Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Long Shot, Short Shot

   This week's powerball is (frankly) absurd. Somewhere betwixt one half and two thirds of...a BILLION bucks? So, naturally, I bought three myself! The advertised "odds" are one-in-one hundred and seventy five million? So, if we build a roulette wheel with that amount of slots, how big is the wheel? At one-half inch wide slots, plus one eighth inch wide dividers, between them, I make it; a wheel of just about five hundred and fifty miles in diameter!
   New Mexico is (I think) the fifth largest state in the union, area-wise. Our wheel is bigger. You have MUCH better "odds" of being struck by lightning, or viewing (in person) a UFO. You have much, much better "odds" of dying in a traffic accident, or for that matter; meeting a movie star on the street...
   So then, there clearly are things which will not happen, and likewise; there are things which likely shall not, but might-possibly. Further, we find a class of things which probably shall occur, and finally those which most certainly shall (death and taxes!). We are really not very good at distinguishing these variant classes in our OWN lives.
   Now, I can see them clearly in your life, and (we guess), you can see them in mine. But, "me-in-mine" yields some fairly shabby results. What ARE the "odds" of you-dying? Well, just shootin' from the hip here, I'd estimate those as "one-in-one". Oh sure, Elijah, Enoch, and (if you are Roman Catholic) Mary didn't croak...but you? Trust me bub, Elijah, you ain't! And sure, LORD Christ could return, and you could be one who dodges the bullet that way. But even then, such a transition from "our-now", to "that-then", is at least as traumatic as death itself...
   Yet, there remains a "deeper", a more certain (than death) "odds". In fact, it really could format (in our minds, at least) THE certainty (itself)...but, in our brains, remains barely noticed! Here, a strange silence prevails. We find lot's of jabber here, and swirling around the topic, plenty of commentary. The subject itself? Nearly total, dead silence...
   It's deeply weird, perhaps a bit like "enchantment" over in the fairy tale department? The entire palace falls magically asleep!...Contrast the absurdly low "odds" of you becoming a (fractional) billionaire, (which we warmly embrace) with the wildly certain "odds" of the I AM WHO IS (the Almighty) returning to earth, to war, trample and destroy. The rock-solid certainty...we can barely remember! The unthinkably bad "hair day", "Uncreated Fury...live, and in Person? The public demolition of all His foes?". This stuff formats THE certainty, far more certain than even your own personal death!
   Oddly, the bookies in Vegas do not appear to be taking bets on THE "sure thing". Okay? The bad-hair day to end all such days, announced long-ago by the prophets...think of a tornado SO bad; that you get thousands of minutes of warning. What then of the advance "advice" to flee the wrath-coming...thousands of YEARS ahead of that (great and terrible!) day?
   That there is one bad, bad, BAD day we've got to consider...And we could (if we'd like) couch the very gospel of Christ Jesus right here. Even God, appalled at the destruction of that awful day, formats an escape, ONE door out!
   Recall at the beginning, back in the garden, "Mother of the living" is surgically removed from "Red's" side. So then, suitably enough, at the end of days, the "red-life" (blood) of the True Adam proves to be the ONE shield, and "she" is hidden-back in His side.
   In Noah's day, the only shelter was the ark. In Moses' time, is was the blood upon doorposts. Symbols and "types" of the Real "safe-place" can help explain, yet without a man, our picture remains incomplete.
   Consider Sampson. With one mighty pull, he brings down the house, crushing his foes and himself. The One who Sampson is pointing-to with his life and death, emerges alive (!) out of the wreckage. One loyal Son, One righteous Man, One true witness, and One survivor of that devastation (to come) from on high. All other heads "roll". No survivors..not one! Except, except for that "tiny" flock, shielded under the body of the true-Sampson, found alive, at Calvary! It's gospel I tell ya!
   He (Himself) is our only real "problem", and likewise, He our sole solution.
   We hear in the word, "Yo Abe, give me a headcount on the stars. Then go number the grains of sand. When you get that number, so shall your offspring be counted"... Abe trusted. The whole number SHALL be brought in.
   This formats the NEW certainty! the One...Survivor, has "already" survived! It is THE "sure-thing"! By-Him, Through-Him, Unto-Him, be ALL things, but from our side, it's mainly "Thanks"!
   Start there.

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