Saturday, August 23, 2014

Faster Papa, Faster!

  What could be more normal, and fun? A young father picking up his toddler kiddo under the armpits, and swinging the little fellow round and round as the short dude squeals with delight..."Faster papa, faster!"? What could be more normal, and at the same time, more alien to our very deeply wrecked world? Are there any happy families left? Do any kids, anywhere, have happy childhoods? See, a kind of "dysfunction" (what is your's again?) is presumed. Everybody is being hurried, harried, worried, and we suspect, also "cynically manipulated".
  Manipulated then by whom? or, to what end? And although it is difficult to discuss, we have these (or at minimum, I do) ideas, sort of half formed. A kind of generalized malice "out there", a cloud of bad joo joo imprecisely locateable, which we are (seemingly) obliged to duly "watch out for". Huh? How's about an example or two there, sport?
  Take a peek, over there, a few pages away in computer land. How about that mercury in vaccines gig? Uh, "excuse dis moose" (pardon my French) but why exactly are tankers dumping crud in the upper atmosphere? What (precisely) is in a "chem-trail" anyhow? Who is buying the flight time, and the fuel, paying the crews; and what, by-the-way, is the junk itself? Fluoride in the water, the dumbing down of "pubic" education, the destruction of family farms, there appears to be no shortage of themes available for us to imagine a kind of dimly lit, cigar smoke filled room. There, we find that fan slowly rotating overhead with (genuine!) "shady types" seated round a table (with fedoras maybe covering eyes?) who evilly plot the downfall of...(fill in the blank here) uh, somebody or other. So, uhm, would that committee of wrongdoers happen to have a name? Do the members have phone numbers that I might be able to call?
 Why sure! Ain't it obvious, it's them rascals, the tri-lateralists over yonder, or would that be the Illuminati we're thinking of?...I can never quite put my finger (precisely) upon the name...but it's clearly those secular humanists and atheists causing all the ruckus around here. Or would that be the progressives, and Darwinists in our midst? I can never quite recall...
  Such as it is thus; we "locate the problem", and it just never seems to have an accurate mailing address, which a chap could forward his hate mail to. This is the crap-zookie (son of crap-zilla) which lives in my head. It appears to (oddly enough) be "convincing", not in lieu of real evidence, but because of it? And in the meantime, "faster, Papa, faster!" our numb hearts...dimly recall.
  We want a "clean, glad, normal", we'd like to see again children singing, old ladies cracking good jokes, grandpa farting (again?), and the sheer good joy of life. Sadly, we appear, by present circumstance; to be "forced into" a mere remembrance of such stuff. Afraid of all the wrong things, i.e., black widows, rattlers and carnival workers. We, the deeply wary of strangers, of the homeless, and the crazy. Associating then, only within the bounds of "our kind" (what exactly was your "kind" again, I appear to be unable just now to recall?..), we propose "security" as our goal. And that, my friend, is nuts. The one and only thing you can never ever have, here in earth; at least, on your terms, it is this, we "demand"?
  It's a bit like those folk who enter an on-ramp on the Interstate at 45 m.p.h., in the name of "safety"... which is the absolutely most dangerous thing a driver could do? These flatly counter productive results, just keep on resulting  of "our good intentions" (do they really exist?) and are plainly predictable, and also always "surprise us"? In the fall, at the train-wreck of Eden, we landed upon our heads. Our thinking (among other things) is no longer functioning correctly. You are scared of spiders you never see, and of people you do. We, bothered by nearly invisible cadres of smoke filled rooms full of malice ridden men without faces, and plainly ignoring the butt-ugly pervert, self proclaimed "god of this age"? To us; invisible men are the "problem", while the clear manifestations of foul spirits are cleanly "overlooked"? Since Eden at least, this be the "new normal" down on this smoky prison planet.
  Or, take for our example here; "modern" people simply rejecting the N.T.'s flat declaration that demons were simply scared spit-less by our Captain, while they (us, I mean) simultaneously affirm, that His very historical existence is an "iffy" proposition? It's difficult, it's hard to be this stupid! Some type of "enchantment" perhaps then? In the fall, we landed upside-down, squarely upon our poor noggins, and this mental wreckage is become our "new normal"? And yet, "faster, Papa, faster!" our hearts (sadly now) yet cry out. We can't help ourselves here. The deeply real, the Biblical; has lately waxed "mythic" (read as: "a lie"), while simultaneously, the swiss cheese, that hole-filled, nearly not-there-ism of ours, is now become the fixation? Our minds are malfunctioning I tell you. Scared by mere ghosts of the past, and of leaves fluttering in the wind, we the sons of Adam, have become thus. Sad, broken wrecks...yep, that's us
  In my case, the "church" I was forced to attend as a boy was wildly "liberal" in it's doctrine. I mean liberal in the bad sense here. Doubting the "times tables", while affirming imaginary numbers, does not qualify as "progress" in my mind. I, for one would much prefer a militant atheist any day, to a squishy "believer". The pointless premise that Jesus was a very "loving person", and that we too would all benefit (in a mainly indescribable fashion) if we could just cough up a bit of compassion every now and again, ain't "progress" neither Pally. The plainly lurid, and flatly violent presentation of our Champion, that to (finally) refuse Him, will land you (eventually) thrown ass-over-teakettle into a kind of soul inferno, is ... kinda "overlooked" around these parts.
  Haven't you noticed? The usual "objection" to the Way, is usually prefaced with, "I grew up in a "hellfire and damnation" preaching church, and can't stand that type of thing. Uhm, could you please give me it's address? I'd love to visit! I say, no human ever, and certainly none since; has begun to approach the flat out bizarre-pants, scary declarations of this, our grand King.
  Prior to His arrival, a kind of fuzzy after-life gig, a "sheol" of souls was "here"...somewheres. He went, way, way out of His way to clear up that little doctrinal hiccup, and proposes instead a kind of smoking landfill of the dead, a place of pointless rage at the real, a never ending repetition of old hurts, always freshly being re-opened to hurt all over again. Those, in that horrid place, never (ever!) "just get over the hurt". Did we mention yet, by the by, that said landfill is on fire? We see here; THE wildly fierce and intense Dude, perpetually imagined (by us) as this soft-squishy? THE Ballsy man's-Man, ever and always pictured as effeminate, wimpy and (basically) a big pansy? Huh? How did that (of all possible errors) ever crop up? We (clearly here) are "getting it" just almost exactly ass-backward...again. Our minds are wrecked. We; fearing "heights", and also, at the same moment in flat denial of Him-on-high? Thus, it is formatted as a "both/and", we get both wrong...perpetually, historically, and I testify to this wreckage being in me!
  For example; I was taught as a boy to love my enemy. "Why bother?" thought I. He says, "When your enemy slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the left". I wondered. Why not just blow his effing kneecap off? ...He won't do that again! Are we preaching that the only Sane man (ever!) came all the freaking way down here, to say... "Be nice!"? Is that it? This stupid misery your "gospel" too? Keep it Bub, ain't interested. If the King of Jews (of all people!) isn't "deeply interested" (at the very minimum!), in ending this insane fiasco down here, and of permanently breaking this idiot rebellion down here; fashioned by that psycho (the enemy), I'd like to know how precisely is it, that I (clearly part of the problem) somehow became "better" at loyalty than He? What's up with that mouth racket? And I say, we are seeing things just about backward...again.
  The short-skinny here is that basically the Guy is Coming...and that's our (we human carbon units I mean) the REAL problem! He is war, to burn, and to judge. It is "future history", it's going down...for certain. Uniformly, the testaments join in the unified witness, "Flee! Run for your stupid life!". See? The hell of fire is specially designed for that rat (his infernal lowliness), and his traitor scum slaves, those frauds, those wrecks, those "ex-persons", whom the champion of Israel, Michael pitched out of heaven. He was unceremoniously! And to the flames he shall surely (and rightly!) go, there exists zero hope for his kind, and he knows it! Let's you and me split, NOW! Amen! But see, the humans, they, those "little scoundrels" (you I mean), can be, and are being, regularly sheared off from their rotten slave masters. Those ex-angels, were (thank the One!) scared piss-less by His very presence. They, if nobody else in those days; "knew Him". There thus remains hope...for the humans...only. Deal with it. And so, by grace, under the sovereign treaty betwixt Papa and Son, there is One, and precisely One, safe "Place". Uh, that would be "Mr. Place" to you Pal.
  Let's us use that schema then, to decode that "turn the other cheek" jazz. No matter what a complete bunghole be he, Shia or Sunni, never mind what a complete shit he is; with his lousy assed beheadings, the little jerk can yet be found and turned back! Hey, it happened even to me, Mr. Bunghole extraordinare!
  I hated God's effing guts. What a wimp! What a big pansy? How did that mess happen anyhow? "When is the Almighty going to grow a pair?"; I wondered. And He's got the nerve to tell me (of all people?) to "be ye perfect"? How's about You (Sir) get real?...for a change? How's about You just do your job right (for a change) and run this stinking world right for five consecutive minutes eh?" That ugly misery, "was me", and frankly I suspect it of you too. You see? We, in Adam; are just about upside down, and perpetually ass backward. We have it almost exactly wrong (and on our own, we must!).
  But we are never really alone! I tell you, I have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous-One. He covers-up my sad life, and my absurdly bad track record; with an goodness not mine own. I wear, (like Jacob) my older Brother's robe, and thus "confuse" the Papa! He thinks...(dig this) I'm Him! And it was the only way left open. Trust me. Thus, I inherit a blessing not-mine, but yet gladly made-mine, as THE gift... That's reality baby. At the root of gospel is Covenant Sanction. The blessing and the cursing, and I also (of myself) own none of the blessing, and I am not, nor ever really was,"of, nor by, myself". Might as well deal with it today, I figure.
  Thus, in the bumper sticker version of scripture, "Everybody burns. So, your call is to burn brightly with, and in Him". For us humans, the only "other option" to burn alone!. Gadzooks! And if we pointlessly attempt to fight Him, we shall surely lose. It is precisely here, that our hope as humans lives. He, as Warrior-Champion (at truly alarming levels of intensity), Personally guarantees, that all evil shall come (in "that day") to an abrupt, and completely perpetual halt. But there is yet time! The humans are leaving that wretch, that psycho-puke, by the score, and then by the ten thousand, and so by the billion, I tell you! Across the age, and around the world, He is Single-handedly, against all the opposition of man and devil, He is, in plain sight, carrying off the Dunkirk to end all Dunkirks. The Fireman (His-Ownself) runs the biggest rescue operation ever, robbing the enemy blind!
  So then, if you are unable (just now) to fear Him, I shall fear him friend, for you today, and turn the cheek, whack away! I don't care how bad a human you are (and let's face it, you suck) there is yet time, and I knowing somewhat, the sane and sober fear of Him, can see that day coming, surely coming. If we share nothing as kinsmen, nor countrymen, we yet share this in common; flesh and blood! And I would wish upon no man, that Holy Terror, The King, in His Uncreated fury!
  Back when I was "alone", knowing nearly nothing of the base treason which is sin, I diagnosed then, our "problem" as some type of insanity. Oddly, I was right, just not right-enough! He is, among other things; making us like the Son, and so, deeply sane! So we, now coming to fear (with Help) the right thing for a change, (Mr. Thing to you), today fear no man, nor any cadre of devils.
  Care to join me? You are surely welcome! It is for Another's sake, to Another's praise, by Another's power..."SomeBody Else" is picking up the tab.
  It was the only way left open. And none (but He) can close! Amen, and Faster, Papa, Faster! He's so good, it's scary!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Recipe for Water

  We could, I suppose; begin a water cult now that we have the recipe for the stuff. I've been thinking it over some, and for five bucks I think I can see my way clear to make you a high-priest (or priestess as the case may be) in our new water cult... Interested?
  We have not yet come up with a catchy name for the cult, or worked out any of the major doctrines yet, but boy; do we have great drinks!...or what? Even better (?) than the Christian drug of choice, caffeine! Wowsers.
  Now the perverse feature of a blog which is formatted in this fashion, is that somewhat like a scroll, one reads. However, in order to read it aright, you have to stand on your head, or at minimum read it backwards. See? The format is bottom-up, and so previous entries appear as "below". So then; I am modifying my prior recipe a bit, and frankly, it's far, far, for the better!
  We keep the "spinny, dopey, con luz" gig, those aspects are basic it seems to me. However, since composing that mess a few weeks ago, I have since finished Dr. Pollack's improbably good read; "The Fourth Phase of Water". This bad-boy is "book-zilla", it's alarmingly good writing in my humble estimate. And I am definitely a "book person", I should be able (by now) to recognize good writing. Okay, Tolkien he ain't, but who is? Get real. Excellence in writing, how is it done anyhow? Beats me!...but we kinda already knew that Pal. But, back to my recipe for water, Dr. P. said somewhere in there, that salt tends toward collapsing (or restricting was it?) this boundary-type wet stuff. So, salt has got to go. That's the only loss, but there remain two gains I never even dreamt of when writing "Spinny, Dopey, Aguas Con Sal y Luz" a few weeks ago.
  Part of the new recipe comes tangentially from Dr. Pollack. I was so stoked by his work, that I e-mailed the guy. He was nice enough to squeeze in a response. Very funny, "human-type" of dude. In brief; in trailer-trash-speak (my native tongue), he is "good people". So, I asked about ice cubes at Village Inn (don't get me started); and his response included the throwaway line that, in the coffee, "near ice" the EZ water would ordinarily be present...and this got me wondering again! What if we ditch the salt, and try placing atop the "Nolte-like device" (prepare yourself...) ice cubes? "Sta muy bueno homeboy!", to put it mildly; in Spanglish. But we ain't done yet Bubba, not by a longshot!
  So, the last fix (which I anticipate developing) I suggest for our little cult's water recipe, is the dope itself. Up until about four hours ago, I would have agreed with the generalization; "dope is dope" (to imply "superfood" powders). Sure, we can get several flavors, and certainly the texture and grind of the stuff might vary according to taste. I am now in full surrender mode. I have come out of my hide-out, and agree with the Sheriff. Arrest me already, will ya? Laying down my sword, and I ain't gonna make war no more! least on the dope issue. You see my friend, I have stumbled upon dope-zilla, the mother-lode of dopey-qua-dopiness, as it were. The King Kong of dope I tell you... well, at least as far as spinny water goes, I would affirm.
  Excuse me George, but is this turning into some kind of info-mercial? At what point does the other shoe drop, and I hit you with the sales pitch? Answer: Never! Figure out what product I refer to your own self will ya? But onto the recipe eh?
  In the first place, it's not that different from the previous essay we cite above. Why repeat that stuff? Let's just talk about the new improved species okay? So, start with basically de-chlorinated water. The "hard" way is to spend seven bucks, and buy a decent activated charcoal filter. Calvinists in general, being notorious cheapskates will find (trust me here) a way to "not". So, the lowball method is as I noted above in the other C.P.E., is to simply pull water from the tap, and let it out-gas. That nasty junk will simply go away if you give it time. Next, all that essay guck stated previously about the "Nolte-like device "(Pic-Quik cups, Wal-Mart practice golf balls), still holds true. Proceed to spin the water through there six or eight times as previously discussed. The difference is to add ice, (cubed, not crushed?) atop the toy golf balls. If you use tap temperature water (let's guess 70 degrees?) the water chills very rapidly, so adios Mr. ice cube. Repeat the process with the same water, and new cubes. This time they melt much slower. About six reps into the process, start looking for bubbles (not foam) rising to the top, and staying for approximately 3 (?) seconds. Spoon in the dope. For a 52 oz. sized drink cup, I'm adding about a c.c. of the green meanie in question. We are not trying to "flavor" the water here, but rather to get the bubbles atop the surface to stay put better. The good dope will do so for perhaps a half minute? Dope-zilla by contrast, still has live ones present after about ten minutes (?) just now, in my cup. This is my first day with d-z, and so I don't actually know the duration here. In short, this powder ROCKS! The final step remains true. Pik-Quik cups are extruded from a clear plastic, so you use a small mirror and set your cup outdoors in the sunshine on the mirror. Then, you bother an h.v.a.c. guy for a lousy scrap of single-wall galvanized flue pipe. Mine is four inch pipe, and about a foot long for example, and it is vaguely C-shaped, in that the two joints were never linked to build a circle. Think of those old photos of celebs at Palm Springs soaking up rays with little pieces of sheet metal. Skin cancer city! Then, buy (or borrow) a brick. Use it to prop up the sheet metal. With the spinny dopey bubbly in the sunshine, you position the flue, so to further bounce light into our stew. Nine minutes maybe? And then, don't forget to pour the stuff back and forth a couple of times again, and thence proceed to pour it down your neck! That's the sum of it. So how about that five bucks you owe me?
  Picture Bambi. That adorable rascal is out (with Merle Haggard perhaps?) somewhere in the middle of Montana. The choice for a drink arises. Do you (Miss Bambi), choose to drink from the scenic lake, or would the brook feeding the lake be better? If you answered "the brook", you are now qualified to become a priest in the cult. At least, that's what I figure.
  Now, if the basic premise of the crazy pants essays is to somehow or another yak about the Almighty, in seemingly accurate tones, where do we go from here? The other water recipe posting ended up on a riff having to do with the Name, and our participation in the risky business of trying new things. In it, I concluded that essentially, as we fear Him, we in turn; become "scary little dudes" ourselves (to others), but it's a good-scary! So then, have we anything to add here?
  Let us proceed thusly, to speculate freely in that cartoonish manner we have all come to expect over here, shall we? Today's "insight" I propose as; think, "soul water". Far more than any metaphor or simile, there is something very "goddy" about water. The goop is downright "spiritual"! In some sense, like water (or is it fire? or would that be light?), He Himself IS..."a drink" for our sad weary souls. Life is just one damned thing after another. Life is that profoundly distressing set of "interruptions" of what it was that I assumed I was "supposed to be busy doing". At work, and at home. At church, in the mail, on the internet, just about everywhere, things appear to conspire against time budgeting, prioritization, and effective execution of tasks. The phone rings...what again? That co-worker is still bugging us with his lousy stories about his "ex", and expects us to care, and pay attention to his blockheaded problems? Please, I'm kinda busy over here Pal, can we just get back to work(?)...please? Every white person I know, and Calvinists (with a vengeance) are "all covered up"; the schedule is already over-packed: "We have just GOT TO weed out some of this!". Sound familiar? And let's just face it; whom among us, even has the TIME to be fooling around "making water" as the cult prescribes? We are desperately thirsty for..."something" (more precisely, Some-Body), and want a "fix"...real bad!
  For instance, witness the multi-jillion dollar industry of "energy drinks". True, those drinks do jazz-stoke you up some, and are in fact, bubbly and wet. Much like good water there eh, Bambi? In our era, the universal solvent is ordinarily "dead water", or worse; stripped! I today predict that one day, distilled and R.O. water will either die as products for lack of interest, or plainly be outlawed. Stripped water is junk. Good drinking water is not merely H2O! The good Doctor P. calls that liquid "bulk water". In the book, he states clearly that we deal (herein) with H3O2 in addition to what you expected in there; and without some of that jazzy electric water stuff in your cup, the drink is mighty boring.
  We want something which we can't (ordinarily) find. Who even has a good spring nearby to drink from? And with deer piss in there (shame on you Bambi!) and all kinds of viral nasties, in even Montana's streams, we end up "needing" chlorine? Yuck. Just about every home treatment device or technique of "making good water" is (in fact) the "best on the market", and if you don't believe it, just ask 'em! How can everything be "the best"? So I am proposing that we need two waters, a "soul water", plus a decent drink of wet stuff, now and again. But I am guessing that there may well be a connection between the two. Who knew?
  We discuss the True Drink, (Mr. Drink to you) but this isn't an exclusively "spiritual" conversation. Tell me, why would it be insane to guess that Mr. Drink might well lead us carbon units into a glad toast? Why would He (of all people!) refuse a drink of cold water to one of His tykes? And mightn't we lawfully suppose that that said Drink-Meister Himself is very able to lead his kiddos to a real quencher? None of that buzzy-speedy nervous jazz of those caffeine laced, sugary goo, plus B-vitamin bombs here. No-sir-ee!
  The whole premise then (it appears to me at least), of "a drink"; really ought be to refresh! A gleam in the eye maybe? A smile, and friendly greeting maybe? It ought to have a "bounce", an "up" to it, and not that same nervous-itchy blast which taurine and caffeine yield. That running at the mouth (the nonstop talk), and the feel that everybody is just standing too close, have gotta go! A real drink should be "sweet", but not with that grotesque hydrogenated corn-syrup crud. There might even be some bubbles? Carbon dioxide is the wrong gas, how's about some oxy please?
  Big news flash...He's like that! Or more precisely, water (real spring water baby, or better-yet fresh rainwater!) is itself a dim reminder, a distant whisper of the reality which is HIM. And I, for one, stick my foot right in it, just here, and say "damned straight!". Wet stuff, is a little bit "like Him"! Odd, don't you agree, that on my own, I never, ever would have correctly predicted this reality? How did I miss that for half of a century anyhow?
  A good drink mi amigo, is always, always a pleasant surprise. We might as well deal with it. For under three bucks, your life can change...for the better! So, I guess if we burn three from five, you only owe me two.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hexa-Dimensional Hyper-Pointery, et al

  Months ago, I was all proud of myself for coining; what I deemed to be a really cool sounding, "heavy" term. Later on, I googled it, and found that somebody had already beaten me to the punch, and previously invented the stinker!
  Don't ask me what that actual definition refers to, go google it for yourself. But, you've gotta love the sound, the texture, the sheer "gee-whizmo" factor of "hexa-dimensional hyper-point"... don't ya? Kinda rolls right off the old tongue-eroo, huh? Sounds "dense", maybe even "deep"? In reality, isn't this just yet another bizarre-pants brain episode of mine (you, no doubt wonder), and then we could safely infer; "Get over it, and move on Bub", might best serve here? But no, I just keep massaging the little guy, hoping (perhaps) to breathe new life into my version? Like maybe, we can get two h.d.h.p. models into reality, even though one is real, and one is clearly bogus?
  Since I do not "speak math", the actual h.d.h.p. (as a discipline) is a nearly incomprehensible (as, with that hefty moniker; it rightly ought be!) topic. So, "In what way is my h.d.h.p. different from the genuine article?", you might ask? Boy, am I glad you wondered that!
  In the first place thus, we proceed to mind-experiments. Think Euclid...on crack! I imagine (and we'd best keep that word here!), a point, then a line proceeding, then a plane processing, and finally a cube developing. Derived; one from each other, we kinda "grow" in dimensionality per se.
  A point then, is a stand-alone. Two of the little guys linked, format a line. A "rotation" of same allows for a promulgation of a planar "flat surface". A new "rotation" of same, yields "depth", so to generate a cubic, a "solid". Ya with me here? So far; me and that Euclid cat, are on the same page, kinda-sorta... yet I wonder. Would "Euc" view a point as dimension number one? If that were the case, wouldn't a cube be considered dimension number four? So, maybe the Euc-ster and I are not on the same page after all?
  The basis of this geometric system then (mine, at least), is "point". Is this "point" thingie a bit like the number "one"? Without the "one", we get no counting, no arithmetic, no calculus. But with it, all that math-stuff is do-able, and regularly done. The basic rule of: "Every time we add one, we always, always; get 'the next number'". This is an unprovable premise (I think), but remains an awfully darned handy tool to apply! So, with application; we find that the "theory comes alive"!
  Application-wise then, we commence to imagine. Take then, the "point" as our irreducible "one". Further, apply the "rotational" aspect of dimensional leaps, and let's fire 'er up, and make that baby go! Try this, describe a circle with your right hand, in a "clockwise" fashion, as viewed from your right side. Stop. Now do one from the left hand, so that circle (number two) rotates also clockwise, as viewed this time, from your left side. Notice anything? One thing I notice is that it's about impossible to simultaneously spin hands contrary to each other directionally. They keep ending up going the same direction. The second feature of our imaginary construct is that they indeed do rotate in opposite directions, okay? Your hands can't go there, but your soul, your mind can. That is the big brainwave over here, okay?
  In then the case of a "line", have we forgotten that the line itself, could easily "rotate" upon itself? Mom's rolling-pin does this when she makes tortillas as I recall. So then, a line could rotate in two ways. One, in-and-upon itself, and the other, out-and-away, so to speak. You can either roll-out dough, or swing the roller like a ball-bat! We consider the former. Thus, a rotational line, "begs the question here"...doesn't it just? If we view the end of the line as spinning clockwise, and then scoot around to the other end; so to see that other end also doing likewise, do we thereby yield a surprising, and unguessed Euclidean dimension at some "point" along the "line"?
  This is the basic image is in my mind. Or think instead of a baseball, as our "point" (point waxed- large, in that case). So, from a "dual -clockwis-ean" axial spin then, we find one half of the ball, spins opposite to it's other half! And that is about all, I'd suggest here. A "single-dimensional" point, can thus possess two dimensions, due to spin. Who saw that one coming? This image then, propagated across a volumetric "solid", ought logically yield an h.d.h.p.! Don't you agree?
  Little girls used to play with "jacks" when I was a kid. Do they still? Beats me. A "jack" is a three dimensional cross. And, if you'd like, you can give the jack a spin, and up-she-stands, twirling away. The center point of same is a "3-D cross", left-right, then up-down; added to a front-back "double-cross", ya dig? So the h.d.h.p. is a "jack", with the alarming feature of each end, (as viewed from that end) being "seen" as spinning. The center point (that one point down in there, where axes intersect); is in some sense "rotating six directions", simultaneously! Ain't it great?
  Or consider likewise, a sphere (like the Earth), spinning. Does that same Euclidean line, which forms the actual axis, does that line itself spin-with Earth as she goes, or does it "stand-still", while all-else rotationally swings about it? In my model, I am asserting a spinning axis, but moreso, it's converse is true, simultaneously co-existent along the same line. This proposes a "point" spinning two directions simultaneously. This oddity being propagated across three intersecting axes "the jack", ought yield a point at the center; "rotating" in six directions. Are you still with me?
  So, what in the world might the application be for such an imaginary construct? What do we do with such a proposed h.d.h.p. in any case? Uh, well; not to weird you out too badly here, but...swallow it! Put the hyper-point in you! That's my take on it.
  Take a peek at You Tube. How many vids are there out in cyber-land featuring "body-energy", or the Chinese discipline of Chi gung? Only about a jillion or so? Last year, when I crashed my shoulder, and turned her into a smoking junkyard, I became interested in the ideas of "intentional healing", and of "chi". To what degree are we "passive", and to what degree "active" in the healing process? The extremely brief version here is that the h.d.h.p. "fell out" of my speculations. Take the disastered shoulder, and "spin-up" the hyper-point (just imagine!). Breathe, use your fingers to "direct energy", and as you exhale; "place it, (the h.d.h.p.) in" the injury area. Incidentally, I began also (last year) to "see" light.
  I mean by this, not to alter our imaginary construct much, but to add this. Go outside for a minute, and glance at the sun. We "remember light", in "the back of our mind", and can so "place it, (also) in" the hyper-point. Visualization, breath work, and persistence. The result? Doctor Romanelli, said: "I wish all my patients were like you. I don't know how you did it, but your recovery is amazing." The Doc also told me, that at one point (early on), he was considering a whole shoulder replacement, instead of attempting to repair the trash-heap which was mine. Try doing that spin-up with the h.d.h.p.. Place it in your sore place; and then tell me how it goes for you!
  Story two; I have been taking over the counter anti-histamine junk for allergies, every single spring-time since 1981...except for this year! I "spun-up" a pair of hyper-points, and "placed them" in my sinuses. Make the sign of the "jack", light 'er up, and with that little rascal all lit-up and bright and spinning...result? Zero allergy pills taken. The miserable symptoms "threatened" but just never arose to the point of my demanding pill-relief this spring. Energy instead of pills? Who knew? Is that even legal?
  Question; to what degree are such things "psychological" (along the placebo-effect, line of reason), and to what degree is the phenomenon a "real" or physiological change? Are we talking "attitude" or more-so, "aptitude"? And I think the answer here is; "Yes". We are ourselves a "hopeless entanglement" of psyche with soma. We are spiritual animals, souls with hair.
  We, in the West, generally (and deeply!) distrust "soul-power". In our book, we would be a good deal more comfy if "soulish" things just went away. It all smacks of the "New-Agey", it's those Californian flakes, or worse, the occult traitors. But, for my two-bits, I'd affirm a "new-thing" in Earth...(that would be "Mr. New-Thing" in Earth, to you Bub).
  That King, Mister New-Thing speaks of an "abundant life", and of a pressing down and of a running over, a "lively-living", if you will. And if you are like me, this sort of talk makes us un-comfortable. I do not mean to attempt to "comfort" you in your discomfort. Why bother? Hey, be uncomfortable. Life is scary! Risk is real!
  But tell me "the alternative"? Life is dangerous, because He is! The ideas of "fitness", or of "endurance", and how to build them. What can it all mean? He is the One whom we ultimately "endure". He is the "dreadful presence", which once "in it" we realize, "Ah, this (right here!), is "why" we were being taught, back on "old Earth"; to endure!". Even the holy-fierce angels must shield their eyes, and cry out "Holy!" in that One's presence. Strength was never intended for any other end, than to be able, in "that day", to tolerate (and then, to flourish-in) that darned-scary Presence!
  Spin 'er up! You will need to be strengthened before-hand! Might as well get started then...

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Verb: " To Sprint, Intuitively"...

  According to my pal Dave, we (humans, that is) are "abstraction building machines". I love that description! The abstraction which currently appears on my plate is an idea, of which, it is not clear to me how best to say. In the past, the thing for me here has been to just begin speaking, and see what emerges. That "concept" then is: "Why is there no ready verb available in my vocabulary to express 'to run, to sprint...intuitively' as an expression?".
  For all of his malicious Darwinism, Richard Dawkins has nonetheless mightily contributed to "progress", in his coining of the word "meme". A kind of text, or pattern which is contagious, and reduplicates in the world at large, a bit like a biological gene; or to that effect, I take the man's meaning. Where (precisely) do new words come from anyhow? Is it legit to simply make them up? And getting back to Dave for a moment; he also says that; "Intelligence, by definition; is the ability to deal (well!) with indeterminacy". Gosh; that Dave guy, what a brainiac!
  The abstraction here in this C.P.E., thus revolves around finding a word to express, "to burst out (to imply speed?), in a semi-lazy and roundabout fashion". You know the drill here, all that psycho-babble about those of us (meaning you, more than me) who are "type A personalities". The "pushy and bossy" is the picture we think of. You've met the guy. The idea of being "driven" then, why is there no ready cognition of the "drawn"? In this particular crazy pants essay, I am inferring that the "opposite" of "to drive" is "to pull, or perhaps to entice". You know this guy too, he is called "mellow". You secretly wonder if the rascal has "a thing for" marijuana? These "types" inside our heads never formally function as raw input, (they can't really) but instead, evabuddy is a mixture of the two. Like that whole Jungian intro-versus-extro-vertian gig. There are no pure "types" available, we all do both; under various circumstance. Is there a noun then to name that laid-back, pushy person...meaning "you"? Why this arbitrary stupidity in us of assuming that one end of any given bell-curve predominating, is; "me"?
  Proceeding from this shabby surmising then, we almost immediately encounter that Dave vato again. The capacity to think indeterminately, to "ballpark" things into a not-precise generalized gathering "place", boots up peculiarly at the very outset. In brief, we discuss, an heirarchal view toward truth itself. You see this with little kids all of the time, ultimately the reason you (kiddo) must do as I (the parent unit) say, is; I say so! Somebody has just got to "say so"...somewhere! Clearly, we observe in this sort of thing, the linkage between authority-unto-"truthyness" (to coin another new word), as an identity marker. It normally appears as a "not" function, as in; "I may not know who I finally am as a person...but definitely I am not like that goof over there!".
  Swamped thus, in a polar schema of "opposites" we "feel" that it would somehow be "wrong", or at minimum inaccurate; to mix "types". And even though I cannot certainly declare of which type I am, I can; and do, assert that I am NOT-like that lazy good for nothing over there, or alternately considered, NOT-like that pushy loudmouth yonder. We keep duplicating this bizarre pattern in our brains (or is it hearts?) and due to this twin feature of demanding determinacy, plus a collapse into "both" categories simultaneously, we become "blind" to authority itself, "forgetting ourselves" so to propose an Van Tilian "would-be autonomy"...ya follow? There remains for us therefore, only "idealized" ends of the spectrum, of which neither is (completely) true of ourselves. Uncomfortably, we are thereby forced into the assumption that authority-qua-truth the "me"! What a mess we've made of things!
  Paul Harvey (God rest his soul) would likely interject at this point, a demand for less jargon, and more "shirt-sleeve English"! That same demand would yield (I'm guessing here) a single word to express the act of "moving swiftly, and intently, in a mellow, relaxed fashion". Sure wish I could think of it! That Harvey-ian line of thought ought also yield a noun to name that stinker. I would suggest that the "problem" here, revolves around our dismissal of the True King. Without His assertions, His "I SAY SO'S"; we must flounder around just precisely here; like so many beached codfish. Minus real Author-ity, our identities crash into mutually destructive "opposites". We end up occupying that "space", of "knowing good and evil"; and what a trainwreck that's been, eh? Of the two, we cannot affirm of which kind we certainly "are", but consistently declare instead, what we are "not". What a bunch of chaos...we indeed are!
  The final "dave-ism" we draw from today is the insight along these lines is that our minds format information narratively; rather than "factually". No amount of facticity can "compel" a new thought, but rather we are "drawn-in" by stories told, retold, and remembered. You see this type of thing all the time, and I won't weary you further with declamations to "prove" same. Do you remember the time Dad and you went...? Went where? It doesn't much matter, because the story is intended to be repeated, and so, "learned by heart".
  A couple two or three stories then suffice, for the covenantal hierarchal modus:
  So the "covenant lord" on Earth in those days was this stinker rascal by the name of "Usurper". This cat was, well,; shall we just say here, more than a bit "ethically challenged". He had some pretty interesting events happen in his life, and old "User" (as his pals dubbed him), was once-st upon a time, boogy-ing across nowhere in particular. Have you been there? It's a bit like Deming I think. Anyways, he has this episode, where he zonks out, and has a weird dream, where he sees "angelic beings" climbing and descending... ladders? He wakes up and says; "Yep El was surely here", so he builds a pile of rocks, pours oil on it, and names the "place". And perhaps something could be made of that name? Maybe for tales told 'round the dinner table perhaps? If you could visit inside my skull, you'd note the response instead, "Huh?' waxing-large around, in this here braincase.
  What in blue blazes is that bizarre-pants narrative doing inside scripture? Aren't these supposed to be "holy" men, and "holy" stories? Oh, by the way, can we get a working definition on "holy"?...Try thinking with me then for a moment, and of thinking of this as "a word picture", or perhaps a "visual pun" and see if that helps? Here, we find the covenant lord on Earth "falling asleep", and the plain result being a "new doorway between heaven and us" being opened. Okay? Now, in actuality, the Real Covenant Lord "falls asleep" on a cross, but the resultant "new pathway" is remarkably similar! A previously closed access point is opened up between "high and low", and "sleep" is the method. Ya with me here? The King dies, and we are reconciled with the Almighty.
  Or take story number two, about our hero. Old "User-dude" gets into a wrestling match with the Author of Is,...and wins? What kind of zany blather is this? How much did that Jacob guy weigh anyhow? Yeah, in fact old "User-boy" gets a new handle in the deal. No more with "Usurper", nowadays we dub thee, "Wrestles-with-God"? The deep weirdness involved has a nice pitch line, "for he prevailed against God, and man"...He did what? What is this stuff? What do you mean, by saying that this little  scoundrel "prevailed" against his Maker anyhow? And do you see it? Just move forward in time with me, and find the Real Covenant Lord, so to infer backwards that old "W-W-G" is himself; but a dim wispy "hint" of that (Him who) which is coming.
  The glories of the Incarnation, we may well ponder for an eternity, and never (actually) "get to the bottom of", but hear me, we can at least (today); make a beginning! Just listen to our Baptist brethren for about 8 seconds. They will tell you, (trust me on this) "Believe"! But, if you are like me, this is just exactly where I fail. This Jesus Guy; He keeps saying weird things.
  For instance; take "Truly truly I say to you, if you had faith as a grain of mustard seed, you'd say to this mountain, 'Be picked up and pitched in to the sea', and it would obey". To which I (historically) said; "Huh?". What in the world is this Guy talking about? If that were the case, oughtn't we infer thereby, "de facto, nobody ever has had faith like that! Show me the mountain! There never has been, and there never will be, by this measure at least; any Christians?". Huh, what is this? I thought He was building the Church, not demolishing the sucker!
  Recall then with me, the story! The covenant lord (little c, little l) "prevails against" ... God! Meanwhile, forward in space-time, He of new name (that Name above all Names, in this age and in the next), is granted glory, because of a victory against, an marvelous doggedness in the face of, a fierce unrelenting fixation... to "fight God"? The hierarchal King, He (and He alone), moved the Implacable (Himself), the Immovable Mountain (MISTER Immovable Mountain to you buster) of El-Elyon's SOLID rage against evil.
  "Mountains" generically speaking then, are themselves a dim-wispy hint of the utter. complete and unshaking permanency of the I AM HE WHO IS,... HE WHO IS. Recall the fruit at the garden? Me, like my dad Adam, both "know good and evil". We so know ourselves as evil! Some say; "He hates sin, while loving the sinner". I prefer; "He hates evil, and shall surely shatter ALL who practice it!". He (Himself) is the "mountain" blocking our path home, and it is just because of His absolute demand for perfection, so to prevent the un-right from ever gaining that "land". The Covenant Lord, He in Person, moved THAT mountain...think it over. Remember it, tell it to your kids! He is the new "Thing" in Earth, the One Faithful Man, (and consequently, the only sane One too!). I tell you, our insanity is built just "here". We wish to (auto) identify as "not bad", and keep flip-flopping. We think that to be accepted, we must be good. Rather, we are monsters...and deeply loved. It is both/and, never never either/or. We the forever welcomed, for "Another's" sake, by "Another's" power, through "Another's triumphant faith"... We are sprinting intuitively! Both fiercely loyal, utterly fixated, and relaxed and pleasant. He is sufficient. In Him, the Yea and Amen, we find, or rather are found...
  He is the One who believed, and today is believing. If you trust Him, it's because He meddled something fierce in you, and you trust-with-Him (The Trust-er in Person), so to endure-unto...everlasting days!