Saturday, June 28, 2014

Reforming the Mind, Breaking the Heart

  It's not too far a stretch to state plainly that much of the cultus of the west was, and to a large degree remains; a type of "reform". One guy that I am a little bit aware of, has made this kind of thing his calling card. His big question, as I understand it is; "Must the sun set on the west?". My unreserved, and "gut" answer is; "Absolutely!". There is, it seems a spectrum, and we are in it.
  On one end of things, socially and culturally you have the sheer weight of bureaucracy, the dunder-headed inefficiency of it all. We might complain of it, and plead for "commonsense solutions". The tales told of waste, overspending, redundancy and the wild levels of stupidity found in officially endorsed "programs", which due to unintended consequence yield perversely opposite results to those intended. You get a "War on Poverty", which turns out to be, over time; a war on the poor! Or consider the many overlapping "programs" officially intended to "help", which become an absolute weight and yet another hindrance to overcome. Reagan was saying these kinds of things in the 70s and 80s, such that; "Government is not the solution to our problems, it is the problem!". People ate that stuff up, as I recall. So, we then proceed to reinvent solutions, qua solving per se, and you only get worse results.
  There is a deep perversity here, a built-in kind of futility principle, which in our ever recurring "optimism for solving" we consistently and always "forget" to include in our planning. Maybe it cannot be otherwise? I don't know. But, in any case; the other end of the spectrum is a moving on from sheer blockheadery, into plainly evil institutional wickedness. I mean here, we must inquire as to the upside of Hitler!
  Perhaps no modern character in the "average mind" (supposing that critter exists?) is more evil than that bunghole with poor taste in facial hair. He "stands for" the mental constructs of malice, corruption, hate, and all that 21st century westerners cite as "ungodly". This guy is worse in the modern imagination than "Uncle Joe", Mao, and Pol Pot all rolled together. It makes a guy wonder; "What was the 'upside' to the goon anyhow?". He was swept into office in the 30s, and just how dumb are Germans anyhow? What did they ever see in the little freak in the first place? On the spectrum we discuss here, he holds (singlehandedly?) the title "chief of sinners". His tyranny resulted in the murder and mayhem of the camps, the destruction of much of Europe, and for bonus points, the very "image of malice". I can sort of close my eyes, and picture a "typical" German voter. Hey, mister elector of rulers, Mister voter dude, would you rather have as lord-governor Dolf, or...the devil of hell? And he says, "Let me think about it?". It could not have been that way! At some point, they saw "dignity returned", or "progress and jobs" or some darned thing we would approve of also, as the link back to Senor Crazy Pants. They don't begin as tyrants...they become.
  Somewhere along the slope on this nasty curve, is a point of no return, a kind of event horizon which when crossed, MUST yield "bad results". Consistently, we are blind to these rascals, and only in hindsight, do we have some grasp thereof. I am not trying in this C.P.E. to "fix or cure" this disease in us humans. What would the point of that be?
  Hitler was running upon the same speculative slope we do. The brainiacs of the 19th century had promulgated some really bad theory. Chance plus time equals reality, ergo there is no inherent dignity in man the creature. He is a pointless bit of flotsam cast up by a meaningless process. The logic runs (and ran then); "If from ape to man, then obviously, we are not an 'end point'; so then, we must inquire into 'over-man', the next step 'up'''. Chuck Darwin, and Fred Neitzsche came up with this disease, and sweaty Loony Boy simply put political legs on the stinker. They voted for the next step up. German voters were not ignorant, they were "progressive"! And as long as goo emergent, remains our working definition of "progressing", our spectral analysis is always going to come into play.
  At some point along the track (I'm clearly guessing here), even they; the "dour krauts" began to "have their doubts" about A.H.. Sure, cool skull logo you got there Pal, and you gotta love that trains on time gig, and who doesn't look awesome in black? But maybe we went too far somewhere along the line? Can we get back? Can we return to the limited good, the restoration of dignity, and lose the zany excess?
  We are the krauts! Who, over here isn't building consensus, to achieve commonsense solutions? Who around here is not involved in restoring the foundations of our "fathers"? So we are going to "get back to" 18th century gentlemen farmers? Is that it? Who is not awaiting a "grassroots" revival of decency and honesty? I (for one), do not buy it. I'm not even certain you can give the junk away! The basic ideas we carry around in our skulls are that "change comes from the bottom-up", and that "progress is inevitable". Both of these are unprovable axioms. They function much as religious dogma does. It is the beginning point of reference, not the result, and so remains "unquestionable", at least from within the given system.
  We end up hanging around like so many surfers, awaiting the next big wave, just ever so certain that it "must" come. The "folk"s will coalesce, and "rise up" demanding reform! Hogwash. You get all this weird lingo (body talk) about "standing up", and/or "taking a stand". It doesn't actually mean (do not misunderstand) that you, or anybody that you know, ever DOES anything. Heck, we are reform minded, not radicals! We are busy restoring greatness over here... As a general rule of thumb, I would assert that it is a deeply unwholesome fixation to dwell upon "health and fitness". You just get more rules, and next you get the exercise/fitness Nazis, the food Nazis, who first prescribe, then moving on into proscribing, so to then "find" the police powers to take children from their parents due to "health concerns". These people (us really) are the chiefs of sinners in our era, and their main symptom thereof is a glut of "righteousness"; thank you very much Billy-Bob. We must conclude that Adolph Hitler was "trying" (like us!) to be part of the cure, not part of the disease. The hipster word "sick" fits here I think. The sickness is "in" us. It; to a way of thinking, "is" us.
  We end up in a polarity trap. Liberal versus conservative, one choice is evil and "backward", one is the "forward looking". Pick one, you must choose! It's rather a bit like saying which would you rather, being shot or stabbed? Do you favor cancer or heart attack? Both options are bad, both are just varying kinds of poison. Ours; she is a dark world, cloaked is a sadness, and a madness incurable. Everything we do to "fix" things is but more evidence against us. General rules of polarity traps must include "N.O.T.A.", and if left to ourselves there are no good options. You, we, us; are truly damned if we do, and damned (worse!) if we don't. We require a third option within a two option field; and I say "none of the above" is the only sane answer. We must have help from outside the system, Godel was right.
  See? I'm running on the reality ticket over here. If forced to choose the political left or right, I cry out for the return of the King! If it is chicken or egg, I vote for the rooster. See? He has brought a new thing into earth, a thing not tainted with our stupid futility-unto violent destruction. He has brought hope, in that He brought Himself! We keep hoping for a fix, a program, a reform which will knit the world back into a meaningful, glad house. Traitors! Liars! Frauds! us. We keep wanting to push the "answers" onto an institution, a gubmint, and simply sit back to enjoy good results. There are no good results from high treason. Judas "got it".
  The way "out" is "down". Somebody has to do the dirty work. Somebody has to hold the center, with blood, sweat and tears. Some "Body" has GOT to go first, take the risk, enjoy the ridicule, and die alone. Life is kinda like that Bub, how's about we all wake up and smell the coffee already?
  None of us "righteous ones" are up to the task, and (frankly) we are unwilling to even try. Doubly damned, that is us; unwilling and unable, always waiting for "another" to take responsibility, and hunker down to move the load. We await AAA at the roadside, and expect them to change the tire. Even if we were able to choose right, we have not the power to hold the center. We are not able. We are not willing.
  "Change" (is that such a good thing in the first place?), is never effected by committee, all they do is make things worse. One Courageous Man, One Holy Champion, had the wherewithal (the "balls" frankly), to shove the only working solution through. Ignoring "good advice" to save Himself, He passed through the goal. Secretariat was coming into his burst of speed at the finish line! Jesus is Secretariat, writ large. The Trailblazer unto life, unto sanity, and meaning. He alone is able, and has demonstrated His willingness to stoop under the load.
  The short skinny here, is that it is "you who have ears" that He trusts, as agents down in this madhouse; to be the "junior stalwarts" the "small pillars" of order, of decency, of honor we ever so fruitlessly "demand" out those fools in D.C., imagine that! With all our endless chatter about placing trust in Him? He trusts you! How deeply weird, and good! Mother Teresa, didn't ask permission, she just went to those; her children. Martin Luther didn't busy himself "seeking consensus", and Rosa Parks, just sat down! You lead by leading. You die by dying, what ever was the other option anyhow? I have courage, He gives me His, for I have none. Yet I shall stand up again, this time clothed in light, gladness, and a fierce love; so to greet my Captain. Run to win! He the goal, He the pattern, so too the fuel, He the drink for our parched souls; and has been all along.
  It had to be this way. I have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous, and he fails not.

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