Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lincoln's War #28 (date unknown)

  Well, yesterday I became an outlaw. The hither-to unknown "neo-crime", that of failure to purchase, is but one short step removed from financial terrorism. . we presume?
  It's never a good thing to view a man fold like a cheap suit. Judge John Roberts, may God have mercy upon your wretched soul.
  My best guess today is that for us neo-criminals, the I.R.S. will end up garnishing our wages, thus to prevent us from disobeying the "law". It's for our own good, don't you see? This nanny-state, this mommy knows best police state, is in my opinion; the necessary out-working of Lincoln's vision for the land.
  The past ten years or more, I've become much less a fan of saint-Abe, than I was brought up to believe. That civil religion which we were all raised up in, over at the "pubic" schools; hallows that (self) "righteous" vato as defender of the onion, emancipator of slaves. . . too! Let's face it, civil cults are never really wholesome, let's start there!
  It's an odd thing, in my estimation; that although the winner of war gets the right to write it's official history, did I just perpetually fail to notice? And what I mean is; if the North's view of that war was ostensibly all-about freeing slaves, what is thereby unspokenly inferred, is that, what we refer here to is, private slave owning. . . only. The history books consistently refuse to ever once mention public slave holding?
  We have, as moderns; a kind of superiority-complex. Such a complex means that we have been instructed at gun-point, to perpetually view slavery (the institution); with distaste and loathing. We reject it as an institution; thus taught to fondly imagine we've banished same.
  True, the federal entity did indeed ban private slave holding. Thus, we infer that today only public slavery exists in the onion? Gee, how did we all miss that? Uncle sam, in his white-house, becomes the only "lawful" slave holder! Thanks Abe-sters. . . The South stoutly declared that the war was all-about state sovereignty, as opposed to the entity we nowadays regard as 'the gubmint". The United States, used to be a plural usage, now; it is a singular. Did the government schools history geek ever mention that little fact, during class . . .  to you? Thanks Abe, thanks just tons and acres.
  Our neo-crime of failure-to purchase, is what used to be meant by the word tyranny. Simply, tyrants turn lawful men into criminals, by fiat. Please notice; the unk-ster never once assumes that a man might, of his own resources. . . pay (?) bills due? Uh, that would include medical bills too? Thanks for the vote of confidence there, unk.
  The outworking of the American covenant is a soul-ish matter. All kinds of inner contradictions, duplicities, and double meanings simply must manifest, in it's historical application. Nowadays, it's happening real fast! What took the Romans centuries to undo, we are demolishing first in decades. . . and now, in month's time.
  The cry of the "right" to return to our roots, is but another slave revolt. That type of thing, never works. No, we await the true novus ordo, from on-high. The High King is David's Son. The sign of David is two triangles. The upward hierarchy is a point-upward. The highest of the High, is He. . . and He also washes slave's feet. He thus occupies both high and low points in the star. At the center (sorry Dave), we nowadays spot Calvary! And that cross looks like a "jack" (a young girl's toy) in Mike's neo-design. That cross would prove to be three dimensional. Recall that the historical planar cross was 'pierced" from front to back. He, upon that infernal device, was indeed pierced (did we forget?), taking the blow in His body. Said blow "is" signal for us of the curse, the destruction, the fury-coming, so richly due us frauds. Yep, even for John Roberts (!), extending even so low, as to also be mine.
  Friend, we are promiscuosly spreading a treasure, not our own. The true novus ordo is plainly unstoppabe, in that our contradictions of soul are met and surpassed in Him.
  The day that Obama Inc. finished Lincoln's war for him. . . I became an outlaw. Recall that the day that Lord Christ finished Adam's war, I became a true freed-man.
  Christ-alone (you see?). . . frees. He comes down, and raises. . . us-with. We learn, one goes "up" by stooping, so to favor, so to bless, them; our foes. Before the court of His law, we have only recommendation of friendship and welcome for even such as. . . John Roberts? Yes, and amen!
  Unk-ster freely makes slaves of us all, and simply fails to mention it. Christ makes us freed-men, men of His (Almighty Good!) making. The weight of leviathan ever bears it downward. The cancer, left to itself, always metasticizes. That "growth" is now occurring at alarming rates. But, recall the men! The men might, yet still be sheared off from it, prior to it's timely demise.
  We pray. for our enemies, and for them wrongly using us, in that we've been aided to learn somewhat the fear of God, and surely, of no man. We pray "for", them, until they-too become able to pray.
  He's Coming. Our Captain of the Hosts, armed and truly, dreadfully dangerous. . . is (indeed) coming. Hey Barry, does the mere saying of it, make me there-by a terrorist/criminal to boot? At some historical-future point, the faith once delivered, "must" become "illegal". Our deeply flawed American covenant "guarantees" that much for certain!
  Join me then today, and praise the One Name, "Jesu".
  Were you aware that the Name MEANS, in translation; "I AM THAT AM...the sav-er"? He hears!. In fact, He hears a bit too well sometimes for my liking. . .

Oops! Dear reader forgive my meddling in a nearly "perfect C.P.E"., to do "repairs". . . willy-nilly. You gotta love "willy-nilly" in my book!

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