Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Those Men With Poor Taste In Hats

   These days, things have gotten so polluted, through the double-talk, the correct-speak and the twisted rhetoric of those in power, that simple truth appears "strange and extreme". The tortures, beheadings, sex slavery, arson and general chaos of Syria for example, is never, ever deemed to be "evil" by the talking heads. Tragic maybe, distressing yes, but wicked? Never!
  The calling of good as evil, and the calling of evil as good, is itself an evil practice. So, the bombing, looting, rape, murder and enslaving of one group is simply "overlooked", while simultaneously, the "dangerous" group consistently pays their taxes, walks orderly, is generous and goes out of it's way to not offend. Guess which is considered to be evil? Of course, it's those dreadful Christian fundamentalists!
  Meanwhile behavior that would shame a Viking berserker, is shuffled off, "understood", and promptly forgotten. Do you recall how the "media" mocked Reagan when he dubbed the U.S.S.R. as an evil empire? Do you remember when George W. Bush was ridiculed for his usage of the "E" word? So, American patriots which speak truth, love Jesus, and possess a backbone, are the "danger". And just at the same time, psychotic, murdering  criminals are "misunderstood"; and ought be given job opportunities? Uh, they already have a job!
  I sometimes wonder just what it would take to reverse the present pollution? If on Obama's watch, Iran ends up with nukes; just how many exactly must they first launch and detonate, prior to the reversal estimate of where to search for evil? Does New York City need to be inundated by a nuke driven tsunami first? Does D.C. need to be blown off the map first? Must we "understand" millions perishing at the hands of known murderers (the Iranians for example) before we are "allowed" to notice the correct location of evil?
  Is it really the butchered Copts in Egypt, and those Orthodox hounded from their homes in Syria who are the "dangerous"? This, our present administration keeps trying to link the Crusades and Inquisition back to a; "Well, nobody is perfect" type of indirect approval of Islam, while shedding crocodile tears over "extremist outrages". . . but never ever doing anything to halt or crush those chaps with poor taste in hats. When shall we be "allowed" to notice the little fact (truth) of the huge differences between Christian versus Muslim outrages? Are atomic mushroom clouds large enough to notice? For a Christian to be murdering, looting, raping and enslaving is wrong for precisely the reason that such outrages are diametrically opposed to Christian scripture, and church teaching. Not so, Islam!
  Just go read it for yourself someday. It is "sound doctrine" in the Quran to kill, maim, and enslave. Inside their teaching, to lie, is approved. . . if the lie is told to an "infidel". Gangs of murderers, those with poor taste in hats, uniformly assert that is they who are the true sons of Islam. The problem is; they are right!
  Do a little walk down memory lane someday. Just how many lands have been "converted" to Islam, by the heart warming truths and consolation offered by the "evangelists" of Islam? Uh, zero? History teaches that the spread all across Arabia, Africa and the attempts at Europe, were all military  conquests, bloody campaigns. . . very like modern day Syria! Executions, beatings, rape and slavery these are the standard operating  practices for exactly how Islam historically spread. The sword is their argument for the "truth of the Quran", and it always has been; those failing to wield the sword are simply bad Muslims!
  And yet, and yet for all of that, the Christian gospel has never (really) been about taking up arms, or militarized patriotism, nor deterrance. Our war in actuality, is not with the human slaves of the enemy; but with he himself and with that cadre of the monstrous which fell with him from above.
  Somewhere in the air, above Iran, and hovering over Syria, and likewise encamped over Nigeria, are malicious and powerful entities. They are the equivalent (and perhaps identical to!) of the "gods" which ancient city states in those very same areas once served. Hellish, deceitful and immortal, these foes darken the hearts and minds of men with lies and hatred. The human slaves are terrified to leave their cult, for they have been warned of hell for those who do. And it is precisely hell they go to by staying in the cult!
  No man is clever enough, or strong enough; nor fast enough to escape these fallen slavers. There is but One Deliverer from the house of slavery! We pray for our human enemies, not because we are too nice to hold a grudge. We pray, because we too, like they today; once upon a time hated for no good cause, the Only True Friend. As for the airish hellions, they are damned, and they know it! Their "goal" is to snag as many as ever possible humans to go down with them. Hatred is their path, lies are their method, murder is their means, and so they likewise teach their slaves the same things. You shall indeed know them by their works!
  It is precisely from these very things that "The I Am (Who Is). . . salvation" (Jesus of Nazareth) ransoms and redeems His own. Hats were designed not to cover, (darkness) but to uncover! At His return, all hats, crowns and halos are gladly removed, knees bent, to honor with our bodies the Victor! "Vengenance is Mine, I repay", says He. And until their very last breath, or until His standing again upon Earth, clothed this time in immortality and power, there remains hope! Perhaps, just perhaps before they are ever lost, the murdering sons of darkness might yet be turned!
  Beware! It is exactly when we come to think our foes to be scum, deem them vermin, and consider them garbage, that we adopt (yet again) their fallen slavers patterns. It is Christ plus nothing, Calvary plus nothing, faith plus nothing, grace plus nothing. . . and with that, comes everything!
  Peace be upon Israel.

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