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Science #19 (date unknown)

  Over in You Tube land, I watched a few vids recently. If you search for "dumb things Christians say", plus related lines; there appears to be some seriously "unsympathetic to the faith" material out there. In our time, and in our culture this is "normal", and is a one sided arrangement. I do not pretend to be even mildly sympathetic to the modern scientific worldview. But, in my rejection of thoughts, I do not thereby criticize the brain and it's function. Rather the heart and it's intent are what is announced by malice aforethought!
  At the heart of man, is "cult". Cult-ure thus formats thought, not vice-versa. We think in the patterns we do, because of a prior heart loyalty. From the outset then, there are no disinterested nor unbiased seekers after truth. Rather, we humans having previously chosen our loyalties, set out next to re-enforce, and so to undergird our position. For instance, the news media types are constantly pretending at an unbiased and balanced reporting of news. The only thing we can safely conclude about such assertions is that the reporters are (for reasons best known to themselves) unwilling to announce their actual position, and that such being the case, we might reasonably distrust the testimony of such secretive souls. I say, we might reasonably distrust, and also we might ask for clarification. But this charity on our part is never, ever returned to us.
  If you just once utter the mildest dissent from Darwin, then remember to observe the "charity and understanding" you receive in return! Demur precisely one tad from big-bangery and watch the kind hearted welcome coming next! To differ with the popular cult is to forever be; "a hick, an uneducated and ignorant hillbilly, hopelessly lost in dogma". Fine. . . I'll take that, and return the favor; so to point out that the a priori heart commitment to "Science-ism", or "secular humanism" or whatever it is called this week, is essentially an immanentist supposition. Furthermore, the very same three invisible realities, which are mirrored by three visible; must be, by any competing system of belief; alternately interpreted. But such viewing of things never once addresses these things except via postulate.
  Simply said then, Christians are fully committed to three realities, and Science-ists likewise deal with the same three. Science-ists are forced to shape opinion in light of their systemic rejection of Yahweh, whereas Christians are freed to shape thoughts welcoming Him. Thus, we are not discussing thereby faith versus fact, or prejudice versus evidence. Here we see militantly competing faith claims of two disparate religions, and those claims are over the very same turf. That turf can be seen as "is, jazz, and rule". Being (is), speaks of the very "is-ness" of reality, and works from premises to conclusions. Life (jazz), refers to the animated and congruent replication of entities, and almost always is a sidebar to origins. Authority (rule), is a reasoning type defense of the the systemic interpretation, the "who says so" of facty-ness per se, and so formats as the epistemological inference.
  And in my Christian dumbness, I shall very briefly outline the Science-ist's basic spin on the three as I understand they themselves to be asserting. Recall, that these are unprovable faith based statements, and far from being themselves "provable", form the presumed bias, by which all further interpretation of data must be viewed from within the cult. It is the lens we see-by, not the thing viewed. The three are the binoculars, not the field of vision.
  Is, just is! Formally then, the cult is devoted to an unsupportable premise of the eternality of matter. Oh sure, over in Life, they will stoutly define big-bangery as if the action of explosion somehow "grants" existence of the to-be-exploded, but please note. That grand-daddy whopper black hole of all known matter which "was", prior to the explosion, that guck "in there" has (itself) no point of origin. Science-ism proposes no coherent reason as to why or how the super-compressed stuff ever came about in the first place. So, as a religious premise, there is no "need" (logically) for a Creator, if and since all the stuff of "is" just is, was and shall ever be, all by itself. Further, supposing a Creator in this type of matrix, He Himself would have to (logically) doff His hat, to pay homage to that awfully handy stuff "which can neither be created nor destroyed", as a more-eternal than He! In my opinion, much of the charges against us for being "dumb", are because we fail to admit the supremacy of matter.
  Jazz likewise, in this system just happens! Big-bangery is the quasi-cosmology, but the anthropology is closely linked. The cult proposes that chance plus time, equals reality, and this for no reason. That whopper ball of stuff (with zero spatial dimensions); somehow containing all stuff (which would make it the original black hole), one day just kinda went the other way. . . for no apparent reason. Science is quite firm about holes. To pass the event horizon, is to never emerge again from the gravity well, and this (we infer) would be likewise and more-so true of the original monster hole, drawing ever and always "in" Science says; "One day (unaccountably) it went out!". The sucker blew up. . .for no reason. From chaos, order is built by accident, and those hot gasses flying apart from the colossal boom at the speed of light. . . were nonetheless drawn together "gravitationally". Kinda like how when you blow up a stick of dynamite, it ends up looking like the Mona Lisa perhaps? Anyhow, the draw, once again at it, purposelessly exceeds the push, forcing the blobs to spontaneously combust in sustained fusion reactions quadrillions of times in a row? Kinda flukey that. And you know how them gasses are, don't you? Those rascals like to "not draw" (after all) and so they proceed to orbit as they refuse to be drawn all the way in, so to pointlessly become solids, like say planets and such? So, what with one thing and another, chance plus time finally gets around to creating the disordered-order called life, which as we are all quite aware, "tends" toward complexity! Single cell life just spontaneously combusts out of amino acids, salts, and lightning bolts. Unsatisfied with it's lowly self, it becomes, first a fish, then a frog, then a lemming, and then a lemur. Nearly a monkey now, it just goes all the way up to fully chimp! But, life ain't satisfied, and next thing you know. . . poof, here we are! But the entire process is akin to you spilling your dinner into your lap, an accident, and nothing to be learned by it.
  Rule, as it emerges in this system, is clearly a latecomer, and might be best ignored. The ape shedding his fur, sprouting a forehead, and dressing up in un-evolved animal hides; one day up and decides to whack his neighbor, so to steal his woman. Rule and authority in Science-ism are purely social constucts, and cannot logically be derived from the is or jazz view. But what goes entirely unsaid, by news anchors and the other "unbiased" among us, is that authority; in actuality, always remains one of the three basic valuations any cult must maintain. The "secret" of the religion of man is that he worships himself, but ordinarily fails to mention it; and thus reserves final authority as a purely personal prerogative. Authority is "vacant" in the cult of science, for the excellent reason that it inheres in the individual believers themselves, and this vacancy is authoritatively maintained!
  Being, life, and Authority. the three speak of an unreachable reality which can only be accessed by faith. And we Christian believers are entirely biased, in that we freely link these three to the Person, the Work, and the presence of the Almighty. Not only above and unseen, but below and visible are the three known. Cosmology, Anthropology and Epistemology apply to the high mystery indeed, but they also speak of everyday, and obvious things. It is in how the obvious is maintained, that we draw conclusions about the unsaid biases on the unseen.
  Apostle John says it more or less as "having viewed your distaste and mockery of the one we do see, (your neighbor) kinda blows the legs off of any claims of yours about any proposed "high view" of the unseen." How can you love (High) Invisible-True, when you clearly despise the (low) visible-true? If matter is indeed eternal, and "is" just is, if life and the cosmos are the results of staggering and pointless improbability (but that emptiness is all that truly is!), if authority means simply might equals right, then it is okey-dokey to mock. With such a system in place, divorce, the murder of babies, shameless deceit, debauchery and all the rest of what we view in the daily news, is entirely in line with the cult's religious dogma. . . as its' ethic! If Science-ism is true, then there is no evil. But even the believers in and of that cult, maintain the reality of evil, if only to accuse us of it! Their doctrine is forced to admit the reality of evil, while at the same time cannot admit it of itself.
  Doctrine it remains, even if it is merely that it's crap doctrine, and even the adherents of the cult hide from being known by their works. But they are never free to deny and walk away from their hopeless enterprise. Simple as simple, the main difference, between the competing faiths, is that we have been freed to acknowledge our need for help from outside our crummy, fallen little systems which we so love building. Or simpler yet, we call for aid upon the Name, "I AM HE WHO HEARS", and He indeed does!
  If Darwinism and it's attached misery is the case, then you are a pointless hiccup, in an idiotic rise of goop. If from goop to ape, and then from ape to man, begs the question; "from man to. . . what-next?". Trans-humanism in its' proposed bonding of human consciousness into a digitized format, proposes an "eternal life", of sorts. But that path leads to destruction, for the one "forgotten" reason. Science-ism is always wedded to an immanentist-only type thinking. Strictly speaking, it is "intra-cosmic. . .only!". Thus, there is Nobody "outside" of reality. All persons-ever, within Science-ist premises "must reside inside" the cosmos, and so, there can be no true hope. There is no-one "out there" to call to, in this faith.
  We beg to differ! Our hope lives on, indeed He does! There are two faith systems, one man built, and the other introduced by The Builder of Man (and all else). One path is harsh and insane, the other welcomes ex-madmen, and makes tons of sense. The insane faith cannot grasp the sane, but the sane understands and pleads for those yet trapped in hopeless darkness. The darkness has not comprehended the Light.
  The King says; "You will recognize them by their actions, you will know them by their fruits". What we "do" then is to accept ridicule, and welcome rejection for our "hick" views. Such is the very highest complement the others could, at this time pay! Until that glad day that they come into their right minds, their rejection remains the highest human endorsement available.
  "Rejoice in that day you are rejected (for My sake), for so they treated the prophets before you". The Voice of sanity, is He. Light of the dark world, Friend of the friendless, what a Champion!

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