Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wow Wow (date unknown)

  Some folks seem to think that dogs say "bow-wow". I have my doubts. The neighbors' dog for instance has a gab fest with her fellow canines living within earshot most every night. Sometime between ten thirty and four thirty, one hears her remarks to the other dogs barking, and she is very clearly saying "wow-wow". The lady living at Blackies' house (indoors that is) is apparently not bothered at all by her animals' conversations  in the wee hours.
  I call the dog "Black" or "Blackie", but her food provider calls her "Olive". Guess her color?
  Black is not a friendly person, and likes to charge, roaring her many wows, that is; until she hits the end of her chain. She always acts all Schwartzenegger on me, unless I happen to be watering the yard. When those charges begin, I spray her with a little water, and back she goes into her canine casa. She does not like water; . . . at all.
  In the past months, I have been sorely tempted to "sneak" into (my own) yard at about two a.m., turn on the hose, kink it in my hand and wait. The temptation is to quietly hide, awaiting one of her rambling monologues to commence, and just hose her like crazy in mid-sentence! You will no doubt applaud my massive self control in that I have not (yet) acted upon the desire.
  I mean, let's just picture this old, fat, bald guy in his skivvies standing around and peeking over the fence with hose in hand, in the middle of the night. So, the explanation to the cop as to; "Whats' up?" has not (yet) come to me. Water hosing the neighbors' dog is clearly out as an option . . . Hmmm, what would Blackie think of water balloons I wonder? Well, you get the idea.
  We over in our yard, try to have a good attitude about the animal. After all; she is just doing her job. There she is, on-duty guarding her territory from the "dangers" of the night! Further, she is very clearly alerting the rest of the pack to the same terrors lurking in the dark. For instance, that "whoop whoop" sound about a mile away sounds like potential trouble. How is she supposed to know that ambulance sirens are no real threat? That dark thing moving around, is it a possible intruder? Nobody has ever informed her that these "many intruders" are the shadows cast by the streetlight upon wind driven tree branches. She was designed to be on guard, and she is on guard; what's the problem anyhow? That is what I tell myself at least as the critter is passing on her minute by minute reports of "scary stuff".
  I sometimes wonder if the reason the two of us don't get along so well is; "What if she is just a better Christian than I?". She is faithfully passing on the perceived threats to her master and her "people", am I? It's weird to be beaten at Christianity . . . by a dog.
  America is changing; fast! A Muslim bombs a marathon, and they want to blame Christians, because there are "fundamentalists" in both groups? The outright mockery of Messiah Jesus and His word, and (mostly) His folk, grows; here, in our "land of the free". This is the new now, and a new reality, for us at least.
  Were you even aware that some in power wish to make it illegal (!) in the good ol U.S. of A. to criticize "the prophet" (Moe). Public servants are losing their jobs, students are afraid to even ask to pray in Jesus' name, and the homosex crowd is winning in the public estimation of who best speaks truth. It is another America than the one in which I grew up in, and (sadly) Blackie is better at her job, than I am.
  Blackie is the better Christian, let's just face facts. She does warn of dangers coming near her from darkness. Should not the Kirk have been warning for at least a dozen years, of the out-of-dark madness of Moe?
  His insane works righteousness scheme involving high explosives and lots of knives, based upon a self declared office, supposedly superseding positionally; Abraham, Noah, Moses, David, Paul, Peter, and Jesus Christ Himself is "verified" by absolutely no prophecies, not one!
  The guy was a con-man thug; who in his spare time was a sexual predator. He dictated drivel to be written down to his flunkies for the excellent reason that the guy was illiterate. Thus, the "holy Quran", thus "the religion of peace".
  In my opinion, things have gone beyond the point of no return here in America. Muslim acts of murder in the name of their sawed off "god" are called "work-place violence". It is never the Muslim slave owners (and sellers) who are are regarded as "bigoted" or "narrow". It is the "intolerant" bad guy Christians who are at fault. . . always. This is our new reality.
  The Apocalypse of John contains a verse; "And they overcame him (the enemy) by the word of their testimony, by the blood of the Lamb, and that they loved not their lives, unto death". Does this describe you? It doesn't sound like anybody I know, myself included. We have grown sleepy, fat and sassy it appears to this gringo. What is the cost of maintaining that there is but one hope of mankind, and that He is King of the Jews? At least, that is how the sign read. It costs everything!
  Go back and take another look at Luke 9. If our main agenda is to keep our money, power and luxury, when the actual pressure comes (and it shall) we will fold like just so many cheap suits. But there is more. This week it is the mad mullahs, next week the Russian mafia, the week following, the dratted Illuminati. It's always something, in this week's outrage. These types of barks in the night which we are so used to, have been compensated for. Like the neighbor lady, we have learned to snooze right through them. But there is a far far worse danger.
  Those twisted jihadists with their damnable suicides know nothing of the Real Terror. And we the followers of the True Prophet, the True Priest, the True King, have been miserably silent for way too long concerning the True Threat, He Himself!
  Old and new, both testaments cite a prophecy of men pleading with the mountains to fall upon, and cover them, that they see not the Mighty One come (on that day) in Holy Fury! He, the True Danger; coming most certainly to wage a war of catastrophe and calamity never imagined, is hardly mentioned at all . . . by us! The (then) ferocious Warrior King, coming to tread down all the foes of truth and righteousness, barely a peep heard from us testifying of Him? Where among fundamentalists of any stripe is the "magic word" for human kind to "RUN!"? The "r-word" is precisely where we have been not sounding the alarm, Blackie is the better Christian.
  There is but one house stout enough, one shelter deep enough to weather that coming storm of Uncreated Vengenance, and now we talk about Calvary, and now we bring up the empty tomb. He who ascended on high, is returning; this time in infinite authority and power. It is; "The Sure Thing".
  Like Job of old, our desire is to see with these eyes of flesh, our Mighty Redeemer stand upon this earth . . . in totally overwhelming victory. This of itself; makes us (technically) "traitors" to mankind. The ultimate Foe, the actual Menace to the world, civilization, mankind (and all else) soberly threatens in Truth. And our being allied with Him, makes us (technically) "enemies" of the world, this is the secret of why we are hated. Ah, but what "enemies" we are! Pleading with He Who Is; for mercy, for pardon, and for the very lives of our "foes"! The battle is upside down, or backwards. We are hated as-if we cared not for them, and we are the ones as we die, pleading for their lives. In His light, we are being made able to stand the heat of that fire, for their lives, for our good and for His Honor.
  By their lights, the worldlings must consider us to be "on the wrong side" of the coming overthrow. Just listen for a day or two to the "news". Isn't just about everything "the fault" of Republicans and Fundies? But take heart! Their testimony (as far as it goes) is true! We don't "belong", nor are we "one of them"! Their anger is the very highest compliment they are presently capable of paying. The King is coming indeed, and even His enemies are beginning to sense it!
  This should encourage us to rush right out and buy some vitamins, to get some good sleep at night and eat wholesome food, so to live as long as possible! He says; "Pray that you've the stength to endure all which is coming, so to stand before Him-Coming". And, with His help, and by His Spirit, we do! He is assisting us to rise to the level of a faithful guardian, to seriously compete with Blackie!
  You, the True Light, You the rising sun of the new creation, in Your light we await justice patiently. In darkness deep we find a courage not our own, and You having freed us, find ourselves asking for more of it. All these and immeasurably more, to Your Honor we sing.
  Face it, either I die, and go to Him, or He comes to us, and the world dies. Either way, we shall see in Person, as He Is, the terrifying . . . and good One!
  And oh, but He has grand plans in store for us, beyond this small potato trial here and now. Really a kind of doorway into an unspeakably fine "deep-good", a shockingly refreshing "new-eating", at an unthinkably grand fiesta is in store.
  And at that great high-feast, His friends shall then tell of how they found courage in the dark, because He had first come out of the dark to find them!
  In the Apocalypse, John writes; "and the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy". It is "future-history", so testify already!

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