Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sustain Me

   We keep hearing the word "unsustainable" in political discussions, having to do with federal spending. Have you noticed? So then, a kind of unfocused, generalized "warning" is the backdrop here? It sort-of sounds like: "If present trends continue"...or perhaps, "Are we headed toward becoming another Greece?".
   Occasionally, some brave soul will say something like; "Until we get a handle on entitlements, we are dealing with fringe issues". The shape of the discussion then is a "choose up", and you are to determine which "side you are on". Are you "for" budgetary responsibility, or are you "for" compassion? Do you desire to "soak the rich", or to "rein in waste"? Can you tell which "side" I am on? Just look at the way the question is put!
   Now, there is a "sneaky" aspect to all this. The gospel is not "the same" as moral imperatives, of the cultural variety. Nor is the gospel identical with any political movement. From a strictly "moralist" point of view, either "responsibility" or "compassion" CAN hold the "high ground," least in our ruined crazy hearts. Recall that our call is to be "in", but not "of" the world. And if "politics" isn't "the world", I don't know what could be.
   I'm saying this; "Being on-time, in-budget, and 'sensible' about spending, as one-half of the dispute, is NOT 'the answer'". The problem here is simple, in that it is a "righteousness" that we ARE capable of. Thus, by definition, it is not the real righteousness. Likewise with the other camp, except that their man-made righteousness is even LESS in-line with the King, in that it authorizes state sponsored theft! But the point is, the "answer" is not some melding or blending of two bad options. It has never been finding the "balance" of more of this knife, and less of that gun, as a corporate worship of "compromise," until one get's it "right".
   We spend all our time right "here". Cite the experts, give examples, prove the other guy wrong...and "win" the day? Who cares? This wall-to-wall discussion, this hysterical false front is just WAY too much talk! The fact is; nations, kingdoms and empires rise and fall. Or would it be more precise to say that they rise, and are Judged? See? There comes in time, a verdict, a decision. Governments do not merely "fall". They are judged, and thrust down! And the church fails precisely here.
   The church really ought be over "here", not over "there", doing talking-points in favor of thrift, or of it's opposite, governmental largesse. The endless hyper-talking, the 24/7 "news-cycle" is a mask, and a cover for the fear, that (perhaps?) The Judge has already reached a verdict on the U.S. of A.!
   The church, as a "mouth in the world" is doing a pretty crappy job. Unwilling to speak that assessment, she instead is hooked by delusions of power, money, and fame. The Biblical word "You have been weighed in the balance, and found wanting", is not the type of "word" she is willing to bring. No. Rather, let us talk of miracles, money, love and privilege. The only "word" she knows is of mercy...while we discuss it's opposite?
   In my opinion, the word of mercy and friendship is TO His "elect," that holy-nation of aliens and strangers who sojourn in this world. So there is the political "nation", and the spiritual one. To think of the two as one, courts error. Yet, just listen to how Christians speak. Often, they discuss "our nation" (by which they mean the U.S.). Newsflash, OUR "nation" is that glad-glorious throng gathered across the age and from ALL the nations. Indeed, OUR "nation" is none other than "believing Israel", into which we mere gentiles have been grafted. Our "worry", all the "concern", and "prayers-over" the U.S. proves to be fretting over "another" nation. And THAT nation has been weighed in the balance, etc.,.
   Christians would really rather not discuss this, because it could lead to a wild-eyed, a cultic, an heretical deviation. So, it's better to sin by being dull and sleepy?
   No "land" CAN expect blessing if she murders her children. No "land" CAN find help if she mocks marriage, loves lies and embraces folly. No "land" CAN flourish if she seeks after mediums, listens to demons, dabbles in sorcery and embraces gambling. Such a "land" throws away hope as she deals unjustly, crushing the poor. It's stuff like THIS the prophets were announcing. They asked "Are you...stronger than God?. Yet the church NEVER asks "is the U.S. stronger than God?", why the silence?
   The thing which was "America," is being swept away by powerful tides indeed. It is being replaced by something "new"...and far worse. This is the message of gospel, for in it we find that OUR fate lay not in America's fate. We have been "separated" from that Judgement, in that; "Another" took upon Himself, that due us! " Except, you repent, you shall ALL  be swept away" is how LORD Jesus put it.
   Here is where the church is forgetful. Due-to, in-light-of Judgement, we seek mercy. It is a mercy-instead, not an abstract endorsement of wealth and power as our "right".
   So, the U.S. is being swept away. We should think of it in the past-tense. No revival of 18th century gentleman farmers, plus free mason inspired deism is going to "save" here. It was an experiment to determine whether humans CAN govern themselves... the experiment failed when we realized we can vote raises to ourselves! It's about that "complex".
   The point here hasn't changed a bit. In light of, because of, this very pattern; we, the new "nation" across the age, and around the world, ARE shifting our loyalty (and hopes), away from the old, and to the ever-green new. The gospel was made for times like these! The sheer "unsustainability"  of the work of our hands, preaches an eternality of the work of His hands.
   He changes not, and that's a good thing.

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