Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Un-New, Un-Man

  It was only yesterday that I figured out that "SCOTUS" is an acronym for Supreme Court of the United States. I was more familiar with the terms "the court" and "the Supremes". SCOTUS  is like POTUS (President of the United States) but it had not previously occurred to me to call them that. This week, they produced "rulings" on two key issues, and although it might be kinda fun to deride them as traitors and whatnot; I (as usual) am mostly noticing those items not being said. To me, it is more interesting to look over the blueprint, to get an idea of what is being built, rather than to just add my voice to the rants about "development ruining things".
  In the first place then, over in facebook land, I noted, early on; the divisions clearly appearing. Some sort of war between patriots and skittles perhaps? Clearly, we are a land divided, and a house at opposition to itself. The political spectrum of left to right, we might have correctly guessed, but what I found surprising was how consistently the male to female views sharply differed. I will be quoting none of the posts found, neither those agreed upon, nor those I found to be plainly insane. But in large terms; the fem-left skittles group was very glad indeed that the five kings dressed in black had authorized homosexual "marriage" across all state boundaries. They appeared to think that some sort of redux of the 1960s era civil rights struggle was being played out? The patriot, right-guy perspective was more to the effect that the court had begun inventing laws out of thin air, and that the unconstitutional abuses represented by such actions cannot possibly bode well for the future of the republic. So, besides the divisions noted, one is looking backward to a glorious struggle, and the other was looking ahead, to grim consequences. But, when I analyze things this way, I normally search for an unspoken, and third option.
  If you would like to try it sometime, one must "listen for" what is not being said, but what is yet being implied (especially in the assaults launched) by the respective "sides". One must learn to hear the quiet, in order to decode the third view, by words unspoken; in my assumed position.
  So, in the first case which the court heard, do you hear the silence on the status of citizenship? Bad "decision" number one of the week declares it is now "legal" that the government may find "criminal" those who "fail to purchase".
  The topic of the case has to do with health insurance, but that is moot to my point here. Regardless of whether we discuss a product or a service, for any government to be able to force purchase of anything, upon anyone; is the work tyrants love best. The roaring quiet just about here, is centered upon the legal fiat which redefines citizens, so to create "criminals" out of thin air. The "neo-crime" of "failure to purchase" (logically at least) creates the "right" for the ruling class (also out of thin air) to fine, detain, jail (or worse) such "neo-felons" at their leisure. It is a hammer which might someday fall, it is an arbitrary and unjust enforcement of raw power we see. The commerce clause was written to protect citizens from just such federal excess. The feds were never to be entrusted in this fashion, and so the founders chained future political ambition of coming rulers. That safeguard is now history.
  R.I.P. to the Constitution! The silence prevailing here, is that we are (apparently at least) in an unannounced post-constitutional phase? The quiet prevailing here, is the lack of eulogies for the deceased, our beloved document.
  Now, as an aside; in my opinion the logical and obvious fix to the problem of the uninsured, is to make provision for doctors and healthcare institutions to simply refuse to serve those that they deem to be bad financial risks. If no ability to pay is found in the buyer, then the obligation to serve should be a matter of conscience for providers. Thus, the internal motivation for purchasers of said insurance is for their own peace of mind, and financial stability. Duh?
  SCOTUS decided instead; to build an underclass of "neo-criminals", which technically becoming "lawbreakers", can (nowadays) "lawfully" be rounded up whenever Uncle feels the need to apply some political pressure. Such "helps" nobody, but the governing class, as it gathers unnatural powers to itself, so to grant the "legal" privilege to persecute, detain, and (ultimately) to "disappear" those it finds slow to obey. That monstrosity is what we are just now seeing being built.
  Now the silence just here, at the gathering of "powers-unnatural" is what sounds loudest to my ears.
  The other "ruling" which grants nationwide sanction to sodomy as an "equally valid form of married union", is of a different kind than merely creating "criminals" out of nothing. It is a much worse overstep, in that it redefines by statute, the creature "man".
  Many of the Christian comments I have seen posted repeat (correctly) that marriage is the union of one man with one woman. And as far as a definition goes, this works. But what goes unsaid (often) is that "the creature man" is not, and never really was. Or to rephrase, the Biblical view is that "man" was the two as one, not the one as one. The West has come, through a torturous process, to view the creature "man", as an autonomous and "atomic" individual, and any grouping thereof as ancillary, and frankly unrelated. The elevation of the one over the many thus, as a presumptive identity; necessarily reframes "the image".
  The original (and true!) working definition of "the creature" was that the two were joined as one. The union comprised of individuals covenantally bound to each other, proposes something like a "compound entity", or a "many-which-is-one" as the "reflection and depiction" of the True; Many-Who-Is-One. With this sort of view then, union (marriage) is so basic to the identity of "man" as "image", that to distort or forget such is to reject formally creation. Such must finally deploy as a fully blown denial of The Creator.
  Think with me, is it "coincidence" alone that the next gen is "pretending at" atheism, or are they in fact playing their true hand? Homosexual "marriage" can never be "additional to" the genuine article, in that it is formally at war with it! And listen to the quiet just here. Don't you sense also the big silence concerning the congruence of hatred for "religion", with love for "diversity"?
  Gruesomely enough, all of this is bad news indeed, but I have yet barely begun! The flat denial of YAHWEH, behind perverted sex generates a necessary power vacuum. Evict Him, and it not like you get nothing, you get altogether too much! And that; formats as far, far worse. When the Living God is denied, the "empty space" is always, always filled, but not with freedom. Look instead for the miserable, and for the deceitful and murderous.
  Recall that when the faith was new in earth, it in those days displaced and drove out "the gods"; those ancient foes of all that is decent, true and right. Those agents of chaos did not disappear, but instead they were chained in darkness. And as our fem-left, and backwards-focused skittles neighbors make "progress", they rejoice that they are casting off the restraints and narrow mindedness of old? Uhm, newsflash, this just in: Those restraints were in place for good reasons!
  In the bad old days, when those ancient enemies of God and man had fuller sway, life was not "better and free". It was the new blueprint, it was the Biblical Gospel which brought into earth, the fruits of education, progress, emancipation and compassion to a hard, cold and brutal environment. The shape of that new building was that the original "compound entity" (the original couple) now served as template for a much larger, grander and widely inclusive "new creature". The new blueprint includes the many, those drafted in from around the world (and across the age!) joined into one new "man" (well, woman actually). So then, the covenant between the Father and the Son is graciously inclusive of an uncountable host rescued from the wrath which is surely coming. The true image, in which the question: "Which is supreme, the one or the many?" is resoundingly answered with "Yes and Amen!". And this, my friend; is the Real McCoy.
  The enemy though, has his own sad and sick mock-up of what is being built. An anti-god, sending his un-messiah, to coerce through lies and fear, a mob of the confused. This, the un-new, un-man which is presently in the process of being slapped together, is a hopeless and insane project. Built with duct tape, baling wire, and plenty of chewing gum to hold the construct together, it simply must collapse under judgement as its' certain destiny. The thing being constructed partakes of the three elements of all idolatry.
  The flesh is "strange", and purposely attempts to defeat the marriage union. So we look for fornication, adultery, and perverse sexual practice being promoted. The next is a world sweeping kind of power trip (being on the "winning side" of history) so to defy the True King in His Majesty. And the final element is a direct and unmediated linkage into the spirit realm. The idols of old, functioned just this way, and the un-new un-man has no choice but to likewise construct.
  The quiet, just about precisely here; in this neighborhood I find to be deafening. What SCOTUS did this week, was to ratify two of the three legs! It justified arbitrary and despostic powers of the state, and next; did what it could to shatter the marriage union. It voted "Yes and Amen" to the world and to the flesh. The missing element is those ancient foes I keep bringing up, and bondage to them. And here, is the real quiet; the truly silent aspect of the postings.
  These official and legal declarations are spiritually functioning as a "summons", a calling-for to entities long enchained in darkness. Did any of the posts on either "side" mention that part of the deal? These "rulings" function as an attempt to raise from the depths, those vigorous and disgusting ex-persons of old! They, now enraged at the short time that they have to operate within, indeed bodes ill for mankind.
  The Christian testimony defending lawful union ought occasionally mention such things, don't you think? Where is the sound of it? Why the roaring silence?
  Now, as a man, I cannot say for certain whether we are indeed near the end of the age or not. I mean by this, at 56 years of age; I might see the return of Messiah before dying, and I might not. But, I can say with some confidence, that the two major signs which must precede that appearance (the great apostasy and the revealing of the son of perdition) have not (to my knowledge) yet occurred. Therefore, our standing orders have not changed.
  The reason it is "taking so long" for the return  of The Christ of God is simply a matter of His own honor. He has sworn to His own harm, upon His own dignity; to not lose a single one of His children. Each and every one of those boneheaded rascals (of His) shall most certainly be spared! Not a one of them overlooked nor lost, so He guarantees . . . Personally! For this, He makes time. The children of Israel, in their long march, never went faster than the slowest toddler, or the old and weak could go. Leading, He never out-paced the woman great with child.
  So then, we are freed to plead the blood of The Lamb upon our unhistorical, and skittles enhanced neighbors! Who knows how many of them will be turned out of the way of destruction and judgement by His generous hearing of our calls for aid? Who can count how effective our interceding might finally prove to be?
 Being on the wrong side of history, means (plainly) to be found a foe, traitor and fraud in that great and terrible day, by Him-Knowing. We knowing (somewhat) the terror of the Almighty, wish that mind wrecking fear upon no man, no matter how far he is sunk in the mire of that other, and doomed construction project.
  As for the devils, they are hammered toast. We have been sheared off from their destiny, by the good and generous meddling of The True King in our affairs. Bringing light, He Is Light!
  He is going to light up everything and everyone! Our choice then, as humans; is plain. Either we shine in and with Messiah Jesus, or we burn . . . alone. Regardless; everybody gets lit up!

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