Saturday, July 19, 2014

Spinny, Dopey, Aguas Con Sal, y Luz

  I re-read last week's entry on water. I still agree with what I said in it, and so, left that C.P.E. alone, no editing required. The addendum here is that since that time, I have purchased a copy of "The Fourth Phase of Water". What an improbably good read! I haven't enjoyed the sanity quotient, and sheer clarity of mind in an author this much since looking at some of Richard Feynman's writing, more than twenty years ago! This thing is a gem. Buy it!
  Pollack is a kinda-sorta okay lecturer, but for true communication, he MUST be read. I love this book, and am only in chapter 3? I still am unclear on the Nolte type device, or whether we discuss EZ water, ala' Pollack; or another idea? Anyhow, I am unable (personally) to not "improve upon" the wet stuff, and so, rather than mere spinny water, I am drinking my version. What follows, is a description (brief) of what I am doing, and some observations of the unscientific, layman type. And (of course!) my guess will be that a brood of semi-hysterical speculations of the Philosophic-Theologic bent will emerge. You know? ... The usual!
  My version of the liquid in question, I call "Spinny, dopey, aguas con sal, y luz". Nice Spanglish there, que no? So, look for cheapo "golf" balls, Pic Quick drink cups, razor knives (to cut holes in the bottom of the cup), "dope" (superfood), sea salt, sunshine, and um well; water! You mix them all together, to get this jazzy type juice, and then pour it down your neck, so to observe the results. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am also pouring tap water into a pitcher, and letting the chlorine "out-gas" somewhat, prior to drinking.
  So then what are the results? Well, I am noticing several:
(1). I work outdoors often, and in a 100-plus degrees, a guy can sometimes get a tad thirsty, okay? So, we can have an "interest" in water. Just how badly would you care to pour some of that? Exactly how "thirsty are we" anyhow? At 105 outdoors, a chap could be very interested indeed! Let's just call it "parched", okay? And whatever that amount of thirst, which "parched" reflects, multiply that amount. Up the ante, increase the "aggression"; in our seeking of a drink. "Aggressive thirst" emerges here. I am far more grumpy without this wet stuff in me than I used to be? I am irritated, and often very-very interested in a drink. Is this progress? I dunno.
(2). I am "guess-timating" here, but as an example, I just don't "fast"; and somehow lately that is altering? Why bother "trying" to go without food, if you already know that you will collapse, and just give up by 5:00 p.m. anyhow? Something in this cup, is "helping" me post-pone eating? Is this so accurate? Beats me. Is it possible here, that water can become "nutritional"? Can this lit-up, dopey, salty  wet stuff act as a temporary place holder for food? Consider with me; what if the "depleted" soil of America's farms, isn't entirely the explanation of why food isn't as nutritious nowadays? Just a thought there.
(3). The next function here, is kinda iffy. For some peculiar reason, I began noticing how much weight loss; (due to water-loss) I could expect from a long walk last summer. The ballpark number turned out (then) to be about a pound per mile or in that range. So, for a ten mile walk, in a hundred degrees, I would sweat out 8-10 lbs. Ballparkian guess-timation wise then, a gallon weighs in at around eight pounds, plus. Ergo; we deduce that I was shedding about a pint "h.a" (half-assed) per mile.
  So then, with the advent of the "wog" (walk-some, jog-some) in my life this year; I would have predicted slightly larger amounts of loss, since I am working harder? Kind of stands up to reason, don't ya think? And truly enough, my 12 mile wogs were shedding ten to twelvish pounds? Spinny dopey water how-some-ever is getting different results. For instance, today's wog of about nine and a half miles, yielded a 3 and 1/2 pound loss. Does this mean something? Do we thus promulgate a more effective hydration, as-in "longer lasting"? Or is this instead just a shabby "experiment", poorly executed? Tingly tongue aside, would this (perhaps?) point to a running type strategy for marathoners for example? I don't know.
(4). There is also an aspect of this discussion, in which it is difficult to properly explain. Think of "vitalism" (or of "snakeoil" should you prefer), the "up", the "jazzed". We touch some kind of nerve here, and it is an uncomfortable sensation. What if people think I am a fool, or if they come to distrust the "claims"? In brief, we are afraid, and afraid that we might be taken advantage of; or of being found endorsing something which later on we regret? And since it is a "body" thing (like food), it is of the deeply personal type, this set of problem I mean.
  The 'superfood" issue is similar. What I am saying to them is: "This stuff makes food taste better! You should try some!". The response is almost entirely negative. "Smells like rabbit food" she quips, and pointedly, will NOT sample it? Why? Do you imagine now, that I am attempting to poison you? "That stuff looks gross", says another, and again, a steady refusal, not only of refusing to try eating it; but of even getting near it? How very-very weird to observe our behavior. Like maybe, by it's green looks, this powder will assault you perhaps? I told one guy about it, and he assumed I was trying to sell the stuff, so to make money? He lives on the other side of the country! How (prey tell) could I "profit", (personally and financially) if you were to go into your local grocery to purchase a product? Is it just entirely ungraspable, that this green guck makes food taste good?
  Well, whatever this edgy, scaredy-cat ethic finally works out as, the water is similar in tone. People get very territorial and defensive around food. One of the reasons we tip waitresses, is that we can predict (of ourselves), that; around food, we can prove to be "difficult". We are paying her, to put up with our predictable food-unreason. Our picky, finicky and deeply individual "difficult-ness" around both food and drink is (plainly) butt-ugly, and so we buy a friend for an hour or so!
  The shape of the domain here is plainly "holiness", don't you agree? I mean; talk about some serious "I ain't payin' attention to you over here"; style of "relating", that IS holiness for ya! C'mon, be truthful, didn't that whole "be ye holy" gig just now fire the, "You've got the wrong gringo" neurons in your braincase? Doesn't the order to; "Be ye black, and nine feet tall", make about as much sense as telling me to "be holy"? What's the point here? Face it, you've got the wrong knucklehead; you are looking for that rare glow-in-the-dark variety of soul, go back and check your paperwork, and quit bugging me with impossible "demands"... okay? That kind of thing was my "take" on the topic, ever since I was a squirt.
  Our hostility toward super-food, or super-water for that matter is that we "want to" believe it, and are just sick and tired, ... of being sick and tired! Nothing goes right. Lady Antebellum's clever tune about "Running to"..."Somebody" as disaster follows upon disater, just had to "sell" down here in this madhouse.
  Look at the news, and whatever you think of Obama, he must be admitted to be a champion "serial collapse" artist. Disaster and calamity follow the guy around like Pigpen's little cloud. Foreign failure, hard upon the heels of domestic disturbance, the serial nature of shame, national disgrace, confusion and double-talk, as the; "One damned thing after another", is B.O.'s calling card. People just want to quit listening to the news. If today's gutless folding like a cheap suit, isn't enough to make you puke, just wait until tomorrow's outrage, it will be (likely) worse? Who wants that? "News" here (by my definition at least), is "bad". "You can't win, the game is fixed, you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't..." Men talk that way. Women talk about "how hard" they are trying to make things work, and the inner stress they feel while doing so. This world order has collapsed into a futility, a pointlessness, and we (on the inside) sort of "recall" that things can't finally be that way, but government? It's a failure. How about our institutions? Big zero there, Bub. Science, education, work, family, faith, it has all been corrupted, but "somewhere" we "know" that things cannot be this way. We are inveterate "hopers"!
  He then is the exception, which proves the rule. Rather than just "another damned thing", there is one "place" (Person actually) which is not sunk into this serial collapse function we observe all around (and in) us. Christians place themselves at great pains to attempt to say this; "No, don't misunderstand, it is not a religion, it's a relationship"! This is the type of mouth racket they/we make, and frankly, it must go unheard. I mean here, that when accused of, "You are trying to foist your religion off on me!", how come we never respond with; "Damn straight Bubba, and you don't know the half of it!"?
  The one-damned-thing-after-another rule is correct, it is uniform, and true. This is not "being negative"; it is being realistic! Further, this must prove true; and true except only "there", in-and-with Him. He the game changer, He the "Place" where things make sense. The sum of your life cannot be that you inhaled x-tons of oxygen, and exhaled x-minus tons of carbon dioxide. We "know that" on the inside, but can't seem to ratify it on the outside, out here  in history, in the actual (and dumb) things we really do. This is why sales pitches "work", we want to be fooled! "Yield to the urge"; preaches the ad-man, "This is the drink which really really satisfies!" he crows. We know that the stuff is just more just sugary glop, but we "remember" a "water" which really does! Uh, that would be "Mr. Water" to you pal... And fearing Him (Let Him be your dread!), we come to fear nothing else, not even disappointment!
  See? The NAME, that's Holy! It comes out in English somewhat like "I AM HE WHO IS, HE WHO IS". To coin a slogan here, "Is-ness is the Man's business". Life is fundamentally transformative, and so we are constantly "becoming". He (and He alone) "Be". Ebonics, (apparently) has an upside! Instead we settle for the sad, and we thus end up "scared" of spinny aguas, and greens, and count ourselves "smart" for our efforts?
  "Drink" and "food"...prove to be symbols and hints of a higher-better reality crashing into this realm, from (for lack of vocabulary) "above". But why not just face it? He is the "Stuff" (Mr. Stuff to you) we "put in us" which sponsors, and drives and guarantees life. He "Be" (to venture again into Ebonics?) the Genuine article of which food is a "reminder". Not merely the "source and goal", He is the "fuel" to get "there". Continue to "forget to fear" Him, and we are guaranteed to fear all else!
  "Reform" is not institutions being re-patterned until they "get it right". They never have, and never will get anything right. Government is a cancer, it only "grows", and that growth is always at the expense of the body. No sir! Reform is men-with-balls, and women-with-breasts standing as freedmen, and saying so! He "finds" and I-am the one found! He is re-building me, me the loser, me the chowderhead, by resurrection power, into a new-clean fast furious champ! Supplying them then, all of them I mean, (His whole host, that glad-fierce throng), it is that new-creature, the "Many-man". Building a "Compound individual", a suitable "companion" for...Him, this is what He committed to. He fails not
  Recall with me then; it is "His-Story" we discuss. Him failing-not, proves repeatedly to be the Guarantor of that scheme. And is among us. Perk up, it's never as bad as you thought, it's far worse! And He is kicking that mess squarely in the teeth. We have come to fear Him, and in the process, we become the scary little dudes the outsiders so fear! Damn straight Bubba, damn straight!
  Lady Antebellum, sings "Compass". Buy it!

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