Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wolf Boy in Chicken Sky #33

  Note to my readers (all three of you's guys!): since this blog format is ordered "upward" we would note that the bottom of the stack is the oldest. You with me here? It's like reading a scroll from bottom to top, with the hiccup being that only entries so format, and not the text therein. But you knew that.
  The point being; that I recently rediscovered a stash of old C.P.E.s written prior to my cyber-with-it gig of blogging. I used to write these out long hand on graph paper, and pass out a few at church on Sundays. On purpose, I did not "keep" copies of that stuff. Why bother? If nobody else would like to keep it, why should I? Cleaning out the little pick up truck recently, I found a stash! Some of them are at least 3 years old. I don't keep dates on this stuff. They are quite similar to these C.P.E.s, except more "primitive" I assess, upon re-reading. I am "torn" (like somebody cares maybe?) over whether to "repair" as I transcribe, or simply type in what is "there"? I vote for the latter. . . mostly.
  The #33 in the title is a referent. After this one, the reader reverts to Sep of 2014. Any entry with a number is indicating "old", non-numbered ones, those yet to be hatched, will have no number. #33 will be the last of the oldies, so that whenever we reach #1, there will appear at the beginning of it, this note again. Ya dig?
                Wolf Boy in Chicken Sky   (date unknown)
  Isn't there an old "cautionary tale", to the effect that one (best) ought not be spreading Cassandra-type "prophesies of doom? I'm thinking here of, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". Wasn't the premise that; boys who do "cry wolf", might not be heard supposing an actual wolf does arrive?
  Or what of the imaginary chicken? Something about "the sky falling", wasn't it? Isn't that story told to children so that they are vaccinated-against "pessimism"? Aren't we, as a culture brain-washed, no; make that "persuaded" that a "glass-half-full", is a superior kind of viewpoint?
  A gang of murderers, thieves, perverts and liars is VERY, VERY punctilious concerning maintaining a "positive" attitude? Rebels, traitors, and frauds who don't want to "appear negative"? . . . Hmmm.
  I'm thinking here; "Okay, go ahead, call me "negative"', I say that there is more to this, than meets the eye. An entire culture (?) devoted-to not-mentioning "something" happening in the future? Is it considered "negative" to . .  notice? The big downside to being vaccinated against "pessimism", is . . . well, to be blunt, what-if the wolf does come? You've left yourself no warning system!
  Go back friend re-read Zephaniah. You tell me; is there some "threat", some "catastrophe" in the future we are "supposed" to take into account?
  "For all the earth will be devoured. . . by the fire of My zeal". . . Eh? What's that?
  "He shall make a complete end, indeed a terrifying one, of ALL the inhabitants of earth". . . Did you say something Sir?
  "I shall completely remove all (things) from the face of the earth", declares YAHWEH. "I will remove man and beast, I will remove birds of the sky, fish of the sea. . . I will cut off men from the face of earth". . .
  Gee, that's a "minor" prophet? I'm not certain I'd like to hear from the "majors" just now! The interpretive matrix, the key of knowledge, that "beginning of wisdom", call it what you'd like. . . even "pessimistic"is our topic! Our "problem" as humans, , , is . . . HIM! The insurmountable, the inevitable, the unmovable obstacle. . . is Him! Coming with tens, no make that hundreds of millions of "holy ones"? Uh-oh. . . Coming with the sword? Excuse me, but could we get an estimated damage report on the Un-Created One wielding a SWORD? The Almighty is, terribly. . . "Angry" here? And we instead, are afraid of "pessimism"?
  Gosh, call me "Mr. Zany", but wouldn't that tidbit be a rather largish thing to occasionally point out? Forget death, forget hell, forget judgement. . . it's Him you face!
  Old and New Testaments predict men pleading with the mountains and rocks to fall upon them, to cover them. . . rather than face Him.
  Let's us not sound "negative" here. .  but El Elyon is . . . "the problem". Further, He has given us abundant, graphic and convincing warning. . . that day is certain.
  Now, as I see it, call me "pessimistic", the gospel is ABOUT this very problem! The One shelter, that ark which "floats" in that deluge. . . IS Christ-at Calvary. There were no "survivors" except in the ark. At Sodom, fire raining from the heavens (sound familiar?), there were no "survivors", except those guided, called and compelled out!
  The Captain of the Host. . . is coming. There will be no "survivors". . . except those hidden in Christ. You'd think some part of this might find it's way into the Churches' presentation. . . once in awhile?. . . Okay one-ever? No dice gringo! Ain't gonna happen.
  From here, our cultural brainwash to only see "the positive" looks to be some shaky advice, it's the worst kind of advice. . . ignoring the real!
  It's an odd duck we view. Let us "be prepared" to accept men's ridicule and rejection-of, said gospel. But what is there in His presentation "to reject"? The centerpiece of the good news (escape from the Holy wrath to come) is never, ever, mentioned! We end up being "in favor of". . . love? Duh.
  Quite a blunder, an astounding kind of error. And, I'm one of the absolute worst on this score. Christmas, Easter; none of it makes any sense. . . without Noah. Yes, He is saving us from sin. Yes, He is saving us from sorrow, judgement, and death itself. . . but recall. He is, above all, saving us. . . from Him!
  Now, tell me about the covenant! I'm all ears!    

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