Thursday, January 1, 2015

Gravity Bob

  I was going to call this C.P.E. "Gravity Steve" originally. Dr. Hawking will just have to change his first name to Robert at some point; now won't he? Have you seen the recent Gravity Bob (Hawking) movie? Don't bother, if you have not. Gosh, but I hated it! A typical chick-flick is ostensibly about "relationships", yet if you'll note; that ain't quite so. Truth said, it's more like people being "on the verge" of relating.
  For some unknown reason, women consistently find this sort of thing to be entertaining, a kind of "almost relating", in which the parties emerge with a bunch of unsaid doubts, and all kinds of conflicting emotion. I have yet to plumb the depths here, and cannot imagine what it is, that is at all satisfying about viewing such material. I mean, if they would just toss in an exploding helicopter or two, or maybe a running machine-gun battle occasionally (maybe), then it would be watchable. But all this near-miss, almost saying what you mean stuff is just no fun to watch. In brief, the movie "Theory of Everything" stinks on ice! Altogether too much "almost connecting" for my tastes.
  So anyhow, "Gravity Bob" a.k.a. Stephen Hawking is (in the movie) all about developing a T.O.E. (theory of everything), but we are not supposed to notice that he never seems to get around to it? Or something. Along the way, he dumps the wife who has been taking care of him for a quarter century. She; washing, feeding, and changing the diapers of an overlarge and ill-mannered baby for decades, he drops her to chase the skirts of the nurse? Simply brilliant; Doctor Hawking! Gravity Bob may well have an outrageously high I.Q., but who cares? He has his little cadre of worshippers, and everybody around him is busy knocking themselves out, so that he can keep his "terribly important dream" alive? Yawn.
  This kind of thing, in my opinion, is just altogether too like the modern mess, of which one's "dream cannot be denied". Friends? Family? Your sworn word? All of those are just more trash to kick out of the way, on your self-centered crummy path to "true happiness". To top this off, if you'll do a short Google search, the nurse gig didn't fly either! She ended up being some kind of gold-digger, crazy woman who liked to beat Gravity Bob up; behind closed doors. So, in real life (not in the movie version) he ditched the nut. We are left with the guy who knowing "nearly everything", apparently knows nothing of human kind?
  Don't get me wrong here, it is not as if I profess to understand women or something. My ignorance of the fem ways, are to some extent (apparently) similar then to the good doctor's? But in fact, the wide array of topics of which I know very nearly zip about; I tend to view as an advantage! We need not pretend at knowing it all. Ignorance is only a handicap, if you allow it to be one!
  So don't bug me with the math involved, I wouldn't be able to follow "knowing it all" in any case. Yet, as a believer in Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews (the sign on the cross read), I have a very different "take" on gravity, than does Bob and his fellow brainiacs. I don't know much at all concerning T.O.E.s. Heck; the last I paid any attention to any of this material, the spin (then) was still all about G.U.T. (grand unified theory). Be that as it may, the single feature of the four forces which both T.O.Es, and G.U.T.s deal with, which constantly kicks the butts of genius types; is gravity. To unify theory, somehow, somewhere gravity has to fit in, and the stinker consistently refuses!
  It's kind of odd isn't it, that we can have unspoken ideas rolling around inside us, for years? The thing is never said aloud, but it's still filed "in there" somewhere, apparently awaiting the day it be announced aloud? Today is the day. So, along these kinds of lines then, my "theory" of gravity is thus necessarily linked to speech.
  In the best analysis I am capable of, the Nazarene speaks reality into existence, but more pointedly, His  continuing Word, is the glue which holding things together, also directs them to appointed ends. To an atheist like Gravity Bob, this type of view is simply nonsense; but what we usually fail to grasp, is that in such a system as Bob's, the True Voice is being actively suppressed and denied, in order to supplant same. . . with another voice! And isn't it irony itself, that Gravity Bob (new-speaker extraordinaire), is mute? Or worse yet, that the new "voice" in question is a cheapie low-ball robot voice? See? The reason I begin with speech, when discussing gravity, is that at some point a "genius" is required to "say-so", to utter and then "prove" the breakthrough orthodoxy. So, the first church of science has it's own "infallible words", spoken authoritatively by it's "saints". And whether the church of Hawkings can ever own up to it or not, the speaker in their cult is not in fact Gravity Bob, but none other than Sir Isaac Newton!
  Recall that in his own era, Zack's inverse square theory of "attraction of bodies" was widely ridiculed as "occult". The entire premise of "action at a distance" was deemed by the (then) science geniuses as absurd. Yet Zack spoke authoritatively, and Zack won the day. His gravity idea is that a universal "force" is always attracting. And it is just about here that I get off the bus. Zack never had the data we do, concerning the movements of galaxies at the remote end of visibility. Gravity Bob and company (the big-bangists), keep insisting upon a colossal "boom" at the outset of things. But Bob & Co. looking at the telescopic data, consistently fail to deal with the most alarming aspect of the expansion cloud; and that simply is, that the galaxies distant are at this very hour continuing to accelerate away! Recall that a rocket under steady thrust, continues to accelerate. But when boost is shut down, it would be a very strange thing indeed; for that coasting ship to continue to gain velocity! So, if Gravity Bob's one-time boost (the boom), is said to have quit boosting x-billion years ago, and yet his "rockets" (galaxies) are to this day still building speed, what ever could that mean? Gosh Gravity Bob, how can "un-thrusted acceleration" be? Oh, I know! It is because the bangists are still using the Newtonian premise of action at a distance! It (gravity) only and ever "draws", pulling in, thus saith Saint Zack! That said; in the bang-ist model then; the boom and only the boom, could possibly be doing the accelerating. But if Zack was only looking at the up-close feature of gravity, not even he could have accounted for an un-thrusted acceleration. He was unable in his day, to note the far-distant view, but if he could have seen what we see, might not he see "out-go" as the inverse and corresponding half to 'in-fall"?
  The old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon began with Rocky rolling down a snowy hillside. The faster gravity goes, the furiouser it gets. Zack would have liked Bullwinkle I think, and surely would have grasped the beauty of Rocky's downward roll. Just at the brink of going over, the plucky flying squirrel stabilizes, assisted by Bullwinkles' touch! So then, my (entirely unsubstantiated) "theory" on the matter, is that gravity, linked to the Speaker, is more of a "field" than a directional "force". Minus mathematics, there is yet room in my "theory" to accommodate galactic recession, in that as a range limited field, both ends might well accelerate! In this model thus, things would both move faster as they fall "in" toward center, and likewise they would move furiouser as they fall "out" of center. Further, my "theory" predicts that the True Center, must needs be one and same as The Speaker. So, in reality, gravity isn't "about abstract laws of nature". Rather, it's the aroma, the whiff of the Captain's scent! Gravity is a dim whisper of the stronger reality, that of Him drawing His friends, and He driving His foes, it's both; because He is both.
  The draw and the drive, the pull and the push of gravity, this is what is missing from the Newtonian understanding, And I believe it this (partially, at least) which best explains why all T.O.E.s crash and burn. Committed to a draw-only gravity, they are working with something like half of the truth! And so, in a draw-only version of gravity; Gravity Bob keeps coming up empty on the unification drill, and this repeat failure of his, drives me further off! The net result of bad draw theory is that it irritates people!
  So, gravity in my definition is just "folks". People really do matter, for good and for ill. It is your family, your church, your neighbors, which are "close and nearby". So, what do we do? We defend, and build-with, we sacrifice for, and patiently endure their nonsense, and such efforts format as the pull. And this pull (which always is pulling in), continues to strengthen ties, it builds upon the existing and set foundation, so to "gain mass". So too, the broader our net is cast, and the wider the span between folks, the less we sense the pull, and the more we begin to notice the push. By the time we consider a large scale "America" for example, there are clearly two Americas to consider. One of which we are drawn to, and the other one we find to be repelling. As push increases, we wonder "How can people even be that way?". And the wider the sample, the more this gap widens.
  So then, something like a social gravity is "in" us, and to the extent that we even remember the existence of a "Pakistan or Singapore", our inner gravity becomes almost exclusively "push". At that remote range, one must actively "try" to recall that, however damned strange those foreigners be, they (somehow or another) are yet human! So it is that very thing binding us together, which is the same; we find to be driving off "outsiders". A social field, and not some cohesive uni-directional force is what is in us. So, my "theory" is predicting that some parallel of the same reality which "in here", is "out there" also! What after all would the other option be?
  If asked, which is of premier value, the individual, or the community, clearly the Trinitarian answer is "Yes". Neither a unique valuation of individuals, nor it's opposite, some communal one-ness of the group, as supremely worthy, can (of themselves); solve here. The Three Who Is One, remains "undivided individual", harming neither, blessing both. Gravity, on it's very best day is a subtle whisper, a dim hint of the Really-Real Himself, as is all else.
  Gravity the symbol, Him the reality, we note He then; the True Center calling "in". We find the faster we go that direction, the furiouser it gets! What began in us as a limping or halting crawl, soon becomes a brisk pace, so to one day become a mind-bendingly rapid sprint homeward! Further, to those to whom He declares "I never knew you", they are at first nudged away, then they march off on their own; soon to be forcibly flung away into "outer (darkness) parts". Hell, gets progressively worse in a view such as this, and likewise heaven becomes an ever increasing sum of fierce gladness! Both accelerate like bodies necessarily driven. The further away they go, the faster they get, and likewise, the further pulled in, the swifter the sprint into His arms! Gravity, is about the call, Him speaking "Come near, Son"; and it's about that pull being so Almighty powerful as to overthrow our guilt, all grief, our sad serial failure patterns, triumphing even unto death and hell themselves! Gravity is about His Verbal rejection of the person, "Be gone stranger!". With Him, it's a both/and, not an either/or.
  Have you noticed? The big-bangists always portray being "drawn in", as a bad thing? Black holes are those inescapable gravity wells. Danger Will Robinson! Don't go there! But, what if a chap one day, up and realizes he no longer wishes to escape what (Who) is at the Center, eh Doctor? What then to do? And over in ancient Israel, there was a ceremony for those ex-slaves, which upon being freed (if the slave desired to remain), the ear would be pierced. He renouncing "freedom in the abstract", was thereby proclaiming a new and undying loyalty, in the concrete. A hole blown right through the ear, perhaps signaling a "permanent hearing"? The slave, now freed, testifying to hearing (with his body) the voice of the master speaking words, "Remain then friend; for your true place is here!".
  That's reality for ya' Gravity Bob! Being drawn in to the center, is a "certain death" surely enough, and it is also the portal into a love stronger than death. The picture is Moses and all Israel walking purposely into the sea-parted (certain death!), so to emerge (mysteriously) on the other side. We get knocked down, and we get up again.

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