Saturday, September 13, 2014

Worlds of Discourse #29 (date unknown)

  It comes to a fella (after awhile) that there are "islands of chat", or "worlds of discourse". You can find topic-experts on these private  little fields of expertise. You may drop-in and discourse-with (if you'd like), and move on. As an example, think of the Sunday newspaper. The hard news is on page 1, the editorials, back in section C. Next, you dip into sports, or dive into pets. Don't forget fashion, or arts, but best of all, satire (los funnys!).
  Switch next over to the radio. Sports-talk is going head to head; with political-talk, for market share. Religion is competing yonder with oldies, country-western, and hip-hop. Each possesses it's own community, with it's own lingo, and it's own history.
  How (ever?), did I succeed in "missing" this all these years?
  If, what is true in me, is true in you; I find that whatever "world" I happen to be-in (just now), that those others briefly cease to have "meaning". My ego-based "me-world", and the "place" I am presently "visiting" is the "only-one" there "is"(!) . . . except when I shift to it's competitor (again). Just how did I miss this factoid all these. . . decades?
  Further, each of us run our own private little "islands of chat". Those around you can (likely) predict "where" this present discussion between the two of you, is "going". Some guys "do" the gun and ammo world. Me (?), I'm pretty lousy at that one. Some guys "do" memorable sports moments, or perhaps historical battles (military), in an admirable fashion. Me (?), I run out of BBs on that front pretty quick!
  Often, women prefer to shear-off into the world of fashion, or maybe the look, and feel of things. Frankly, I stink at those "worlds", and don't presume to attempt it.
  Don't we all admire those who can dip into a multiplicity of "worlds of discourse" without a single hiccup, and get the info and lingo "down pat" on the first try? Any downside there-of might be charges of "glib", or being a "know-it-all". Call it a "necessary risk", and let's move on!
  If our image of things were to shift to "pubic" (government) schools, we might be viewing hallways and class-rooms. Those inside the class-room, are "in" worlds of discourse. Those "in" the hallways are not, but may freely inter-communicate, such that the algebra person, can hear about the home economics gig via the hallway person? Okay, so mebbe that ain't exactly the best example?
  Anyhow, this hardly matters at all (to me, at least). It's the normal human fascination with power, expertise and becoming an "insider", and what-not. Who cares? Well. . . maybe the vast-screaming majority of all humanity. . . for one? Me(?), not so much. "Isn't this guck just another form of phoney transcendentalism?", says me. I mean by that, aren't we pretending here, that we may view the world from the "outside", so to have freedom to enter-it, thus to "participate"? Y'know(?), like God (for instance) Himself?  Who precisely finds such pretension "convincing" anyhow?
  Now, if "like" God, you brought-in a larger-realer "world of discourse" (occasionally?) from the "outside", where you supposedly reside (?), that might be interesting. But, is it convincing? Hardly.
  See? His world of discourse, His island of chat, speaks of an unthinkably deep-past, in which our present-day was called-forth, or decreed. That field of expertise, posits an incomprehensible union of Almighty-with. . . man, the-creation? "There", we we "find" Him; "up" of reality, oddly(?) accessing the real, at it's "base"? That world, that "Kingdom", posits a net sweeping across history (and so, our world too!) to there-by gather in a "new-race". Thereby, "The Man" proposes, what amounts to a "one-ended rope", the True Transcendental!
  Think on that. Which world of discourse proposes anything even a bit like a one-ended extension cord? In finding that one,  we begin in this world, and "trace it up" finding no other end! How very deeply weird a cord, eh? Moreover, we are not being "glib" about such a world, we don't really do any "finding" on our own, but are being "dragged in", by that very cord!
  Over in the world of music, our (small) "life-song" is going on, day by day. In it, we begin to harmonize somewhat with the Larger, Realer "pattern-song" of life (Mr. Life to you). The tone of that discussion is already set, and we are to chime-in with hearty Yowsahs and Amens here and there? That is, we are not mastering said world of discourse . . . it's (He, actually) mastering us! View then, the difference between merely describing wave-function, compared to riding a 20 footer right through the tube! One set's you-personally as yet another mere expert, and the real one is sweeping us all in?
  The real world of discourse, is bigger-than (always!) our abilities (or not) to talk the talk. That world, among other things, teaches us to talk right!
  Our ethic then, is a glad amazement at The True-Trans One, and joy at the noticing in us, that the King of the Real would-care (at all) to come, to teach, to welcome such as us! We, the thankful, at the big switcheroo, He becomes the ugly, we the winsome, and in that finding, a new-found confidence that His promise stands! The pattern of life, is placed upon us. And so, we are  finding "in" it; a big welcome home son! A blown-kiss, a big hug, mom's dinner call. . . and more! Much much more. . .

Note: This thing was a mess, junk syntax, horrendous punctuation, etc., and a few glitches otherwise "propelled" me to repair the thing. So, I lied, when I promised not to "fix" them? Deal with it.

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