Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Waist Is a Terrible Thing to Mind

  There are ways you know...ways that you can; if you'd like to, to figuratively bore somebody "to death"? Those pictures of you at the beach are bad enough. I mean we already know what you look like, and in the getting of a mental image of the ocean, we find things to be a bit like bifocals... badly done. A really big line bifurcates at the horizon; our picture. The bottom half looks blue-green, and the top is some variant of the sky? Okay? And now, sho' nuff, there you are; right there, in that split image? Yep, that sure looks like you...standing in front of...water. You could have just told me that you had gone to the beach, and I would have believed you went...but as far as boring goes, that over-sized batch of pictures of your vacation is a regular two ring circus of giddy entertainment, compared to some other things we could think of.
  I mean, who in their right mind would want to hear a blow-by-blow assessment of a conversation you had in the past with some other person (doubtless possessing "a lot of nerve") whom we; over here, have yet to meet? The fact that you "won" that argument, and were later "proven right" is slender comfort over here (in my brain at least), Pal. And yet, who among us has not sat through such talk?, or worse; dispensed it?! Another aspect then, of the heinously boring is that these types of things "cycle", and the teller (apparently?) "forgets" that he told you all this chaos a few weeks ago? Moreover, after you tell him that; "We've already covered this", it does not stop him, but rather provokes what we now get; the new enlarged, expanded version? This; this blather is "progress"?
  Being boring then is something we are conscious of, and participate willingly in. I wonder why? Both speaker and listener are aware of the diseased comm-link, and yet, the link holds. Why not just cut said link, and pull a "carl"? My dad's name is Carl, and when he likes to, he just walks away, whether you are done speaking or not! When we are around bores, or worse; find ourselves generating the stuff, why not just walk? Just a thought there. Maybe Pop is onto something?
  Perhaps, (in my mind at least) the single worst way to bore somebody beyond tears, and on into clinical depression, is to begin discussing your whack-budget concepts on weight, diets, and especially weight-loss, or more accurately, the lack thereof. Please, please, please do not tell me about why you (personally) "cannot" lose "the" weight. No, I do not want to hear about your dieting "attempts", or more truthfully, your failure to follow the food rules that you invented, or were presented with, by some "expert" you read about. Your food allergies? Not interested. All that junk about gluten? Keep it, over there, on your side of the hallucination please.
  Being fixated on weight-loss is a little bit like thinking a whole lot about the holes in Swiss cheese. What if, by talking incessantly about them, we could "enlarge and multiply" the holes in the cheese, such that there was "more" of them, or that the holes became larger, and consequently we'd have less of the cheese stuff in question? Wow, would that be a boffo topic for conversation or what? With a few more "cheese-loss" stories like that, and well; we soon find that we are talking about mainly "no-thing at all"...and doing so on purpose? For a person to fix their attention upon an inherent "lack", is a little bit like thinking seriously about the number "zero". Worse, the severely and profoundly boring nature of your weight loss exploits formats as a kind of a loss-within-a nil. That is, you were hoping to generate a "larger hole" (a "greater-lack") in the cheese (so to lose pounds) and...have (sadly) failed repeatedly. A "lack of a nil", formats as "transcendence-poorly-executed", in my book. As a place holder, the zero works just fine, but it-itself, is more like Swiss cheese, than Swiss cheese is! The zero; it's one giant hole, a mainly "not-there", and that is a bit like us after all.
<WARNING to the reader: I am about to perform a thought experiment. In case of explosion, run!>
  Okay, is there then a redemptive type of spin we could apply to the boring? I mean here, who wants, who really wants, as a kind of "goal", to bore the pants off of those around them? So if nobody wants it, how come there is so blasted much of it? And yet, when confronted with this "borey" goo, we either resent and accept it grudgingly, or we as the bore-er, studiously "ignore" those subtle hints that others so very helpfully drop, so to suggest that you "cut the crap, and cut to the chase". And I hate to admit it here, but I find the topic of "boredom" to be...fascinating! My mind experiment then, is; to like a "roper", leap off of a perfectly good running horse, so to grasp an irritated bovine-unit and "wrastle" the rascal down by firmly grasping by the horns, as it were. We "turn and master" a big mean boy-cow! We turn the bore into the gracious host!
  So, let's begin back at the water line. You needn't provide me with the photographic evidence, I simply believe your report that you visited the beach. But...there is something "there" in the photo that I've skipped over!
  Some fantastic fraction of Americans live within 50 miles of a major body of water. Rivers, oceans, lakes, swamps, these suckers are people magnets I tell ya. The surprising thing is not that you went to the water's edge, the shocker would be if you did not! And so, other than ill composed photos of you in your garish outfits, what do we "find" at the water's edge? Isn't this interesting to you?
  Here, you see it; "two worlds", and at the frontier of same, at the boundary line dividing the two, there you! Think with me "penguin, seal, walrus, or otter". Why are we fascinated with dolphins and whales? These, and others we might consider are "in" two worlds, but "of" one, they "are" us! See the "comical penguin"? What an outlandish design for a bird! This is WHY design-by-committee is such a wretched idea...And yet, and yet watch that little guy zoom around in his tuxedo under water. He "flies", sho' nuff; but only under the waves! He too; (like us) is found at the boundary of worlds. In world-A, he is an absolute klutz, and comically inefficient. In world-B, he is a regular hunter athlete, a champ which swims circles around the competition. Remind you of anyone? Ditto with seals, on the land they look like "easy pickin's" indeed, but under-water they are the one to be feared (at least by fish). Now, a dolphin isn't exactly the same here, but you get my brainwave I trust. The "transcendent" as a covenantal view, is about "worlds" and the crossing of those world-lines, those "boundaries". The "mental picture" of the phenom, is a cup. It "runs over" being filled by a source-unseen. See? The reason for the trip to the beach was to "remember" gladness, to "recall" a meaning-joy we desperately require in our sad stupid lives. It seems like life ends up being that long series of "interruptions" of what it was you were (in some sense) "supposed to be doing". This constant frustration in us tends toward making us mentally imbalanced, and so, as a corrective; we attempt to re-set by attempting relaxation at "world-junctions". We are vaguely aware then, that participation in the two worlds, being "in" the one; and "of" the other, is "source of refreshment". People do not want to hear this, they find it "boring" because, your claim of "leisure" (vacationing!) is defacto proposing that you belong to the "other world", and we (mere mortals) know such claims to be fraudulent...especially about you!
  So, if the premise of the verb, "to bore" is to misrepresent the transcending feature within the covenantal framework, so to propose a type of personal exclusion clause (for you only) we get then; another perspective on your bizarre narrative about the argument(s) you decisively "won" with person or persons unknown.
  Intra-world tenants; (penguins for example) are not "solitary characters". A John Wayne penguin is of the dead variety, by definition. To be crossing world-frontiers, we discuss then a "compound individual" a kind of "many-man". Down in termite land, where the frontier is the horizon itself, an "above versus below", we get a kind of "group mind". The termitey little vatos keep plugging away, making "progress" on their heap, but no single bug has the floor plan "in mind" (do bugs have minds?), except possibly the queen. So, if you dig down in the mound so to find the "royal" casa, and send little sis to "her reward", all the workers simultaneously and suddenly come to a halt! Don't you find this interesting? Ergo, within the t-model of cov, you get the kind of commentary that we see in the scripture..."and nothing shall be impossible to them", which is not necessarily a "positive" commentary on our kind. But my point here, as part of our thought experiment, is that your dominance, your combativeness; is "boring"; in that you are not correctly reporting the truth, you are (manifestly) not...the human equivalent to a termite queen, the "plan" does not reside inside your two-bit skull any more than it does in mine, or the worker bugs'. Your pretending at queen-ness, is phoney, and frankly it is tiring for us to listen to, for it has no ring of the truth at all to it! It doesn't even matter whether the story itself is "true".
  Watch little kids play, at pretending. Inevitably it seems, they shall "be" (short) "kings and queens", for we, the compound individual "remember a high old time", in the which a beauty, and a regal grace was upon us! Those kids and their pint-sized scepters, thrones and crowns "remind", that as "Tears for Fears" accurately informs us, that everybody (indeed) does want to rule the world! We peasants (secretly) think we are kings! And here, we are near the "tyrant", for without a "True, and a High King", a "Somebody" to place the crown upon your weary and sad noggin, you yourself (do not ask me to!) must place it upon your own! Such stories we find "boring', your being the "king of the world", and all; for we have no recollection of that coronation ceremony, and so deeply distrust your inferred claim. Sin makes a guy insane, and he "forgets" how difficult he is to listen to!
  So, if our experiment has not exploded in our faces (again) we shall proceed to the burning issue, your tummy! Or more precisely, the repeated lack of it to shrink on demand, the "lack of lack" as it were. A waist, (for a truth) is a terrible thing to mind! And similarly, there is likely is no more unwholesome activity, than for you to fixate upon "health"! Dancing may or may not be an interesting topic to discuss, but that monologue describing that failure of yours to grow a spine, and just ask the gal out for a spin; is a dreadful bore! In a transcendent model we thus observe that "lack" (per se) is "functioning" (if you'd like to call it that) as our lousy version of the genuine article, Him-The-Transcender, in that He is not-like us. The discontinuity in question then; is here, an entirely valid Fear Him! As Owner-Author of reality, there is an uncanny mirror feature we observe with Him.
  In English, we might propound it here as; "I own the fact, that (in fact), He owns...all (including me!)". Or consider, "I grasp...that I am held". A type of "lopsidedness", an out-of-system solitariness is appearing here. He who made ears, surely He hears, so hearing me? Interesting talk then, is (by my definition here) about "Another". He is the "out-rigger" the out of system balance, of which the intra-system has no "match". We thus are forced to confound "not-like", with "zero", and thus, of necessity; are bores.
  One philosophy professor I once listened to, proposed than Rene Descartes, in his annoying dictum; "I think, therefore I am" was being logically inconsistent, and that the statement itself was internally flawed, with a view to formal logic. However, if one were to metaphorically run across the street, and look back to see poor Rene over there talking such blather, you'd infer that "Descartes says illogical things", but since non-entities don't do that sort of thing, (say things) in that they do nothing at all, we may safely infer that he does indeed exist...Now, the guy took about an hour and a half to say so, and a whole chalkboard (remember those?), to diagram out his "proofs", but the audience found him "boring"! How's about them apples? See? the formal out-rigger which makes truth "go", is that He (and He alone), is "high and lifted up", and "separate from sinners". This is our hope! Without that "out of system locus", (Him!) we would be forever floundering in identifying "lack" or "zero" as the covenantal "not-like". Without help from "above", we are internally forced to misinterpret discontinuity. Hey, how about that on a bumper sticker? Don't you find this fascinating?
  Discontinuity thus, is the basis for welcome, for glad reunions, for coming home after a long absence. He is indeed "distant" and precisely "here" your hope resides! Writing the script of history, He is not "part" of it, and has also "voluntarily entered" it from the "outside and above" this; our crazy-pants zone!
  His "distance"; His "unlikeness", is what keeps us from blowing our pointless little brains out in rage and hate. It is a good thing, that He is "not like us", and it is a good thing, He is become one of our own  kind! Are we free moral agents, or is He total Ruler over space time? Is "freewill or sovereignty" the answer?
  And the answer is, "yes"! In Jesus of Nazareth, (King of Jews), the answer is always "Yes,..and Amen"! He is the Interesting Chap around here, He is the "queen" of the heap, the Human of which the bug is a "copy". He is the world-boundary Crosser, and so, He enters your own private little prison cell (let's call it "your skull"), and "turns" us. We come to prefer Him over ourselves for the simple reason; He is way more interesting! He "kills death", don't you find that interesting? Boundaries were designed for crossing, just ask Him; Owner of bounds!

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