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Note to reader, I've been thinking some lately on this, and thus, there is no number assigned, this is a newbie, not another poorly transcribed oldie C.P.E.

  Hah! Gotcha with that title, didn't I? I knew it would work. I'm not so certain about you over there, but I (for one?) am about sick-to-hell of the crap. There is an unsavory aspect of Japanese culture I once read about, but can't recall the source. . . Anyhow, the article (book?) mentioned that among the business class, the white-collar types over there, a big alcohol-plus-porn phenom is the norm. If I recall any of it correctly, the brainwave was to the effect that this reprobate cutting loose, on the long train-trip night-time commutes back home, starkly contrasts with the all-business, uptight and straight, day-time persona the Japanese culture demands? Well, it was to that effect, at least.
  This contrasts with our practice in several ways, but chief among them is the fetish aspect, or so it appears to me. In order for a fetish to exist, an "unquestioned reverence". . . must pre-exist. And thus, for anything at all of this kind to exist in a folk, there must be a prior commitment to "authority" itself. Those zany foreigners with their cute little emperor-dude, certainly fill that bill! For us, the "secrecy and double life" gig just doesn't wash. If an American wants to marry his dog, or have sex with potatoes, we simply ask him to do so in a "nice" way! The fetishism, that "magical potency of a forbidden thing", just ain't got the same jazz around here. And it's not like this "tolerance" of ours is some kind of improvement or some such. The reason for the mention, is that our "awe" for "great powers", has simply collapsed in a heap. Question: "Is it 'superior' of us to drag in the mud, all that is truly awe-inspiring?". Over here, we train kids to say that a stick of gum "is awesome". We've got no room to criticize the malfunction over yonder, west of these parts.
  Here, a kind of flattening has occurred, such that; "everything is just great!". . . All of our kids are "special", all of our students are "leaders". Our language is loaded. If all persons of any given set are "X", make it "special" (or whatever you'd care to name), then only the "upper-storey" remains. And there, we find "only the very-very special, those super-stars, and damnable billionaires". And then; we proceed to flatten it! Nowadays, a bum with a measly .173 batting average is described : "Pound for pound, he may be the best left-handed utility fielder in this league! Clearly; Bobbie is in a class all by himself. . .". Around here, there are no average to middlin' type folk available! We would not even have the linguistic tools deployable to describe a modern day player (should one ever again arise); of Ted Williams' abilities. Rather, like a lawn mower, our way is to race toward a lowest common denominator, a bland equality; the numb, stultifying  classification of all persons as winners, which destroys in the process, said class itself? Our schools slog along at the pace of the slowest, stubbornest blockhead in the back row. Our kids can't write, can't spell, can't count, and can't find Florida on a map, but just because they are so very-very special; they graduate with a 4.4 g.p.a.? A modern Oppenheimer, a current day Feynman would have an 8.2 g.p.a. by our measurement, and so the classification process itself is shredded. These, our lessor geniuses may not be able to make change at a burger stand, nor have a clue as to who is President, nor yet can write a paragraph in English, but they are (you have to admit) regular whizzes at video games, while magically possessing remarkable self-esteem!
  This flattening effect, this lawn mowing ethic, once transferred over into the realms of sex, money, and power, yields predictable results. If everything is sexy, then all products, from oil filters to potato sacks, feature leggy girls with unlikely personal topology. These waifs flash us their best (fake) smile, and display altogether too much skin. . . in order to "sell". If hype itself be hyped, then we've nothing much left to say. If all known products link naturally to sex-appeal, then sex itself is apparently meaningless. And, I, for one; am sick-to-hell of this crap!
  It doesn't much matter if we shift the arena of inquiry, the pattern holds. The so-called "industries" of porn, gambling, or any chemical fix, whether legal or not, keep producing "their opposites". And we keep "forgetting to notice". Go to Reno sometime, and just look around. Is anyone, (anyone at all?) in this "fun capitol". . . even smiling? Hell, there are street signs in that city telling (!) people to smile? Walk into a casino. Is even one person in there happy? Is any of the folk interacting, chatting, or even able to notice those near-by? I say, that's some mighty bleak-assed fun you've got there buddy, keep it. Porno is even worse. By turning women into "things", the entire notion of "excitement", or of even mild interest is flatly murdered. If I'm satisfied with "things", then how's about a fling with a doorknob, then a chicken, and top it off with a corpse? If not, why not? When persons cease being people, then union itself is meaningless. Our kids constantly refer to "hooking-up", hey; maybe they have been paying attention after all? Booze? Drugs? Who gives a good god-damn about all that junk? It's a stupid-pill, deal with it. And if the basic concept was to be "out-there, an outlaw living on the edge". . . and everybody is doing it, then nuns and monks are the true "rebels"? Yawn. Had enough of "progress" yet? Eros itself, that historical human dynamo of resurgent reapplication of self-to-the-other, becomes an inward gazing and jaded, "been-there, done-that" slacker's perpetual, and passive waiting for "the perfect match". Clearly hogwash, besides being flatly contrary to the simple idea of trying to please and understand the other. The Kingdom ain't Burger-King, and you can't "have it your way", get the hell over it already!
  If our goal was to build a shining city, and we repeatedly produced smoldering sewage pits, and always failed to note the discrepancy, we might could blame it on a blindness, or an insanity. No doubt, we'd soon firmly resolve to "fix that problem", so to then produce actually blind lunatics? Here, we observe our god, "progress" at work. The deviant god in question (that sawed-off, idiot-runt); was in place at the founding. The entire premise of the revolution was to tear down the high, so to thereby elevate all men. What we have, is what one get's; when that sort of thing is attempted. You never "fix" a problem, by reapplication of flawed premises. If one fundamentally buys the premise, low = high, then high = 0! Our assault upon all things royal, majestic, and kingly never was "progressive", unless we include in our definition of that word, "regressive". In raising all men, we construct the anti-man.
  In our rush to tear down authority, then man the husband may not lawfully be head of household. We just murdered romance, for there remains no "ascent", we have no "up" in our lexicon! "Flat equality", is one and same as "perpetual war", and so, in terms of geopolitics; only America could be the one to wage everlasting war, in the name of "freedom". This back-assward, advance to the rear, is our fetish. This upside-down-ism is our faith, magic and hope. It, bearing magical potency, we grimly bow before this moron god, and pointlessly hope for things to improve? Not me Bub, not me. If sex is meaningless, then meaning is meaningless, but if true; what would that mean? At minimum, I should think, it would indicate that we are a gang of blockheads plainly unable and unwilling to acknowledge our (many) errors. This estimate coincides nicely with the true King's analysis of us, as a species.
  To my mind, the chief failure here, is the church's drab and plainly dumb willingness to "agree to disagree". If the covenant means anything at all to human-kind, it ought indicate a "clock function". This state of affairs is strictly speaking temporary. It shall end. Simply because we mock kings as a rule of thumb, does not, and cannot erase either Regal Majesty, nor the terror-ific consequences of spitting on Him. At some point, the jig is up, and the heel comes down. Suddenly, shockingly, and terrifyingly, The Author Himself, He behind all of the pee-wee authorities we hate, halts the madness, and shatters the game board. The church knows so, and refuses to say so.
  Judgement begins in the house of God, and to be blunt, we flunk, big-time! We are to be men of our word, for He is The Man of His Word. We no longer grasp after shadows and types, for the Original (Himself) is revealed. We no longer grasp the types and shadows, for we the true shadow and type of Him-Coming, have been grasped! And, none can pluck them from His Hand!
  Ain't that sexy?

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