps"? Go ahead, and give her a spin.
   So, imagine a cadre of really (really!) bad eggs. Pick a conspiracy, and I don't even care which one! Behold, the dreaded Illuminati, or the End of the World. Hey, lookee! Some of these sites even show the four horses (minus horsemen) of the apocalypse! Zowie, now that's some SCARY stuff! See? The plan to wipe out 90% of humans... or how's about that "grain of rice-sized" micro-chippy-thingie? Arrgh! It's the mark of the beast! Man, them are some BAD eggs! Let's not forget the U.N. and those rascally foreign troops on U.S. soil, And what about that BILLION hollow-point rounds the feds bought? Wowie! Then we've got the invasion of the drones, martial law...and THEN, things start getting depressing!
   Okay, are we done surfing the "In-my-brain Web" yet?
   Have you ever noticed? There are these weird holes in all these garish theories. For instance, what's the deal with the evil-genius "international bankers"? Why (tell me) would THEY be the ones to destroy the very system which has been (historically) their bread and butter? Didn't their Mom ever tell them the fable about killing the goose which lays the golden eggs? Didn't these brilliant evil guys ever notice that killing the cow ends the supply of milk? And another thing, how come none of these mega-bad home boys have addresses or phone numbers? Other than "Baron Rothschild", how does anybody find these guys?
   Or think of this, we discuss the "secret" plan to destroy western civilization, depopulate the globe, and turn the rest of it into a giant prison camp. Uhm, excuse me, but who is PAYING the bills for this little jaunt into boondoggle-land? We are broke! Who (is it) who can AFFORD an unlimited police/military state? And by the way, how come, such a "secret" is known even by the likes of me? If that is an example of "security" protocol for the up-coming bad-world-state, then they are clearly morons.
   Further, the rise of "the beast" (in this scheme) appears to be top-heavy bureaucracy we discuss. Since when? Wasn't "the beast" (in the Bible) a MAN who poses as God? How and when did "he" become an "institution"? And why would an "institution" be worse than an individual?
   Meanwhile, our MAN, our scary DUDE, is a horse of a different color. The garish Inter-web holds out a "threat" and a "hope" in showcasing their bad-dude (institution) to come. And that kind of hope kills. It kills hearts, at the very minimum.
   That "hope" is (in brief), to the effect; "If we all stand together," and "rise-up" (or "take a stand"...your choice), we can "demand"...Uhm, something or another, and SO THEN, it's "not-too-late"! This turns out to be a business... Money is being made; just about "here". "Outraged"! Unconscionable! We will NOT stand-for...uhm, something or another, which I can't seem to recall just now. Their version of "garish" clearly contrasts with ours.
   Holy, Almighty, Fierce, THE Warrior King is Person! There is no "hope" in facing HIM down. "On our own", there remains  no "hope" all! No escape, no strategy, no outrage, no amount of "rising-up", will do.
   Hey, form a committee, build an alliance, make friends with the devil of hell for all I care! Buy every bomb, bullet, and  BB. Round up every army, navy, and marine corps you can find. Give them battleships, tanks, nukes, and lasers. Dig bunkers 20 miles deep! And, do you know what good all that will do to ward-off OUR SCARY DUDE? Zero. Zilch. Nada. Goose-egg!
   Such a force would be fighting against Him who gives "the power to be". Hey, now there's a brain-wave! They war upon Him granting the's beat? Wow! What a brilliant scheme. They raise a "host" to defeat the Emperor-of-Is? Uh-huh, let me know how that works for ya...
   Our SCARY-DUDE says "Bring those here who would not have me as King. Slay them." Gosh, doesn't that sound a bit harsh? Where's the love man? Isn't that "being judgemental"?
   The big-bad "beast," with his nasty ugly "New World Order" plus his infernal lowliness (the devil)...combined, stand zero chance of defeating King Jesus. Start there. Furthermore, He is going to (Personally) pitch the entire committee of traitors into the lake which burns with (eternal) fire. Gosh, who is the garish scary-guy now?
   Nobody ever spoke more glaringly, clearly, and terrifyingly about the "gehenna of fire"...than "meek and mild" Jesus Christ. He is talking about a kind of garbage dump for souls...and it's on-fire? King Jesus is coming! RUN!!! But there is nowhere to hide.
   The Judge (Himself) is on the way. He (in Person) is our one-and-only "problem". He, (in Person) is the one-and-only (real) "threat". The situation is hopeless! Unless, unless He have mercy.
   Now, we consider the story of the cross, and the blood spilled (for His enemies). Now, we consider the resurrection, and the Almighty love, sworn in a covenant of peace, with those who WERE His foes.
   The world might well get a LOT worse, or things might improve. How should I know? But no matter how bad, never, in no case; CAN "things" get more scary (or garish) than He is! So then, we are freed. Take your world-wide Inter-web, scary-guy, FEMA-camper, rice-sized, mark of the drone sending international-banking wipe-out...and park it where the sun don't shine!
   He-Alone is our "problem," and He-Alone is our "solution"! Start there. With His help, we rest. Unafraid, glad, and eager to see Him come!
   We have become the greeting committee for the Captain of the Hosts! Congratulations on the promotion.

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