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Secret File #1 The Blackest Knight (date October 2013)

  Note to the reader; perusing the heap of old C.P.E.s over in the corner, I found my "secret files". Most are pretty bogus, and maybe I'll pound in a few of them in the future, and maybe not. At any rate, this one is still interesting enough (to me at least) to post. So, it is not technically a genuine C.P.E., in that I've never circulated (until now) copies of it. Happy reading!

  A chap can get too much of a good thing, and this fellow has been playing around altogether too much with the worldwide interweb in the past weeks. Dial into the search feature of You Tube any random series of words, and something will come up! I can't recall what led me to a video clip of "The 10 strangest Photos of All Time" or whatever the blasted thing was called. I probably entered "starship, polar ice, evidence" or to that effect?
  It's not really a video, but more of a slideshow. The one photograph that stunned me was a NASA shot of "The Black Knight".
  Have you seen any of these pictures? It's not like there is just one of them. How is it, that in October of 2013, for the first time in my life, I am hearing about this? Don't I specialize in the weird? Aren't we the fans of the unexplained? This goes way beyond weird, into the realm of the disturbingly insane in my book.
  So, before you read any further, open a window on YT, and find the BK (and we ain't talking Burger King here!) so that you will understand the context of the discussion. You can return to this page when you like. After all, it's not winking in and out of sight like some we could name. . .
  Okay, are you back from your stroll down bizarre pants lane? In the first place, I would just like to say, "Huh?". All of that blather about it being from the Bootes system we can do nicely without. It is not the "decoded messages" I care about, it's the artifact itself! How in honking hades can a craft be orbiting earth all of these years, and (a.) nobody claims to have built or launched it, plus (b.) nobody with orbital capacity has even been mildly interested enough to investigate it up close?
  If a close-up shot had been taken, we at minimum could get an accurate guess at the size. Is the stinker 14 feet long, or a 140? With earth in the background, it is difficult to estimate length, much less; mass. If it is a largish thing, could have even the old Saturn V boosters been enough to achieve a polar orbit? I don't know any astrophysics, but do guess that an equatorial orbit is much easier to obtain out of limited fuel resources? So, somebody burnt a ton of fuel to launch a thing that nobody claims, and not a government on the planet has the slightest inclination to examine? What is this?
  From my smurfing the web, I note lots of strange assertions about the BK, but the one that most annoys me, is the winking feature.
  Plot an orbit. Once established, the satellite ought be expectably returning, is that asking too much? Well, yes it is when it comes to this one. They cannot accurately estimate it's orbit? It kinda comes and goes, and sorta shows up now and again? What? Excuse me, but when exactly did orbital mechanics become an iffy proposition? I thought those sliderule geeks at the Jet propulsion lab got paid to figure out things along these lines. Now they are tossing a coin as to when objects "might appear"? I find this disturbing.
  Of course, when you get tired of BK, there is no lack of interesting mystery type stuff out there in cyberspace to waste time over. Disappeared persons, strange creatures, ghost ships and all that sort of material, (I especially enjoy "proof of time travel") is good fun. But this thing blew me out of the saddle!
  In a sense, I don't even care what it is, what so bothers me, is that 10 administrations with orbital capacity, and not one of these presidents (Kennedy through The Hatrack) thought to explore, to know, to peekaboo even? The difference between this topic and UFOs is immense, in that by definition, UFO sightings are unrepeatable and normally out of focus. Bigfoot appears only fleetingly, and usually looks a lot like a guy in a bigfoot costume taken at extreme range, with fuzzy resolution. BK is not of that type, nice clear pictures of a large (?) satellite, taken by sober men in space capsules.
  The basic problem to my thinking of the UFO phenomenon is that altogether too many people have seen things in the air which are unexplainable. I have also, but it was years ago; and have no idea what went overhead. By definition, it is unrepeatable. Newsflash to alien astronauts; "If you desire to remain 'secret' then only fly around after people go to bed, OK?".
  But the basic premise that we are viewing "aliens" who have journeyed from star-afar is simply unsupportable. We cannot know what we do not know. Occam decrees that the simplest explanation serves best. We do know that there are demons in the world, and they are liars. With those two we know enough to solve the "mystery". But BK, what in heck is that?
  Thus, we don't have to think of star empires coming to play hide and seek with a gang of savages. Far simpler, we can infer that the enemy is at it again, in "normal" sightings. But if we just now booted Bootes, and no 20th cen nation did launch, then we are left with but one brain drain answer that I am capable of dredging up. It is the tower at Babel?
  "Nothing shall be impossible to them" comments YAH as that "thing to reach the heavens" is being built. We smugly assume that those hillbillies were building an enormous adobe palace, like maybe taller than the Waldorf even, and The Almighty put a halt to that? Why bother? The structural plasticity of even solid granite only allows a certain maximum, before the gravitational stress oozes out the bottom layer. It would be like trying to build a skyscraper out of Cheez Whiz, it only goes so high, then it just smooshes out the bottom. Why was El Elyon even moderately concerned to frustrate that particular work of man, by confusing the language? The work itself, would have plenty enough frustration of itself.
  The way I see it, we have three basic options, BK is:
a. simply a hoax, fostered for some type of social manipulation, and the photos are fake.
b. a real object launched by a real 20th cen. government, of which Top Secret status still applies.
c. an artifact launched from earth, prior to our "space age".
And this is my best guess? Gadzooks!
  As I understand it (not well), the problem of rocketry is a fuel to payload ratio, which is very narrow. Equatorial orbits are chosen because in order to achieve a polar one, you need more fuel than you can carry. So if you add more fuel on the ground, the vessel is heavier, and requires more boost etc., until you realize that what you really want is an orbital gas station!
  What if, on the plains of Assyria, way back when, they had solved for that? The adobe monument to Cheez Whiz (aerosol cheese-food in a can, what a brain-wave!) was never any "threat" to The Holy One, but to break orbit, and go to the stars? Now that, is strictly off limits.
  Recall, that the enemy and his slaves were thrown down from the heavens. This planet is a prison for those foes of truth, and Yahweh will simply not allow that gang escaping to ruin yet another world. If our great grand-daddys' "tower to the heavens" had any real chance at interstellar transit, that is worth stopping!
  The litany of rape, murder, torture, exploitation and war visited by us, upon our own kind; and all of those other fun and interesting human hobbies being applied to unfallen folk elsewhere? He stepped in, and said "No Dice!".
  We much prefer to imagine that generation as "primitive", but what if they were just flat smarter than us? What if "a tower to the heavens" was the best metaphor that later and nomadic tribesmen were capable of understanding? And this brings me to my final point.
  He frustrates the wisdom of the wise, and seats the lowly with Him. It's not as if an earth based kingdom radiating outward to folk on other planets, is necessarily "wrong"; but all truth remains Messianic. That is, we might guess that persons unfallen might well have knowledge of God, the angels, and an afterlife. But would they ever once in a million years guess correctly that The King of Glory became one of His own creatures? The mission to the stars is not to "explore" but to propound, to affirm, and to explain!
  If BK is what I think it is, that mess of a civilization back when was quarantined off from spreading its' chaotic filth, murderous theft and ruination of peaceful persons. Ditto for our "hopes" for reaching the stars.
  Rather, He descending from above, leads with Him a host of the redeemed above. And now, the context of a new heavens and new earth has something interesting for us to do! What, after all; have we been prepared for?
  We are ambassadors of the Prince of Peace, bringing tidings of great wonder and joy. The Most High has come to be one of us! What then, you prefer a lifetime of training to be just thrown away?
  Haven't you wondered about when the Master feeds the thousands, the order is given to pick up the scraps and waste nothing? Why? He could always have made more, right? It isn't about bread, we are the "one loaf" raised with the yeast of rez power. Not a scrap of that loaf is wasted!
  So then, us being prepared from boyhood as runners bearing news, we being trained all our lives "to give an answer for the hope within", our being clothed with authority, why waste all of that, when (apparently?) none others are being so trained?
  This is big! I love this kind of stuff. Ah, to soar to the stars, no longer afraid that I will ruin and spoil those found. All of that horror show is over at Calvary, and precisely there our message is rooted. We, with Paul; determine to shout nothing but Messiah crucified, and Messiah raised again. We are His witnesses . . . to the heavens!

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