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Mirror World (date unknown)

  We could firmly assert (I think!) . . . that; "If there were such things as "mirror worlds", they would prove awfully blasted difficult to navigate". And it is not that I seriously believe that any such thing actually will present itself as a problem to work through, but rather; it's a mildly interesting line of thought to pursue, don't you think? Let's see where this essay of the crazed pants variety goes, eh?
  To begin with, I ought be honest and admit, that this concept of a reverse world has been sorta hanging out in my skull; for most of my life. So, for something now approaching a half-century, this thought-set recurs at least now and again. So apparently then, I personally suppose it to be substantially more than "mildly interesting"!
  Back in the mid-60s, Mom and Dad owned a 35mm camera (Argus?). They weren't fanatics about photos, but I do recall looking at "slides" projected up on the wall. We would turn off the TV, and Pop would load the projector. The great thing (to me) about those little shows was the possibility of a reverse!
  Of course, anyone could occasionally make the boo-boo of loading a picture into the projector upside-down, and that was fun, but the really fascinating thing was to see it flipped left to right! Imagine a photograph of your own home, but "reversed". Such would be a kind of mirror image of your actual home. The garage ought be on the left side of the house, and see? Now, it's over on the right. The left/right symmetry of faces might prohibit you from immediatley grasping what you see, but clearly that china cabinet is in the "wrong" place. Fascinating!
  I couldn't seem to get enough of this sort of thing as a boy. To further complicate matters, our parents also had a large mirror in the center of the main wall in the living room. When slideshows were not in progress, if a chap was diligent enough to turn himself upside-down, and then look into the mirror? Well, for one thing; he could imagine that the floor was the ceiling, and as you look into the reverse of the room, and imagine navigating "over" the tops of the doorways so to go down the hall, does the turn to the left become a turn to the right in that other world? Doesn't this seem interesting to you too?
  But such topological turnings cause a plumber to wonder; "What actually would constitute an 'opposite-world'"? Ruminate upon this. If in "world-a" (the real one!) we turn left, in order to descend stairs, would "world-b" (it's symmetrical opposite) feature a right turn plus descent, or would it become ascent? I mean by this, from a topological perspective, we can "get" a left/right function fairly obviously, but why would up/down not likewise apply? Or, to rephrase; how "far" do the bonds of symmetry hold? Gosh, isn't this interesting?
  I have apparently long loved thinking spacially about this kind of stuff. Let's play with this some. If in world-a, you slip and fall; damaging your right knee, do you in world-b, hurt your left knee? Or, would the "true opposite" of a knee injury manifest as a wrist-hurting affair? Or perhaps the really-real-oppo of a knee-fail; might rather prove to be a strong and healthy joint eh? Now we are getting somewhere! So, if we deal with a visual only right/left parity, it would be difficult (at first) to navigate, but all bets are off, if we propound an alternate world of "true opposition". In that case, our compass goes wild. I mean, what if the "true opposite" of "north" is not in fact, "un-north", which we would normally deem south? What if the true-opposite is some sort of seventeenth dimensional "un-direction", named "bob"? Oh, I love this kind of thing!
  So, before we are committed to a home for the topologically challenged, let us lay down some ground rules. Rule one reads; "Any switch of worlds, requires a center point". So, look into a mirror today. You do not indeed look at all like that. But, the reversed image possesses a center line at which both "halves" rotate. Fair enough for you? Such a pivot point may itself "rotate" (I wouldn't know) but it can't run away down the street screaming about zombies! Fair enough for you?
  For example, we note that the fulcrum center, always "embraces both ends". In world a, you might be an infant, and in world-b, a codger with a walker. But rule one asserts that the center of "mid-life" remains. World-a features a "you", both left-handed and famous, while world-b corresponds; with a righty of the inconspicuous variety. We are free to propound thus, many mirrors, male/female, rich/poor, educated/rustic, white/black and slave and free to name but a few. At "the fulcrum of worlds", there is a "keeper of sanity", a master of the axial pairings; which itself has no opposite, And frankly, I don't see how anyone could think otherwise . . .
  If the purpose of these ruminations is to consider topology (without going entirely bonkers!) such a center-point, which itself having no opposite; seems the mildest of assertions, to my thinking at least. Which brings us (I infer) by a roundabout scheme, to the topic of holiness!
  In it's simplest form, the business of the Holy might be thought of as "The Master (point/axis) possessing zero opposites"! Isn't that tidy? The spooky part of such, would necessarily be that such a central/axial would be in this estimate . . . Alive! Clearly, if it were dead, or merely an abstraction; it would retain opposites, namely the living and the concrete.
  We propose thereby; "So, this young guy all in a lather, runs up to the (topological) Master. 'Hey man, I'm with you, and "the cause", where you go, I go'; proclaims the young chap". The Master (oddly enough) responds with; "Well, how's about this? Birds make nests, and foxes have holes to sleep in, and the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head!".
  What gives? Is this non-sequitor-city or something? Is this an exercise in weird-pants statements, or is He "rotating the world" for the young zealot? The very concept of "there-ness" which the young devotee proclaims, is countered by, the bald assertion of "having nowhere". It is a mirror, but this Image (He-Himself!) is the true one!
  The mirror-Master is the one at the central axis, He is participating in "both" worlds. Possessing no "shelter", He "is" the (True) Shelter. He dies penniless and alone, so enriching and visiting with undying friendship, the many. Dying naked and shamed, He clothes, and makes-honorable, others. But He-Himself, in this process does not "reverse". Rather, He-at-center, correctly has the cosmos rotating about Him! I hope I am being clear "here"?
  Wow, this is even better than Mom and Dad's slide shows! This is the genuine article, in Person. As such, things keep "falling-out" of this kind of topo-think.
  Think of a "problem". I propose a guy trying to make his way cross-country in an old Winnebago. On the distant end, is the hope for a job, and enroute, the vehicle craps out. What is the solution?
  And if you are anything like me, you immediately break out the mirror into a proposed world-b. And in that tidy little universe, which the guy "ought to have planned" (and taken into account setbacks), he would not be just now pan-handling in a parking lot. Our private reverse worlds, in which we thus "fix" things, are clean little spots, and (frankly) problems of this sort (in those private little worlds); just do not arise! There, problem solved, and I hope he learns his lesson!
  Except for one little thing, the guy and his family have not moved an inch closer to the promised job, duh?
  There are all kinds of Bible passages about being good to the poor, which we normally excuse ourselves from. There is ample evidence that a central axiom of having a faith which grows, is directly related to us forgiving others what they cannot repay. And this too, we usually "overlook"; because nobody can know how deeply I have been hurt, yadda, yadda. The central axis of reality, is a He, not an "it", and He Sees! From His side of the axial, there is always "plenty", and upon ours is "want". He is Master of both.
  We spoke briefly of the Holy in paragraphs above, but in practice, we are not so much "holy" as (instead) being sanctified. The basic requirement we have as humans is that the debt we cannot pay, be somehow paid. At the center of history, stands the Cross of Jesus, where just this transaction is accomplished. This central fulcrum has ripple effects all across reality!
  The prayer at it's center goes; "feed us with what we require, forgive us what we cannot pay, as we are likewise doing". Our prayer is saying that we give what others need! Is this so awfully true of us? No, but it is becoming true!
  So, axiomatically then, two things are coming-into our world, from that other one, with Him as "gateway". We are beginning to make peace with our enemies, and we are making first-steps at giving to the poor! Friendliness and generosity clearly "do not belong" here, and the Master of the fulcrum (He-at-center), owns both opposites. It is our faith in Him (which is growing) which is causing us to begin to likewise participate in the "folly" of generosity. So says the plumber!
  To give something to a homeless guy is "wrong" by our lights. What if he uses the money to buy dope? We certainly wouldn't want to be party to that horror. . . now would we? But if we cannot be generous to the guy living in a parking lot, just who precisely can we be generous to? The "folly of faith" then, is that we believe that as we expend resources, He is faithful to (also) grant us what we require.
  Our real problem then, is not that poor people might prove to be bad bets. Rather, we find it nearly impossible to be "so foolish" because we are (obviously!) so blasted "wise". We suffer from an excess of "right-ness"! Ordinarily, we simply are unable (not to mention unwilling!) to "buy" the premise of generosity, and prefer to wisely retain our "hard-earned" money, not to mention our time, and visiting priviledges. So, in Bible-speak, we are thereby defined as "small-faiths". We are spiritual pygmies, and as soulish midgets; are satisfied? But, that way, lay dragons!
  In order to grow in trust then, of the One-at-center (Who has no opposite!) we begin "foolishly" losing wealth. We extend friendship where it does not belong, for the simple reason that we ourselves are the prime targets (if rightly considered) of such bias. He has extended to His enemies (me and you I mean) peace. . . bought by blood! He has impoverished Himself, so to enrich us beggars. So then, what Gospel "does" in us, is to begin a new desire in our guts to participate in this axial world-switching! The invitation to walk between the mirrors (with Him), is real! We, having been given-to, are finding more and more the freedom to likewise give. That's reality baby!
  I tell ya, this is way, way better than the slide show. But, there remains parallels from that discussion to consider. Would you like to know that you are "safe in His arms?". Well then (obviously) be un-safe! Or, in English, give away to those who cannot repay. Would you enjoy being clothed with honor? If so, then hang around and visit with the wrong crowd. Ain't it obvious?
  And all of the rest of The Master's upside/down talk, is likewise founded "just here"; upon He-at-center, with the genuine invitation to join Him "there"!
  It is "there", where everything switches, "there" where the blind see, and the lame dance. It's the "place where" the hungry are filled. "There-at-fulcrum", where the dead are received back to joyous embrace, this is the true mirror-world, and He the True Image viewed!
  Hope isn't some pollyanna misery about "not-despair". Hope is real, hope is a joining in, a stepping-with The Master-at-center of worlds, The Holy One has no equal, and no opposite, and hearts soar to find Him, or rather; to be found of Him!
  Ain't He a marvel? Ain't He grand? Any which way you turn, He shines, all stunning and brilliant . . . and remarkably friendly too!

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