Friday, August 1, 2014

The Verb: " To Sprint, Intuitively"...

  According to my pal Dave, we (humans, that is) are "abstraction building machines". I love that description! The abstraction which currently appears on my plate is an idea, of which, it is not clear to me how best to say. In the past, the thing for me here has been to just begin speaking, and see what emerges. That "concept" then is: "Why is there no ready verb available in my vocabulary to express 'to run, to sprint...intuitively' as an expression?".
  For all of his malicious Darwinism, Richard Dawkins has nonetheless mightily contributed to "progress", in his coining of the word "meme". A kind of text, or pattern which is contagious, and reduplicates in the world at large, a bit like a biological gene; or to that effect, I take the man's meaning. Where (precisely) do new words come from anyhow? Is it legit to simply make them up? And getting back to Dave for a moment; he also says that; "Intelligence, by definition; is the ability to deal (well!) with indeterminacy". Gosh; that Dave guy, what a brainiac!
  The abstraction here in this C.P.E., thus revolves around finding a word to express, "to burst out (to imply speed?), in a semi-lazy and roundabout fashion". You know the drill here, all that psycho-babble about those of us (meaning you, more than me) who are "type A personalities". The "pushy and bossy" is the picture we think of. You've met the guy. The idea of being "driven" then, why is there no ready cognition of the "drawn"? In this particular crazy pants essay, I am inferring that the "opposite" of "to drive" is "to pull, or perhaps to entice". You know this guy too, he is called "mellow". You secretly wonder if the rascal has "a thing for" marijuana? These "types" inside our heads never formally function as raw input, (they can't really) but instead, evabuddy is a mixture of the two. Like that whole Jungian intro-versus-extro-vertian gig. There are no pure "types" available, we all do both; under various circumstance. Is there a noun then to name that laid-back, pushy person...meaning "you"? Why this arbitrary stupidity in us of assuming that one end of any given bell-curve predominating, is; "me"?
  Proceeding from this shabby surmising then, we almost immediately encounter that Dave vato again. The capacity to think indeterminately, to "ballpark" things into a not-precise generalized gathering "place", boots up peculiarly at the very outset. In brief, we discuss, an heirarchal view toward truth itself. You see this with little kids all of the time, ultimately the reason you (kiddo) must do as I (the parent unit) say, is; I say so! Somebody has just got to "say so"...somewhere! Clearly, we observe in this sort of thing, the linkage between authority-unto-"truthyness" (to coin another new word), as an identity marker. It normally appears as a "not" function, as in; "I may not know who I finally am as a person...but definitely I am not like that goof over there!".
  Swamped thus, in a polar schema of "opposites" we "feel" that it would somehow be "wrong", or at minimum inaccurate; to mix "types". And even though I cannot certainly declare of which type I am, I can; and do, assert that I am NOT-like that lazy good for nothing over there, or alternately considered, NOT-like that pushy loudmouth yonder. We keep duplicating this bizarre pattern in our brains (or is it hearts?) and due to this twin feature of demanding determinacy, plus a collapse into "both" categories simultaneously, we become "blind" to authority itself, "forgetting ourselves" so to propose an Van Tilian "would-be autonomy"...ya follow? There remains for us therefore, only "idealized" ends of the spectrum, of which neither is (completely) true of ourselves. Uncomfortably, we are thereby forced into the assumption that authority-qua-truth the "me"! What a mess we've made of things!
  Paul Harvey (God rest his soul) would likely interject at this point, a demand for less jargon, and more "shirt-sleeve English"! That same demand would yield (I'm guessing here) a single word to express the act of "moving swiftly, and intently, in a mellow, relaxed fashion". Sure wish I could think of it! That Harvey-ian line of thought ought also yield a noun to name that stinker. I would suggest that the "problem" here, revolves around our dismissal of the True King. Without His assertions, His "I SAY SO'S"; we must flounder around just precisely here; like so many beached codfish. Minus real Author-ity, our identities crash into mutually destructive "opposites". We end up occupying that "space", of "knowing good and evil"; and what a trainwreck that's been, eh? Of the two, we cannot affirm of which kind we certainly "are", but consistently declare instead, what we are "not". What a bunch of chaos...we indeed are!
  The final "dave-ism" we draw from today is the insight along these lines is that our minds format information narratively; rather than "factually". No amount of facticity can "compel" a new thought, but rather we are "drawn-in" by stories told, retold, and remembered. You see this type of thing all the time, and I won't weary you further with declamations to "prove" same. Do you remember the time Dad and you went...? Went where? It doesn't much matter, because the story is intended to be repeated, and so, "learned by heart".
  A couple two or three stories then suffice, for the covenantal hierarchal modus:
  So the "covenant lord" on Earth in those days was this stinker rascal by the name of "Usurper". This cat was, well,; shall we just say here, more than a bit "ethically challenged". He had some pretty interesting events happen in his life, and old "User" (as his pals dubbed him), was once-st upon a time, boogy-ing across nowhere in particular. Have you been there? It's a bit like Deming I think. Anyways, he has this episode, where he zonks out, and has a weird dream, where he sees "angelic beings" climbing and descending... ladders? He wakes up and says; "Yep El was surely here", so he builds a pile of rocks, pours oil on it, and names the "place". And perhaps something could be made of that name? Maybe for tales told 'round the dinner table perhaps? If you could visit inside my skull, you'd note the response instead, "Huh?' waxing-large around, in this here braincase.
  What in blue blazes is that bizarre-pants narrative doing inside scripture? Aren't these supposed to be "holy" men, and "holy" stories? Oh, by the way, can we get a working definition on "holy"?...Try thinking with me then for a moment, and of thinking of this as "a word picture", or perhaps a "visual pun" and see if that helps? Here, we find the covenant lord on Earth "falling asleep", and the plain result being a "new doorway between heaven and us" being opened. Okay? Now, in actuality, the Real Covenant Lord "falls asleep" on a cross, but the resultant "new pathway" is remarkably similar! A previously closed access point is opened up between "high and low", and "sleep" is the method. Ya with me here? The King dies, and we are reconciled with the Almighty.
  Or take story number two, about our hero. Old "User-dude" gets into a wrestling match with the Author of Is,...and wins? What kind of zany blather is this? How much did that Jacob guy weigh anyhow? Yeah, in fact old "User-boy" gets a new handle in the deal. No more with "Usurper", nowadays we dub thee, "Wrestles-with-God"? The deep weirdness involved has a nice pitch line, "for he prevailed against God, and man"...He did what? What is this stuff? What do you mean, by saying that this little  scoundrel "prevailed" against his Maker anyhow? And do you see it? Just move forward in time with me, and find the Real Covenant Lord, so to infer backwards that old "W-W-G" is himself; but a dim wispy "hint" of that (Him who) which is coming.
  The glories of the Incarnation, we may well ponder for an eternity, and never (actually) "get to the bottom of", but hear me, we can at least (today); make a beginning! Just listen to our Baptist brethren for about 8 seconds. They will tell you, (trust me on this) "Believe"! But, if you are like me, this is just exactly where I fail. This Jesus Guy; He keeps saying weird things.
  For instance; take "Truly truly I say to you, if you had faith as a grain of mustard seed, you'd say to this mountain, 'Be picked up and pitched in to the sea', and it would obey". To which I (historically) said; "Huh?". What in the world is this Guy talking about? If that were the case, oughtn't we infer thereby, "de facto, nobody ever has had faith like that! Show me the mountain! There never has been, and there never will be, by this measure at least; any Christians?". Huh, what is this? I thought He was building the Church, not demolishing the sucker!
  Recall then with me, the story! The covenant lord (little c, little l) "prevails against" ... God! Meanwhile, forward in space-time, He of new name (that Name above all Names, in this age and in the next), is granted glory, because of a victory against, an marvelous doggedness in the face of, a fierce unrelenting fixation... to "fight God"? The hierarchal King, He (and He alone), moved the Implacable (Himself), the Immovable Mountain (MISTER Immovable Mountain to you buster) of El-Elyon's SOLID rage against evil.
  "Mountains" generically speaking then, are themselves a dim-wispy hint of the utter. complete and unshaking permanency of the I AM HE WHO IS,... HE WHO IS. Recall the fruit at the garden? Me, like my dad Adam, both "know good and evil". We so know ourselves as evil! Some say; "He hates sin, while loving the sinner". I prefer; "He hates evil, and shall surely shatter ALL who practice it!". He (Himself) is the "mountain" blocking our path home, and it is just because of His absolute demand for perfection, so to prevent the un-right from ever gaining that "land". The Covenant Lord, He in Person, moved THAT mountain...think it over. Remember it, tell it to your kids! He is the new "Thing" in Earth, the One Faithful Man, (and consequently, the only sane One too!). I tell you, our insanity is built just "here". We wish to (auto) identify as "not bad", and keep flip-flopping. We think that to be accepted, we must be good. Rather, we are monsters...and deeply loved. It is both/and, never never either/or. We the forever welcomed, for "Another's" sake, by "Another's" power, through "Another's triumphant faith"... We are sprinting intuitively! Both fiercely loyal, utterly fixated, and relaxed and pleasant. He is sufficient. In Him, the Yea and Amen, we find, or rather are found...
  He is the One who believed, and today is believing. If you trust Him, it's because He meddled something fierce in you, and you trust-with-Him (The Trust-er in Person), so to endure-unto...everlasting days!

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