Saturday, July 12, 2014

Buzzy Water

  So last week, I was listening to "Coast to Coast" before going to bed. George Noory was interviewing a guy named Pollack on his water research. I don't actually understand the man, but he was talking about "The Fourth Phase of Water", which is a book he wrote. Since then (oddly) I found that the book is out print. So, why promote an out of print book? I dunno. He appears to me to be a very intelligent guy, but what we are discussing has to do with "living water", a semi-elastic sort of di-electric goop? Basically, he is talking about the water inside your body's cells...I think.
  So a kind of "ordered" or "structured" water emerges, a semi-gelatinous "charged" liquid as the Pollack theory evolves. A type of "exclusion zone" or "barrier" crops up, and you get plus and minus electrical "sides" or "layers" of water? Huh? Instead of the predicted H2O, we get an H3O2. Deep weirdness here, with an almost battery-like "charge"? Furthermore, and I do not "get" this at all, the water "remembers". So the two ideas dropping out of the discussion are "structure" and "memory" with a view to water.
  Drop into You Tube, and watch Gerald Pollack. The side bar of related vids includes the business men, the entrepreneurs and salesmen who enter the fray. I was fascinated by the guy who "built" a "Nolte" device out of a turkey baster and some kid's marbles? Or get a look at the young guy with the "gauge" who is measuring the difference between water and water. The before and after consists here of him running the stuff through a chunk of PVC pipe filled with marbles? So, these promoters are saying that "like" the water in a stream bed, vortexing and eddying around smoothed rocks at the bottom of a stream bed, being the "good" water, so too, the same here?
  One video features a broken Nolte device. Take a look. Much like a piece of pipe with golf balls inside? So, I since Sunday have built four Nolte-like devices of my own! D-1 consists of a plastic cup, originally sold at a local Pic-Quik. With a razor knife, I cut holes in the bottom, filled it with cheapo plastic balls. They are the same size as golf balls, but are like whiffle balls, made of plastic, and hollow. You use a couple of containers, and pour tap water through the balls, so to provide drinking water. D-2 is more expensive, here I used 4 inch PVC, with real golf balls inside (and bushings to drop from big to small), and then; it is cut-in to the main water supply on my little trailer. Last night, it actually made me angry for a moment, I turned on the tap at the kitchen sink, after it had been installed for several hours. The stuff looked like some comedian had put dishwashing liquid in my domestic supply? White? Suds? What is this junk? Next, I was reminded of the fizzy look of 7-Up, as it swirls around? Then I realized that this was my tap water? Well, it tasted just awful, and had a very nasty chemical in there. Strangely, I could not "place" the flavor at that time? I have tasted this before, but never so strongly, what is it? Duh? Can we recall that PVC glue and primer are listed to set in 24 hours, and also recall then that no plumber waits more than twenty minutes to charge a system? I was drinking glue! Today, the water at the tap looks more normal (no suds!), but it remains very well aerated it appears.
  D-3 is a much humbler affair. A scrap of pipe, with marbles. Add a couple of hose fittings, and little scraps of brazing rod, cross-hatched so to prevent the marbles from falling out, and now we can water the plants with "structured water! D-4 is my latest (and we can hope last) creation. The water inside my swamp cooler is now also "Nolte-ized". A scrap of sewer pipe, a couple of bags of cheapo "golf" balls, and a barbed tee off the supply to the pads, and poof, now the bath of water is being "altered".
  My sister Nan was asking in a text, how I like all this. I have no idea if it is any good for a guy to drink, or bathe in, but I thought I'd try it out. Think of the buzzy, tingly feel of seltzer water on the tongue; and shrink it. A little bit like that? Am I picking up a "brightness" in this stuff, when pouring it through D-1? Do I feel kinda jazzed, or is that only in my head? It is all too early for me to give a layman's best-guess as to what the heck is going on here. I just don't know yet. What does "altering the hydrogen bond angle" even mean?
  And so, for today, my "take" on the topic, is that I find water to be fascinating. It is not really H2O. Rather, those are the first ingredients, to what turns out to be a kind of "stew". Acids, salts, minerals and other "impurities" form the stuff. If for example, you strip out the metals and minerals, you don't get "pure" water, you get "hungry" or "aggressive" water. If the drink can't "find" iron (for example) out there in the world, it will "look for" it in here, inside your body! The net result of drinking ultra-pure water, is to format a new deficit in you (the drinker) of iron, calcium, copper and all those other "impurities". Water "wants" minerals, and will "go find" it; if not "out there" then in you! "Hungry" water actually pulls calcium out of you. Oddly then, the "healthy" use of drinking those annoying "ultra-pure" bottles of the stuff, is a lower overall nutritional balance of minerals in those, the "healthy ones"!
  Now it seems to me that there is a message for us in here somewhere. When I was about five, there used to be a product. Keds were fire engine red, with white toe caps. They were "sneakers" for short people. The product was pitched with; "Keds, they make you run faster, and jump higher!". Let me tell you, I was sold. And basically, this is the pitch for all products. Better living, more excitement, faster, funner, brighter and our brand! So too with the water guys of today. Structured water makes you run faster and jump higher, and if you don't believe it, just ask them! What would the alternative here be? "Our stuff is kinda okay, but nothing to write home about, buy some...please?", that will not do. So then we are in a "worlds" type of discussion it appears.
  A thousand years from now in that new world, you will have remarkably been altered. Walking through walls? Not a problem. Flying like Peter Pan? Hey, why not? Taking some kind of wormhole type shortcuts across the plenum of reality, such that you go from point A to point C, without traversing B? Hah, child's play I tell you! The age which is "coming"; is...come! "The kingdom is at hand", says the King Himself. So then, we are asking here as to just how far that coming age is encroaching upon this one. Can we participate today somewhat in the powers of the age to come? Or is there a natural barrier, a limit here, such that you walk on water, only in that "then" but not yet? Who says so?
  I tell you, there will be no "allopathic medicine" practiced in that world to come. The idiotic "practice" of dispensing drug compounds and chemicals, which our "doctors" so love prescribing down here, just won't be happening then. So, this being the case, can we begin to "treat" cancer with water, good food, and clean air? If not, when precisely may we get-on with that coming pattern?
  See? The ancient church was walking in these patterns (at least for awhile) and nowadays our doctrinal bias is that those signs have ceased. Our Pentecostal brethren would never agree with that estimate, but what we "conservative" (what exactly are we conserving again?) believers are saying is that; "The coming age...has, in fact; not come!". But what happens when metaphysics begin to slide over into the regular physics? In a quantum plenum, who are we to say (just yet) what is "possible"? What happens to our dogma when healings are documented as "science"? What are we to make of water doing things to living bodies which we would have (yesterday) considered supernatural? So, if "healings have indeed ceased", how do we describe reality?
  If Pollack's science is right, water is "energized by light". What happens when you pour that "lit-up liquidy stuff" down your neck, or bathe in it? Skin cleared up? Better endurance? Do "symptoms disappear"? Recall that those Spaniards of 400 years ago, were looking for a literal "fountain of youth", they really believed that water could restore, if the water was "right". What if they were correct? What happens when you find a healing energizing source? Is it "allowed" to exist? Who among us is capable to state (correctly) just how far the Almighty is encroaching upon our domain down here of darkness and fear, with His realm of life and gladness? I tell you, it is not for lack of drug compounds in your blood, that you feel so bad. Your body was made for Him, and he for your body.
  Those Keds of the age to come, are already present! Those shoes of the gospel of peace, are proposing to you that peace-then has been won-now. That being the case, you having won the monster lotto jack-pot, do we now imagine He can't or won't advance us five bucks to buy a burrito? See; we keep acting as-if it was only, and purely a matter of us learning to trust Him. The real issue in this discussion here is whether He can trust you! We, in our fear and ignorance suggest that they, those indestructible Keds of that almighty-fun "then", are not really for the serious and dull here and now. A guy can never tell how fast he is able to run until he tries! We are afraid to try, what if we make a mistake?
  Try the water, take a drink! Does it brighten the eye? No? Well, surely it did no harm then. He, He Himself is that new lively stuff we put in us, so to keep us alive. He Himself that is food we must have in our bodies; so to have life in us.
  There is no such thing as "a little bit of life", a woman is never "somewhat pregnant". Puddles were made for jumping into! Ask a five year old, he will tell you! The Spaniards ought to have been searching for a "fountain of youthfulness"!

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